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Presses auxiliary

The ideal plasticizer what requirements should be satisfied?

Published on:2015/1/14 11:17:07

Introduction:(1) have good compatibility with polymers Between the polymer and the plasticizing compatibility refers to the formation of uniform stability of the s...

(1) have good compatibility with polymer

compatibility refers to the plasticizer was formed between the polymer and the uniform and stable system, in order to play to the role of the plasticizer, so as to ensure the smooth progress of processing and got the good performance of products.Good compatibility is the most basic requirements of plasticizer.Infer the compatibility is good or bad has two ways: one is resin absorption amount of plasticizer as standard, uptake, the more the better compatibility;Another kind is to through the solubility parameter and dielectric constant to infer, solubility parameter in 8.4 ~ 11.4 or dielectric constant in 3 & ndash;8, has good compatibility with PVC.


, (2) high plasticizing efficiency

plasticizing efficiency is ordering plastic has a performance (such as soft softness) the amount of plasticizer when needed.When processing, in a good compatibility condition, generally choose the plasticizer high plasticizing efficiency.Plasticizer efficiency from high to low: polyester plasticizer, chlorinated paraffin, DNP, epoxidized soybean oil, TCP, TOP, DOS, DOZ, DOP, DOA, DBP.

(3) good durability of

including volatile extraction resistance, durability and mobility.

(1) volatile.Gas as medium.To prevent volatilization, generally choose the plasticizer low diffusion velocity, high boiling point, otherwise it will cause a product to become hard and brittle.In general, it's full of plasticizer with vapor pressure small, volatile small.Also need to consider when choosing plasticizer flash point, often choose high flash point of plasticizer.Plasticizer flash point from high to low: TCP, DOS, DOA, DOP, DBP.

(2) take out.Should choose the plasticizer extraction resistance.

(3) resistance transference.For the solid into the medium.For some reason, plasticizer can spread from the inside to the surface of a product, then spread to the contacts.This phenomenon may affect the product performance (products softening, sticky surface rupture) as well as the application of contacts, so should choose the plasticizer resistance transference.

(4) heat resistance, good light fastness,

plasticizer in thermal oxide generated by peroxide, can accelerate the decomposition of the plasticizers, make plasticizer effusion, products lose their softness, if use in polyethylene resin, will also promote the decomposition of PVC resin.Especially in PVC calendering process, the temperature is often as high as 150 ~ 200 ℃, so the selection of the plasticizer should be good heat resistance.Plasticizer in choice of outdoor products, at the same time to have good light fastness.

, (5) good cold resistance,

has good cold resistance of plasticizer can make good products low tender and soft, which is suitable for the use of cold areas.Generally low freezing point of plasticizer, for example, the binary fatty acid ester, sebacate, adipic acid esters, etc.Good compatibility plasticizer cold resistance is poorer, mostly is special plasticizer containing ring structure.The main use of aliphatic dibasic acid ester plasticizer as cold resistance.


electric insulation performance

is often used to produce PVC electrical insulating materials, so join the plasticizer for good electrical insulating performance, phosphate ester plasticizer has better performance in general.But that should be paid attention to join plasticizer can reduce electrical insulating performance of products, and its dosage, the greater the fall, the more significant, so the plasticizer dosage must be strictly controlled.

(7) flame retardant performance of

building, electrical plastic requirements good flame retardant, such as PVC itself has the self-extinguishing, but because of adding plasticizer will destroy this feature, thus to meet the requirements of use, should choose good flame retardant plasticizer, such as phosphate ester, but chlorinated paraffin prices are low, antimony oxide share can have the same effect.


(8) toxicity

children in the production of food, medicine packaging and the products such as toys, want to consider the toxicity of plasticizer.Choice of epoxy plasticizer, DOP, low toxic plasticizer DOA, DIDA, chlorinated paraffin, etc.


(9) mildew resistance

in the production of wire, cable, agricultural film, building materials and other products, the choice of plasticizer to have mildew resistance, generally choose has strong antimicrobial properties of phthalic acid esters with phosphate ester plasticizer.


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