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Presses auxiliary

PVC plastic additives overall growth will remain at 8% to 10%

Published on:2015/8/17 17:26:05

Introduction:PVC plastic additives are the most varieties and dosage of the biggest plastic additives.Because PVC resin compared with other resin need more and mor...



, PVC plastic agents is one of the largest plastic present most varieties and dosage of additives.Because more in need of PVC resin compared with other resin and easier to use additives to improve or improve performance, at the same time, the PVC plastic is cheap, practical, the most widely used in all sorts of plastic and dosage the biggest, so the plastic additives mainly PVC plastic additives, consumption accounts for about 90% to the plastic additives.On demand growth is expected to PVC plastic products from China, plastic additives overall growth will remain at 8% to 10%.

Cost of ACM

replace the low quality of the CPE, MBS complete replace imports.In 2013 the global production and consumption impact modifier and processing aid of nearly 900000 tons, China's consumption accounted for more than 30%.From the perspective of plastics modification effect, ACM is optimal, low temperature toughness product ratio of the strongest;ACR is blunt X-ray RITE369 attack resistance modifier in the comprehensive performance of the best, and MBS is impact modifiers for transparent products must be added.1 domestic ACR products accounted for only 10%, low end of the CPE (60%), while foreign impact modifier ACR accounted for more than 60% in the product structure, with the increase of China's demand for high performance PVC additives in the future, China's consumption rate will gradually to the development trend of the proportion of consumption in developed countries;2 some domestic enterprises of MBS product technology breakthrough, improve product quality, open the import substitute market.

PVC plastic additives overall growth will remain at 8% to 10% by

environmental protection standard is strict, organic phosphorus flame retardants for development opportunities.Predicts 2018, the global market capacity of flame retardants of up to 2.62 million tons, annual growth rate of 5%.The present domestic flame retardant capacity of 500000 tons, we according to the production of plastic products 10% growth rates, in 2016 China plastics flame retardants consumption will reach 360000 tons, and China's current flame retardant production capacity of more than 500000 tons, basic meet the needs of flame retardants in the future growth.In recent years, organic phosphorus flame retardants with the advantages of its environmental security, the replace organic phosphorus-containing flame retardant faster and faster pace.The main problem of organophosphorus replace organic bromine flame retardants is to achieve the same flame retardant effect flame retardant used in the product cost is higher than bromine flame retardants.

plasticizer is the development direction of environmental protection, safety, green, dedicated.Plasticizer is the largest plastic processing additives production and consumption in the varieties, its production accounted for about 60% of the total output of 2.9 million tons of plastic auxiliary agent, the current domestic production capacity of 4 million tons, the relative surplus, two years could not improve traditional DOP plasticizer market in the future.Because China's lack of nonyl alcohol, decyl alcohol, such as sources of raw materials, which China and the European and American countries phthalate plasticizers in the production and marketing structure difference is very big.Compare with abroad, the domestic plastic additives in the field of food, medical and other serious lag testing standards, and liquor & other;Plasticizer & throughout;Tainted by everyone still fresh, under the standard reversed transmission at home and abroad, the future plasticizer to safety, green, and the direction of professional development, environmental protection products include high carbon alcohol ester, citric acid ester, epoxy, polyester, biodegradation.

in plastic additives, plasticizer and impact modifier for all reflect the phenomenon of that overcapacity, but the Lord if domestic product structure is unreasonable, excess low quality products, high-end products include environmental protection plasticizer, flame retardant and ACM, MBS still does not match with the market demand.So whether for industry or enterprise, we believe that the future development trend of PVC plastic auxiliaries is a new type, high efficiency, environmental protection plastics auxiliary additives instead of the traditional high infection and low quality;2 similar ACM, MBS impact modifier for a breakthrough technology, improve product quality, can replace the low quality of CPE and imported products;3 enterprise from a single production of one type of fertilizer to fertilizer integrated service provider, offer integrated services for downstream plastic production enterprises.

investment advice: China plastic additives consumption reached 4.5 million tons in 2014, despite the current affected by the economic slowdown, but plastic products widely applied, special is by adding additives to improve product performance, can be finished & other;With plastic instead of steel & throughout;, & otherWith plastic and wood & throughout;, we still can continue to demand in the future plastic additives of 8-10% growth.

PVC plastic additives industry have higher customer viscosity, have longer certification experience, industry barriers are relatively high, in the future once the cost problem solving or environmental pressures, replace the acceleration will cause the demand.China is the world's largest plastic additives production and consumer, but China is large, compared to the product structure difference of European and American countries than backward, and the future development direction mainly concentrated on the product structure adjustment and upgrading.


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