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Presses auxiliary

The classification of agricultural film and its use

Published on:2015/8/17 17:26:45

Introduction:Agricultural film the main varieties of rice seedlings film and vegetable greenhouses covering membrane.CA - 210 color analyzer The use of agricultura...

Agricultural film the main varieties of rice seedlings film and vegetable greenhouses covering membrane.

CA - 210 color analyzer The use of agricultural film temperature is low, in order to keep the film at low temperature has certain softness, not brittle, shall be appropriately increased content of plasticizer or join a hardy plasticizer, to ensure that the thin film at low temperature elongation of 20% or more.The northern winter vegetable greenhouses with thin film is more demanding, the low temperature elongation should be more than 30%.Agricultural film should have certain mechanical strength, to ensure that can withstand the wind pressure, snow of winter or summer hail attack.

Because of agricultural film is in outdoor use, to prevent the oxidation with air under the effect of ultraviolet aging metamorphism, should add antioxidant, stabilizer and so on ultraviolet absorbent, in order to make film atmospheric aging resistant performance is good.

Covering seedlings or plants, the thin film in high humidity, film surface are condensed water droplets, part of the film is buried in the grave, so the requirement of the plasticizer used volatile small, small heat loss, difficult to extract by water.

Special important, join additive of agricultural film should not harm the clothes the growth of crops, are non-toxic for human, such as phthalate butyl ester, because will hinder the growth of the crops to vegetables is particularly significant, itself and volatile, easy for water extraction, thus serious harm to the growth of crops, in agricultural film formula should be the firmly ruled out.

Agricultural film divided into two major categories of calendered film with blown film, calendered film of plasticizer content for 48 ~ 56 (PVC resin for 100 meter), blown film, but the 40 ~ 46, this is due to the rolling process can allow plasticizer content, if have sticky phenomenon can also be used to increase dosage of lubricant or crimped wire method to solve.Production in extrusion blow molding method, if the content of plasticizer is too high, will cause the bubble shape prolapse, until sticky die shut up and not in production operation situation.Chlorinated paraffin will cause blow bubble shape is not straight, operation is hard to control, therefore, its usage is limited.Rolling process can be done using some chlorinated paraffin.


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