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Plastic electrical control

DuPont Zytel resin using ABB DC switch housing

Published on:2013/10/30 11:36:21

Keyword:Switch, resins, renewable resources
Introduction:Thanks to the arcing can withstand extremely high instantaneous temperature, flame retardant DuPont Zytel nylon resins are used in the manufacture of ...


thanks in arcing can withstand extremely high instantaneous temperature, flame retardant DuPont Zytel nylon resins are used in the manufacture of selected ABB Group direct current (DC) isolation switch housing.

It is understood, easy processing of Zytel nylon flame retardant resin have good impact resistance, strength associated with the comparative tracking index (CTI) values. It also has UL ratings have weldability, good flow characteristics with mechanical properties. It also has a substitute than other thermosetting plastics more cost savings.

CTI widely used by the industry to measure the electrical breakdown of insulating materials (Tracking) performance. This material can be used in specific applications tailored to various grades of products. Retainability is one of the advantages of this material, it has been resolved on the halogen with different types of renewable resources, the development of industry needs.

ABB equipment is mainly designed for use in photovoltaic applications to meet specific needs, including high-voltage DC switch arising due to a significant arc discharge. In solar applications, these small DC rated disconnect switch may even encounter up to 1000 volts. Therefore, the material must have a larger CTI value, especially in the manufacture of the buffer does not have enough space for a small switch.


Keyword:Switch, resins, renewable resources

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