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Plastic electrical control

Hammer crusher methods to improve efficiency

Published on:2013/11/13 11:16:26

Introduction:Hammer crusher workflow: Material march hammer crusher, suffered the impact of high-speed rotation of the hammer and crushed, crushed material from th...


hammer crusher workflow: material into the hammer crusher, suffered the impact of high-speed rotation of the hammer and crushed, crushed material from the Hammer Crusher Hammer Office obtain kinetic energy, high speed toward the broken plate, this time large particle size of the material through the grate between the hammer impact, grinding and crushing, small particle size between discharge from the grate. Users can be adjusted according to requirements grate gap, changing the particle size, to meet different needs of different users.

into Confucian will improve as loose-leaf doors

will improve as a loose-leaf into the Confucian door that could ensure that the crusher is not easy in operation will be part of the smaller particles of the material is lost. If you find lower productivity output, checking the time, only a loose-leaf doors can be opened, greatly accelerated the inspection schedule to ensure that the rock breaking machine boot time.

damper correct use

hammer crusher in each of the two sides of the throttle, many novices do not know these two damper effect, so basically the damper is closed frequently, resulting in too much on the quantity that is causing the rotor once stuck, only through the open cabinet clean or dredge through the grate way to solve the gap, but both methods are time consuming. After a long work experience, the staff found that by switching the throttle operation can greatly reduce the rotor stuck.

timely adjustment of the hammer with the gap between the grate bars

With the use of the crusher, because the hammer with the gradual wear of the grate, grate and grate with nutation clearance gap between the more and more, the material in the crusher impact forces with the grinding pressure fall through the grate coarser material discharged through vibrating sieve and returned to hammer crusher amount of material to expand, crushing efficiency decline, but also led to the use of hammerhead reduced life. So you need to adjust the crusher adjustment screw to drive the lower eccentric rotation of the grate is fastened, so that the hammer with the gap between the grate bars to achieve the desired requirements, improve crushing efficiency.



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