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Plastic electrical control

Fluorine plastic in the national economy plays an important role in many areas

Published on:2013/11/20 11:17:38

Keyword:Cables, wires, ethylene, oil
Introduction:It is understood that the end of October, 2013, held in Qingdao, plastic new materials, new technology, new achievements Exchange Conference Committee...


It is understood that the end of October, 2013, held in Qingdao, plastic new materials, new technology, new achievements Exchange Conference Committee of Experts of Plastic Association annual meeting, a lot of experts on fluorine plastic wire and cable market demand growth optimism.

fluorine plastics in Chinas national economy plays an important role in many fields

wire and cable angle, fluorine plastic should mainly be used in high-temperature compensation wire, high temperature wire, ethernet wire, industrial power with temperature control cable, electric rail locomotive with temperature control cable, high-temperature heating cables. Fluorine plastic insulated inverter power cable should be used primarily in steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, power stations and other high-temperature operation, poor conditions of the inverter device can transmit electricity connection cord.

fluoroplastic many advantages, it has excellent electrical properties, low dielectric constant, high thermal stability, low flammability, low moisture absorption, stain resistance, excellent weather resistance, excellent resistance to most capable of chemicals and so on. So much so that the excellent characteristics of the wire cable fluoroplastic plays an important role.

moment commonly used in the wire and cable industry are fluoroplastics polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), an ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (ETFE), ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether (PFA) and so on. With the wire and cable industry to continue to develop, for example, special high temperature cable industry needs increasingly strong, fluorine plastic demand will have no


Keyword:Cables, wires, ethylene, oil

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