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Hydraulic components

High pressure air works to resolve

Published on:2013/12/11 12:44:11

Keyword:Motor oil, molding machines, injection molding machines
Introduction:High pressure blower uses: mainly used in high pressure air spray dryers, water gas explosion, aquaculture, screen printing, photogravure, injection m...


High pressure blower uses: mainly used in high pressure air spray dryers, water gas explosion, aquaculture, screen printing, photogravure, injection molding machine automatic feeding bake dry machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine cutter, burning down the oxygen machine, cigarette filter machine, plating bath stirring, welding equipment, paper transport, cleaning purposes, in addition to air sharp, dry bottle, gas transmission , feeding, collecting angles.

High pressure blower works as follows: 1, when high pressure blower impeller rotates, because the centrifugal force, prompting gas vane outward movement forward, forming a series of spiral movement .

2, the air between the impeller blades were rotating and accelerating spiral pump gas outside the squeeze (1 sucked by the suction port) side of the slot into the side when it Channel 2 in the future, the gas is compressed and then revert to spin up again between the impeller blades.

3, when the air passes through the spiral track along a side of the slot with the impeller, each impeller blade increases with the degree of acceleration of the compression, with the rotation proceeds, the gas kinetic energy increases, so that the gas pressure along the side of the channel by a further increase.

4, when the air reaches the discharge side of the slot with the connection point of the flange (at the outlet side of the channel is narrowed), i.e. out of the blade and the gas is discharged through the outlet of the muffler 4 high pressure air pump features: a high pressure, high winds, low noise, light weight. 2 adopted aluminum alloy chassis, significantly reduced weight and achieve weight reduction goals. 3 IEC Designed motor (1HP above), totally-enclosed fan-shaped aluminum frame motor, especially the axis designed for prolonged use. 4 special blade design, high pressure, air volume, low noise, long life. 5 Application of renewable theory designed ring blower, single stage fan blade diameter is small, the air volume growth, resulting in high air damper characteristics 6. Styles range, inventory, fast delivery. 7 Special air volume control damper, air volume control and high stability, easy operation (CX.TB.HTB applicable). 8 Maintenance Free! No Oil! Long life!


Keyword:Motor oil, molding machines, injection molding machines

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