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Injection color

Italian plastic stadium next year will be used for Brazil

Published on:2013/12/18 11:26:31

Keyword:Flame retardants
Introduction:Many large plastic stadium seats because they do not have flame resistance, leading to the spread of fire, loss expanded recently, the Italian plastic...


many large plastic stadium seats because they do not have flame resistance, leading to the spread of fire, loss expanded recently, the Italian plastics supplier Radici Group, said 12 venues in six seats using flame Radiflam range of nylon 6 material. Plastic seats in a large football stadiums contain flame retardants to reduce the risk of fire spread, and will use the next year in Brazil Stadium.

Radiflam seats, with associated components (such as handrails, with the support bolts installed in these venues: dreamy Mineirao (Belo Horizonte), dreamy Nacional de Brasilia (Brazil), on stage Fonte Nova ( El Salvador), dreamy Beira-Rio (Porto Alegre), dreamy das Dunas (Natal), stage Corinthians (Sao Paulo).

"In the front line with our technology with the development of technology and other famous sporting events of the World Cup rapidly approaching such a truly privileged group," Jane Campos position, managing director of Radici Plastics. "Our efforts in this area in the past 15 years of commercial activity in Brazil has been rewarded. Market has been identified with the selection of our products, due to their advanced technology, quality with safety. This is really the best reason to make us better. "

Flame of science and technology in order to meet the needs of the community with safe production life, prevent fires and protect lives and property and developed a science. Flame retardant technology is applied in real life, it is a combustible flammable materials used to improve the combustion properties of special chemical additives, are widely used in various types of decoration materials should be flame retardant processing.

Retardants good momentum of development in recent years, a large market potential. The most commonly used flame retardant halogen flame retardant series, though they have something unparalleled efficiency, but its environmental hazard is with people should not be ignored. Environmental issues is the focus of development aid providers concerned with the application, and therefore always at home and abroad to adjust the flame retardant product structure and expand the development of efficient and environmentally friendly flame retardant.


Keyword:Flame retardants

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