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Plastic electrical control

Tianjin: scouring the city in the mineral waste home appliances

Published on:2013/12/18 13:27:08

Keyword:Wires, electrical cables, electronics, waste plastic, plastic products, plastic granules, plastic debris, renewable resources, plastic materials
Introduction:Network information platform of waste materials News: Beijing, Tianjin region this on scarce mineral resources, while Beijing and Tianjin and other ci...


Network information platform of waste materials News: Beijing, Tianjin region this on scarce mineral resources, while Beijing and Tianjin and other cities will continue to produce large amounts of waste stream of electrical appliances each year, these "urban minerals" can be harmless treatment and reuse, Production of steel and other raw materials, can greatly reduce the infection emissions. In developed countries, resource recycling rate reached 80%, while Chinas utilization of renewable resources but only 20% of China several one hundred million tons of scrap steel annually urgent re-use. According to the National Development and Reform Commission data, in 2011, Chinese iron and steel scrap utilization of 91 million tons, saving 150 million tons of concentrate powder, representing a decrease of primary ore mined 390 million tons.

Network information platform of waste materials News: With the continued upgrading of consumption, urban waste electrical and also more, can put these e-waste recycling and reuse it? November 28, and with the five provinces of North China party newspaper "go turn change" journalists, Jinghai County of Tianjin Ziya went into circulation Economic Zone, site visits to "junk" how transfiguration "Urban Mining."
Tim wood waste plastic horizons a change "wood brick"
Our party arrived in Tianjin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Huaxin Plastic quiz this company to a plastic material recycling of waste household appliances, further processing to manufacture new products.
In the rumbling sound machine workshop, selected from discarded appliances carved out of blue plastic blocks, was quickly broken crusher, the machine spit out the other side of the coin-sized pieces.
Then transferred to the cleaning of debris on the line. "Because part of the experience in the use of plastic waste will adhere dust, oil, etc., must be crushed plastic cleaned to remove impurities to avoid affecting the quality of recycled plastic. "Tianjin Huaxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Xu Hua explained.
After crushing, plastic debris after cleaning the machine into a big "melted down" at high temperatures, as in melt flow state, in the role of the rotating screw extrusion, plastic is rolled into a blue plastic wire.
After cooling by cold water tank, plastic granulator wire was cut into large grain size of the blue particles, plastic particles can be directly processed into plastic injection molding products finished it. "These products will be processed into plastics engineering plastic pipes, automobile insurance (assured Paul) bars and other products. Mixed with waste wood can also be processed into "wood brick", this material is corrosion resistant, high strength, can replace the building with bricks. "Xu Hua explained.
Ten minutes horizons two appliances is "eat dry pressing net"
In TCL Obo (Tianjin) Environmental Protection Development Co., the plants waste storage area filled with televisions, refrigerators, computers and other appliances. Several of these workers will be sent to the dismantling of waste home appliances shop, these appliances through a simple decomposition of waste sent to the conveyor belt after dismantling large-scale automation equipment, after crushing, sorting, chemical refining, "three wastes" treatment, ten minutes After several devices "shipped mouth" spit specifications neat plastic, glass, iron, copper and other materials.
General Manager Wang Chunlin statement: "There are significant resource waste home appliances recycling value. China has scrapped appliances into the peak period, the market size of up to hundreds of billions. "
The discarded household appliances "to eat dry pressing net" to the green industry to benefit, at present, dismantling business Ziya circular economy industrial zone has reached more than 160. These companies continue to grow at the same time dismantling, processing enterprises projects are also quietly rising. Like Algarve Property Development Co., Ltd., can be disassembled upstream copper into copper rod out, then sent to the park downstream Wire and reprocessing; out of plastic products for dismantling, scrap car scrap tires, also Plastics can be sent to specialized companies for further processing. The dismantling of the companys products upstream downstream production as its own "raw material" for further processing, such industrial chain extension gradually built up layer by layer "in the loop" between enterprises inside the park.
Background The Norths largest park recycling economy
Once, from scrap wire, old electrical appliances in the "gold rush" in the cottage rapid rise in Jinghai County of Tianjin Ziya areas, people often put Ziya called "waste distribution center." Some companies or self-employed persons in the absence of advanced technology and equipment with perfect management system status, processing of waste electronic products, resulting in a severe infection with environmental waste of resources.
Turn out the current 2008, the State affirmed Ziya circular economy pilot park, Tianjin scrap metal appliances, scrap wire and cable with the Waste Electrical and began the designated processing units scattered layout from the layout to focus on the integration of a huge adjustment.
Currently, Ziya circular economy industrial area is the largest in north Chinas circular economy park. Moment, the park each year to give raw copper market 450,000 tons 250,000 tons of aluminum, steel, 300,000 tons, 300,000 tons rubber materials, other materials 200,000 tons, becoming the largest renewable resource in northern China processing and utilization of the professional of the industrial zone, the annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons dismantling, can be called "northern mines."


Keyword:Wires, electrical cables, electronics, waste plastic, plastic products, plastic granules, plastic debris, renewable resources, plastic materials

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