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Hydraulic components

Injection molding machine solenoid valve installation methods and precautions

Published on:2013/12/23 13:33:24

Keyword:Hydraulic, plastic bags, hydraulic components, injection molding machine
Introduction:Mounting valve element has pipe, plate, stacking with embedded and other types, the type is not the same, the method has also been installed with the ...


valve element has pipe, plate, stacking with embedded and other types, the type is not the same, the method has also been installed with the requirements do not ask. Modular integration is to help the body are made of standard size rectangular components used when applying the present board stacked, and then whip tight due, which is characterized by eliminating the connecting pipe between the valve with the valve fundamentally, Therefore, the system consists of more Ae single, centralized, compact, flexible assembly systems, to facilitate the improvement of the oil. (Tube, plate valves now use less.) Installation method with the requirements of hydraulic components:

product introduction in the book are described in detail. Components at the factory have been checked with the quality of performance tests, each with a plastic plug port sealed. Attaching a certain number of spare parts are placed in a sealed plastic bag for shipment. Before use, check certificate, introduced with the use of spare parts are complete and check whether poor packing, damaged or a foreign body, whether the port is open. Before installing the best washing once with kerosene. It should also be noted when installing: Do not pick the wrong the oil port (usually port each element has a text or code indicated); install motorized control valve right, we must pay attention to the distance or stroke Tanzania cam with valve between the block and avoid When commissioning crashed; When connecting with a flange-mounted components, connectors tighten the screws to fit, but will make the seal overtighten bad; Some networks have been opened to facilitate the manufacture of the class with the installation holes should be useless after installation by plugging Dead rotor pump; After installation, spare seals trapped should take good care of the various components, to prepare for maintenance and replacement use. Must note the following hydraulic valve Shihai points: (1) pre-installed on the hydraulic valve opened should be carefully reviewed with inspection certificate Brochure, with pressure on the sealing Yan verify if necessary. (2) clarify the valve inlet port with back azimuth. Installation location (3) the absence of special provisions valve should be installed in the ease of use, maintenance position. Directional control Yan installation should last level. (4) valve with flange mounting, the screws are not tightened too much, in order to avoid bad seal. (5) There are some easy to manufacture valves open holes with the installation, the installation should be useless holes blocked. (6) when the acquisition is less than some valves installed to allow through traffic with more than 40% of rated flow hydraulic valve substitute.


Keyword:Hydraulic, plastic bags, hydraulic components, injection molding machine

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