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Plastic electrical control

Be opposite by two meetings special the immediate impact of high-pressured cable

Published on:2014/3/18 10:35:23

Keyword:Cable, the sources of energy, electrical wiring, polypropylene
Introduction:In the current year " two meetings " , about development spy high pressure offer to keep continuously, courtyard of division of cable of committee mem...

In the current year " two meetings " , about development spy high pressure offer to keep continuously, courtyard of division of cable of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, our country included in the center Cai Guoxiong of assistant chief engineer is referred " advance about accelerating special high-pressured electrified wire netting develops, the sources of energy of stimulative green cleanness is used effectively " second reading; Heibei delegacy is referred " build about accelerating special high-pressured electrified wire netting, advance atmosphere to affect processing, on the safe side of energy of look forward to of safeguard Beijing ferry is supplied " second reading; Jiangxi delegacy is referred " advance about accelerating special high-pressured electrified wire netting enters another name for Jiangxi Province, make sure Jiangxi energy security is supplied reliably with electric power " second reading etc.

In addition, national electrified wire netting " 925 " during restrict investment 2.55 trillion use build at electrified wire netting, when the lieutenant general 500 billion yuan are used at special the investment of circuitry of high-pressured electrified wire netting, 500 billion yuan use the investment at distribution reticle road, other about 1.55 trillion yuan use the circuitry of electrified wire netting at other voltage grade to invest. "925 " during the important level that is development of electrified wire netting of Chinese spy high pressure, special high pressure becomes a key to invest way, be in special on the foundation of demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test, accelerate " 3 China " special electrified wire netting of high-pressured communication synchronism is built. 2015, "3 China " special high-pressured electrified wire netting is formed " 3 vertical 3 horizontal strokes one annulus net " , still will build 11 times special project of net of high-pressured dc transmit electricity. Be in special angle of high-pressured communication project, stannic alliance, meng Xi, zhang Bei, base of North Shaanxi the sources of energy passes 3 fore-and-aft special high-pressured communication channel to " 3 China " power transmission, upper coal report, southwest water and electricity passes 3 transverse special north of Xiang Hua of high-pressured communication channel, China in with long triangle special power transmission of high-pressured annulus net. In addition, still build the Huaihe River south - peaceful city - Suzhou - Shanghai - north of short for Zhejiang Province - south Anhui - net of double-loop of trigonometry spy high pressure grows south the Huaihe River.

Be in special angle of high-pressured dc project, "925 " during, cooperate southwest water and electricity, report of coal of northwest China north follows suit electric base development, build bright and beautiful screen - Jiangsu 11 special project of high-pressured dc transmit electricity, build blueness to hide project of dc couplet net, contented Tibet electrified wire netting follows northwest advocate net couplet net. Instantly, instantly of development spy high pressure already was brought into " national economy grows with the society dozenth a compendium of 5 years of programs " , urgent affairs is to should be accelerated advance a project to build. Because China is main but the distance that second birth the sources of energy follows power load ground is in 800 kilometers above, so to but of second birth the sources of energy use sure the issue that should involve Sunday run to carry, special high pressure is the significant step that instantly resolves this one contradiction. So, special the lag that high pressure builds is on certain level aggravate electricity shortage.

Chinese electrified wire netting will be finished in the future " on the west report east send, each other of north and south is offerred with countrywide couplet net " , investment dimensions continues to increase, for extrahigh voltage, special high-pressured cable company brings good development chance. Follow enlarge diameter lead, low noise to much dissension, big sectional lead and new-style heat-resisting especially lead, special high-pressured power cable (polypropylene film is compound oil-filled cable of wooden fiber paper, insulation follows gas insulation duct cable) reach special accessory of high-pressured cross-linking cable produces business for, more the opportunity is all-time.

But as special the arrival of high-pressured times, special the most sophisticated technology that high pressure regards world electrified wire netting as to build a domain, it is very strict to the requirement of cable product, can contest wins abroad's advanced cable business, and those who obtain our country mainland is special high-pressured market, still have particular challenge to business of domestic cable production. In the center, place in at the moment most obvious two big questions depend on a technology following stuff.

The data shows, in recent years China is applied in promotion efficient and energy-saving angle of cable of electric, power follows international with the developed country advanced level compares difference remarkable, be to follow on very old rate apply efficient and energy-saving material to follow adopt new technology to concern.

Be in special angle of high-pressured cable material, all along is continueing seek develops innovation. Well-known, material is the corporeal foundation that the mankind bilks to follow development in order to live, ever was the forerunner of Industrial Revolution. And wire cable industry is " expect heavy industry is small " treatment industry, can say, wire cable is special the foundation that material is cable industry. Sure without high grade raw material production does not give top-ranking cable product. That is to say, high grade cable product is construction on high grade cable material.

Since wire cable product should be used at be like special maximum pressure is so huge project, main item, significant circumstance, its life appears with dependability especially important, and the breakdown of cable follows quality accident often is by the quality blemish of cable material place is brought about, from this the importance of material of more outstanding cable.

Can affirm say, high grade cable material is the source of product of famous brand cable. Look from the historical evolution of wire cable industry, the innovation all along of material is leading wire cable the development of the industry. Guide as 21 centuries light, the innovation of a variety of new material such as rice of superconduction, accept will lead cable industry to go power is new brilliant.

And in special high-pressured cable develops technical angle, the cable company of our country is to continue to achieve new breakthrough more, force continuously even technology of world advanced nation. 2013, by international Electrotechnical Committee, Germany electric engineer association follows company of electrified wire netting of our country country to be sponsorred jointly " forum of international intelligence electrified wire netting " go up, company of our country power feel proud and elated, ginseng of industry of our country power follows a work out include special high-pressured cable alternating voltage inside 19 international standard, those who built a system is special high-pressured cable follows system of standard of technology of intelligent electrified wire netting, instantly already formulate industry standard 356, occupation standard 90, national level 44, standard of work out international 19, special high-pressured cable alternating voltage becomes international standard voltage.

It is likewise in such circumstance, chairman IEC Kelaosiwuhele is right of our country special high-pressured cable was offerred admit really amply with new hope. He thinks, many countries on the world are put in energy natural resources to distributing not all state, at the same time special the loss that high-pressured cable can reduce Sunday run transmit electricity, other on the world area will have wide applied perspective. Of instantly our country special technology of high-pressured cable transmit electricity is in on the world take the lead in level, regard international standard as voltage, of our country special brigadier of mark of high-pressured cable alternating voltage is popularized to the world.

The place on put together is narrated, cable of high pressure of our country spy produces an enterprise to be below the state that already the market continues to increase, alone strengthens material of associated upper reaches to produce a business, strengthen technical research and development, ability can produce a cable product that accords with market demand. Face international cable magnate to continue especially advocate the circumstances that our country occupies high-end market by force, want to be contended for with its feed, still need to hold sturdy determination to follow self-confidence.

Keyword:Cable, the sources of energy, electrical wiring, polypropylene

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