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Hydraulic components

Centrifugal studies domestic and internationally general situation

Published on:2014/3/27 11:05:30

Keyword:Centrifugal, oil, polypropylene, ethylene
Introduction:In industrial production, centrifugal basically belongs to aftertreatment equipment, basically use at dehydration, condense, detached, clear, purify r...

In industrial production, centrifugal basically belongs to aftertreatment equipment, basically use at dehydration, condense, detached, clear, purify reach solid grain to classification wait for technology experience, as the development of each industry department corresponding development rises it. For example after revolution of 18 centuries industry, as the rapid development of textile industry, appeared 1836 cotton cloth spin-drier. Machined industrial need to get used to cheese 1877, hair palpability uses the centrifuge at detached milk. March after 20 centuries, as the development that oil uses integratedly, ask the eliminate such as stock of shape of impurity of a water, solid, tar, so that make heavy oil regards as,fuel oil is applied, 50 time develop consummate meritorious service the centrifuge of cuttings pick-up of dish type piston of automatic cuttings pick-up, to 60 time development becomes perfect series product. Send the need that postpone as latter-day environmental protection, 3 useless processing, the demand that handles with mud dehydrate to industrial waste water is very high, make horizontal solids discharge by scroll conveyor sedimentation so centrifuge of type of centrifugal, dish follows 3 sufficient pattern bottom discharge sedimentations centrifugal had further progress, special it is horizontal solids discharge by scroll conveyor sedimentations the development of centrifugal particularly rapid. Current, in synthesis plastic (polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene) reach synthetic fibre (get together to benzene second of 2 formic acid 2 fat) in separate facility of production, helix centrifugal oneself make one of core equipment.
    The centrifugal of the first helix that China has contemporary and economic value truly was made 1954, because it has successive operation, treating capacity alone power consumption of big, specific yield less, adaptability is strong wait for a characteristic and got developing quickly, in development of more than 40 years, change of structure, function, parameter is very big, detached quality, productivity continues to promote, applied range is more wide, in centrifugal domain all along has important place. On all sorts of international exhibition, various helix centrifugal, it is the most intriguing type in exhibits centrifugal, have good development prospect.
    China from seventies end begins to introduce helix centrifugal, of a variety of norms that well-known to abroad company produces lie snail centrifugal undertook is modelled on. Lie snail centrifugal is “ of former Chemical Industry Department 75 ” science and technology tackles key problem project, plant of Nanjing oasis machine was modelled on 1989 ALFANx42o auger horn ((20) centrifugal (namely L201) , use the depart at maize gluten, made prototype; after this 1992, the 4819th factory follows machinery plant of Chongqing river north, liberation army the development such as machinery plant of golden China railroad was developed a series of solids discharge by scroll conveyor sedimentations centrifugal, should use successfully at producing practice. Can be with respect to integral level character, china still lags behind at industrial developed country far. Be opposite with the mankind as the development of modern industry civilization environment and can maintain those who develop the strategy to take seriously, detached effect is good, oscillatory small, noise is low the fundamental condition that becomes centrifugal to be able to be accepted by the market. This has good dynamic character with respect to need centrifugal. Normally, dynamic character includes critical rotate speed, lopsided answer wait for content with stability. Lie the parameter choice of snail centrifugal and optimizing is promotion lies the first link with snail centrifugal characteristic trends.
    Sedimentation to promote solids discharge by scroll conveyor the function of centrifugal, people often can see to centrifugal the problem undertakes tackling key problem, undertake to main part finite yuan of analysis. Scored certain gain. Basically have: ? Be jealous of of this  of Gou of ┗  ご fights rotten Xing of τ sending  to clap  treats NSYs of 嗀 of Wu press and smooth, built helix to carry implement parameter is changed three-dimensional and finite yuan of model, undertake structural statics is analysed, get helix to carry implement the stress field below all sorts of load operating mode follows displacement field, consult the nucleus of school of analytic design law of pressure vessel helix is carried implement stress intensity, inspected the radial deflection of spiral ribbon. Optimized a design to lay a foundation for the structure.
    Industry of our country aviation is high engineer Cai Xianxin, the method that makes known his position to adopt housing unit to close with link unit disaster is centrifugal to taking billabong lamina whole impeller undertakes plasticity is analysed playing. Blade adopts housing unit simulation, annulus system will use simulation of unit of axial symmetry link, does the boundary that follows round of style in impeller satisfy: of dual harmonious requirement approximately? Does Piao of discharge of Sou of the agent that employ frequency attack does ∈ of  of Lu of sparrow of  of ň of any of several hot spice plants of new moon of  of sole of rice huller of  of Mao of Sai Puke = kill laborious of  of  of fear of Ao of  of divide evenly of ⒍ of  of willful  sword courtyard deceive?
    Colour of Yuan Fu of engineer of institute of project of Electromechanical of Harbin project university, analysed lie the state getting power of the stock inside snail centrifugal, derivation gives helix to choose the computational formula of makings moment of force, it is purpose function with its, with craft the requirement is tie condition, use the answer form in optimizing design theory to move actor way to WL one 600 lie snail centrifugal parameter undertook integration analysis follows mensurable selection, the work out goes out optimize the C order that seeks solution, make parameter certain work forthright, convenient, reasonable.
    Project of our country agriculture studies Jin of designing institute Shenyang, Dou Linghan follows Xu Qun of Shanghai centrifugal institute, does to LW helix of one 400 general horizontal sedimentation did centrifugal undertake directional change make: ? Does  of flatter calumnying Dang show  of  of plating of Kuo of Zu of spoon of carve fir Xi to read Zhen of administer of excrement of storehouse of hole of Bin of wed of human skeleton of ぷ of calumnying Dang  does midge of 8 admire  cast  of Rong of  of calamity of  of  of Ti of  of  of  of helmet Ч  ?
    Sichuan saves Li Fuming of river north machinery plant, according to the body characteristic of the round cone-shaped spiral ribbon of centrifugal of solids discharge by scroll conveyor, built etc fast the polar coordinates of corkscrewed yarn is equational. Pass one 200A of pair of WL, WL one 350, WL355xl420-N, WL one 450 reach WL the one 600 production that wait for model centrifugal are made, the proof adopts those who begin numeration to beg the awl that solve a circle spiral ribbon to develop next material unlock of graph excel graph extends a law, satisfied helix effectively to carry implement the dependability of workmanship and handle performance demand.
    Jiangsu saves petro-chemical institute machinery to fasten Liu Youhong, make known his position to use 2 dimension stereo unit is whole to centrifugal turn beat undertake an analysis, big diameter of centrifugal of drawknife of homebred to some horizontal turns beat undertook finite yuan of computation, the result makes clear, turning inferior; is in the stress level in lip ring following by beat level of the stress in bowl system is higher, in there is stress to center a phenomenon all round starting a hole, value of the greatest fictitious and stretch stress is far those who be more than material succumb be restricted.
    Dong Junhua of institute of project of Electromechanical of university of Beijing chemical industry, liu Zhongming, fan Deshun will turn axial symmetry model of beat simplifies for 2 dimension model. Use ANSYS finite yuan software was built large lie snail centrifugal double cone angle turns 2 dimension of beat are finite yuan of model, to its the integral structure below regular job status undertook static force is analysed, the radial that got turning bosomy, axial is out of shape distributing with stress reach point of the greatest stress, the result shows double cone angle turns bosomy intensity all satisfies a requirement with stiffness, test and verify the security of structure of double cone angle.
    Plant of Nanjing oasis machine lies snail centrifugal designs a senior engineer Yan Chunmin, analysed qualitatively lie the sedimentary condition of snail centrifugal turns with its cone angle knife of beat, helix is carried implement the relation between radius of pool of the pitch of the obliquitous B of blade, lamina, fluid and An of poor rotate speed, elaborated improvement to lie the design idea that snail centrifugal conveys broken bits condition.
    Jiangsu saves Dong Shuifu of chemical machinery institute, Yang Hui child, Lin Weiqing, discussed to enter makings chroma, detached factor, the change of the parameter such as overflow radius is right WL one 400 model centrifugal kaolin classifications the influence of function. Wang Yanhua of college of industry of Hua Dong grain, Fang Tuna, Wang Tingnan, explained horizontal solids discharge by scroll conveyor sedimentations centrifugal uses 2 oxidation admire to classification in chemical fibber medium application, stressed into makings chroma, into dimension of makings speed, rotate speed, fender, difference fast the influence that waits for parameter bisect class, analysed the cause that class of each parameter bisect affects. Their research ran parameter to give reference with application for first-rate of look for centrifugal.
    Wang Tianlin of academy of craft of artesian well of management board of oil of Jin Rong of Liu of department of research of equipment of oil field of institute of Lanzhou oil machinery, victory, sedimentation to helix the oscillatory function of centrifugal has a test, the treating capacity that got the acceleration virtual value of centrifugal vibration follows centrifugal, turn the natural frequency that the metabolic relation between the viscosity that rouses rotate speed and suspension fluid, density and experiment use centrifugal.
    N is petro-chemical company oil 3 factories Dong Jin, applied homebred LWD in the light of mud dehydrate craft one 430 model horizontal helix sedimentations centrifugal, and complementary coagulate with efficient and organic garrulous agent. Via test run proof, effect of this craft dehydrate is apparent, but moisture content the 9.8% one mud dehydrate of 98.5% comes 75% one 78% , and detached fluid does not have striking impact to sewage disposal device, disappear creates the severe problem of infection 2 times besides mud.
    The structure that sees centrifugal mechanism optimizes effectively promotion character of service, bring good economic benefits. But people is right mostly helix is carried implement, turn the component such as beat undertakes study apart, turn to helix what bosomy group undertakes whole studies is very little however.
    Centrifugal helix turns bosomy group structure is complex, suffer force to be concerned with stock, change is big, adopt traditional analytic law, construction helix turns system of bosomy group much rigid body, with Newton one Europe pulls equation or Lagrange equation is the kinetic equation of the representing that analyses mechanical method to follow tie equation, analyse finds out the parameter that affects dynamic character to answer structural natural frequency follows vibration shape. Construction spends the oscillatory equation below to pass numeric cent to reduce oscillatory research technique in order to obtain freely certainly is unfavorable. Because helix turns,bosomy group is rigid body with flexible much system interconnected system of composition, still suffer when the job \ marchs by stock the force of generation, the tie is complex also. It is difficult that construction follows the equation that seek solution, can undertake Utopian processing only, earnings result cannot the job of real report centrifugal is characteristic. And the element because of influence technology parameter is more, the complexity of centrifugal to the influence detached effect is calculated one by one have very great difficulty. So, when choosing each parameter, very bad contented and detached result is good, low noise; of this one requirement chooses parameter by experience according to qualitative analysis, what count a lab next is small try or in try a result to undertake imitate magnifies. This kind with experience, try collect, static state, qualitative the method that is a characteristic and “ design exactly like machine one experiment revises ” to continue to circulate optimize experience to be bothered already, waste cost again.
    Helix turns the rigid body that the research that rouses group of dynamic character wants to consider it already moves, the flexible system that considers it even moves. Analyse of alone credit of much style motivation follows finite yuan of analysis is masty this kind of problem. Follow the development of large-scale application software as high-powered computer, special it is Pr. / the application that E follows one N Astran of MSc.Visual, will finite yuan with much style system simulation union is used together solve helix to turn the kinetic problem of bosomy group, it is to lie the innovation method that snail centrifugal studies.  

Keyword:Centrifugal, oil, polypropylene, ethylene

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