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Hydraulic components

Machinery of hydraulic pressure of river of lukewarm city Ou drives shoe look forward to to stride transition to develop course

Published on:2014/3/27 11:05:31

Keyword:Hydraulic pressure, record model machine, PU, manipulator, electron, servo
Introduction:On one year in November, the sale of gain of Zhejiang province technology that holds in Hangzhou trades and on week of activity of market of the techn...

 On one year in November, the sale of gain of Zhejiang province technology that holds in Hangzhou trades and on week of activity of market of the technology on the net, a new-style shoemaking device that the name assists ” of face burnish machine for “ robot caused the attention of a lot of person of the same trades. Be versed in with the person exercise is compared, it not merely efficiency raised 4 times, and low cost environmental protection, completed 24 hours of successive works. Regard the “ developer of product of this new technology as ” , limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of river of Ou of lukewarm state city is on the road of ” of “ machine substitution from beginning to end “ go ahead of the rest one pace ” , drive domestic shoe look forward to adjust measures to local conditions, actively to stride the course that develops into transition.
   First shoe aircraft company that takes self-supporting export advantageous position, first obtain national level torch to plan …… of company of aircraft of project bid shoe to be in production industry of domestic shoe machine, “ of Ou river hydraulic pressure sits embrace a lot of “ of ” the first ” . In recent years, what this company develops is full automatic electron of servo hydraulic pressure is energy-saving PU of fore part machine, manipulator flying a model, high pressure is pouring machine, robot is irrigated automatically build a series of intelligence such as production line to turn shoemaking equipment in succession “ comes out ” holds the market, fill home is congener and new and high the “ vacant ” of technical product.
   “ thinks of the production of current and unit equipment from original whole orgnaization, we also process continual is adjusted with improve. Deputy total Wang Yueheng says the project of limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of ” Ou river, use tall, cost because of overall automation line facility cost big, the high investment of nearly 20 million often makes “ of look forward to of very much small small shoe flinchs ” , the ” of “ half of country that returns look forward to of occupational lukewarm city shoe plus traditional shoemaking craft. So, how did ground of ” of “ adjust measures to local conditions carry out ” of “ machine substitution to become the difficult problem that Ou river hydraulic pressure solves urgently.
   Follow through iteration market survey continue to innovate, ou river hydraulic pressure reduced what facility cost added pair of traditional production line again to include already in the development experience of new technology product quality. To get power of technology of scientific research of updated trade news, education, ou river hydraulic pressure still establishs scientific research to tackle key problem in Beijing group, in Shanghai investment establishs a new company, taste newly in Guangzhou open up reveal a center, and the manufacturing base of along with lukewarm city, formed 4 ground to tackle key problem in coordination the stereo mode that research and development tastes newly. Since going up one year, the robot helps face burnish machine, gush glue aircraft, couplet helps the production line unit such as main engine of the aircraft that note model in succession research and development follows production, the road open up of the ” of “ machine substitution of hydraulic pressure of the river that it is Ou new phase. Up to instantly, wen Zhou can see the “ form ” of Ou river hydraulic pressure in the shoe look forward to of about 50% .
   President leaf gram tells a reporter solely, center of research and development of hydraulic pressure of instantly Ou river acquires name of center of research and development of province shoemaking machine, built shoe machine to detect center, assumed national “863 to plan project ” to follow “ 15 during research of ” of vast equipment project, have 28 countries patent to follow 16 main new technologies in all. “ we follow professional group to waited to build collaboration to concern with unit of many universities, research, will hit the technical base below to let us have hope very much for years, ’ of ‘ machine substitution will be very big level land changes the technology for productivity, drive an enterprise to take new development field thereby. Confidence of ” Xie Keguang is full.

Keyword:Hydraulic pressure, record model machine, PU, manipulator, electron, servo

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