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Injection color

Frequency of report of a success of new-style colophony product passes applied domain to extend - fire retardant, colophony new product - plastic industry

Published on:2014/4/3 11:17:37

Keyword:Fire retardant, PC, colophony, oil gas
Introduction:Dispatch: When the products plan of ANTEC annual meeting is revealed with development category, high temperature resistant also be investigator people...

    Dispatch: When the products plan of ANTEC annual meeting is revealed with development category, high temperature resistant also be investigator people of consideration one of. For example, get together benzene sulfur aether () with its hear resistance humanness is hep. "But, PPThe inherent brittleness of S restricted it to follow the application in the utility of tenacity in need flexibility, for example the metal is in charge of or oil gas provides road system. " the writer that comes from a place of strategic importance to pull Ni Sixian to take project data company explains. The new-style and stretch S of the hear resistance that their paper amounts to 165 ℃ to having and microtherm impact strength undertook evaluating. The research of comprehensive sex presents those who give dataMechanicalFunction, heat function follows corrosion resistance can, and cut off / permeate function.

    In the meantime, consuming kind of product often is " hot " product, but they need to fight microtherm to pound ability to be injured in case. Was united in wedlock to get together silicon oxygen alkyl (PDMS) made use at mobile phone crust tough, be able to bear or endure the material that chemistry corrodes. But the writer that comes from SABIC company points out piece at present these copolymer among them face is beautiful spend a question, follow runner like bead light aglow.

    Their paper was reported have favorable impact function to follow for creation beautiful degree, the mixture of similar material and efforts. Look core is in copolymer " chain structure " among them, tell be extract of the PDMS in catenary structure to distributing explicitly, it can form the chunk in material, generation is beautiful spend a question. The solution is the mixture that offers PC/PDMS two kinds of copolymer.

    Should discuss flame retardant model when mixture, be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex follows impact resistance also is an interest drop. Mixture follows in alloy kind paper of company of additionally another SABIC among them, the phosphor that writer Vikram K.Daga says to palpability uses compound of Yukang concussion PC base, its concussion sex is met likely by the liquid phosphorous radical fire retardant is destroyed. Contrary, use the solid body that uses at Bao Bi phosphorous radical fire retardant was regarded as proxy, it won't be abate anti-impact properties or hear resistance.


Keyword:Fire retardant, PC, colophony, oil gas

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