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The pre-test that analyses disparate test method to be affected to fabric flame retardation

Published on:2014/4/4 13:15:28

Keyword:Fire retardant, acrylic, polyester
Introduction:KAN Dao of   of   of Effects Of Diffelrent Test Methods On The Ifreprooifng Performance Of Textiles, Yuan, CA[Zai, . . . ...

Effects Of Diffelrent Test Methods On The Ifreprooifng Performance Of Textiles

KAN Dao, Yuan, CA[Zai, Sheng, ZENG LiZ-pingf, CHENG De, Liang

Abstract: Amingatthedifferentburningteststofire Proofingperformance Oftextilesandthedifferenttest

Standardsbetweendifferentcountries, thedifference Ofverticalburningtestandthe45. Burning Testonthe Rank Of The Flam E, Retardantperform Ance Were M Ainly Introduced Ltwas Found Thatthe Evaluation Ofthe FIam E, Retardant Performance Of Fabric Werevew Different Although They Were Treated Unde Rthe Samefinish Process Due Tothe Differenttestmethods.

Keywords: Verticalburning Test; 45. Burning Test; Textiles

The development that carries as traffic and perfect with each passing day, people is tasted to the interior trim in vehicle made known his position to ask higher, special it is the interior trim content in waiting for public facilities to train of car, high speed, plane the demand is higher, in the center seat fabrics is more outstanding. People hopes these fabrics are OK and comfortable, soft, beautiful, also hope these are clingy can have increasing function at the textile of seat surface, if fight bacterium, deodorant, waterproof, flame retardant wait. In numerous function, flame retardant the most important, the casualty that causes because of textile be on fire every year is not little, be opposite especially}Nx waits in train of car, high speed, plane, - in the environment with T lesser space, once be on fire is sure,bring the person, huge loss such as belongings. So, to these textile flame retardant it is very important to arrange. But determine its flame retardation is an extremely complex experience, the reason is element of influence fabric flaming many, and each other are associated. As the change of these elements, even if is same kind of textile the behavior in fire is different also, measures fabric flame retardation often also has difference. Normally, these elements have: The form of ignition source, bring to bear on the time of igneous cause, fabric follows the position of igneous cause to wait. Check the test outcome with can different method differently. Instantly, apply law of horizontal combustion law, 45 ℃ combustion to follow perpendicular combustion standard mostly. [4] people all along builds the dependency that textile flame retardation determines to be experienced with actual fire as a result in effort, the hope is correct beforehand estimate goes all sorts of fabric the harm degree when actual fire. Other, because of all kinds material checks a method differ F if material of American FAR25.853 plane is flame retardant fire prevention checks with perpendicular combustion law, and DIN5510, 2 / DIN54837 Germany is flame retardant fire prevention is used 45. Combustion law checks 1, because this is when the flame retardation that measures fabric, must the test method that specific introduction adopts follows test condition. Horizontal combustion law is method of strict least of all a kind of test, article key shows reason perpendicular combustion law follows 45. The photograph that combustion law checks to fabric flame retardation is compared. In addition, arranging craft exactly like next adoption different the flame retardation delicacy that the standard will come to evaluate fabric has a story, and the test cost of standard of instantly Germany DIN is high, if can be in lab to find a method that suits relatively,go imitate it, can reduce needless test cost.

1 experiment

1.1 material reach an instrument

Fabric: Aba of polyester fibber cloth with soft nap (550g / M2, ) of limited company of textile of Shanghai Shen Dachuan island; Reagent: 3 get together cyanogen amine, Ji Wu 4 alcohol () of limited company of chemical reagents of group of traditional Chinese medicine, Ⅱ of ester of cricoid phosphoric acid, crystallization get together ammonium phosphate () of limited company of chemical industry of Zhejiang division peak, polypropylene of ability in swimming is acerbity ester latex, thickener.

Instrument: Instrument of YG815A fabric flame retardation, mathisBA coating machine, p, AO perpendicular type makes the same score a dip rolling mill.

The preparation of 1.2 fire retardant

The preparation of coating glue: Will crystal Ⅱ get together ammonium phosphate 30% , 3 get together cyanogen amine 10% with Ji Wu person of 4 mellow 10%~H arrives polypropylene of ability in swimming is acerbity adhesive of ester latex 45%f) in, right amount water is joined to follow thickener after mix is even 5% , adjust what systematic viscosity uses with be being made so that suit coating is flame retardant coating glue.

The preparation of fluid of dip make friends: In adding ester of cricoid phosphoric acid water, with PH of ammonia water adjustment the value is 6 the left and right sides, those who match 200g / L is flame retardant fluid.

1.3 flame retardant arrange craft

Coating arranges: With coating machine will flame retardant coating glue besmears Fu is in equably fabric the reverse side carbonadoes beforehand (100 ℃ , 2min) , bake carbonado (150oC, 3min) . Dip make friends arranges: One dip one make friends (rate of make friends beyond carbonadoes beforehand for L00%) (100 ℃ , 2.5min) bakes carbonado (160oC, 3min) .

1.4 function check

45. Burning behavior: Imitate Germany DIN5510, the combustion character that material of fire prevention of car of orbit of 2 / DIN54837(follows a component and combustion accompany a phenomenon to classify, the requirement follows standard of check proved recipe " test. ] perpendicular burning behavior: According to GB / T5455, experiment of 1997(textile burning behavior is perpendicular law " test.

2 results follow discuss

The flame retardation after make friends of 2.1 fabric dip is arranged

By the watch 1 visible, the flame retardation of pattern of the cloth after dip make friends is arranged is better than arranging cloth pattern. But quite under, after law of 45 ℃ combustion checks the damaged length of cloth pattern to compare perpendicular combustion short. Its reason is: The combustion blaze that checks with perpendicular combustion law is ignite from the bottom of fabric, and inside combustion time fabric all along is secured in former position, the incidence that calorific place produces the outer flame of blaze is big, bring about perpendicular damaged length big. And 45. When combustion law checks, of polyester fibber fabric among can be burned to defeat immediately appear thereby empty, make cannot touch in the blaze inside very long in the future test time fabric, fabric also won't burn ceaselessly and form bigger mar. Burn plus blaze direction is azimuth of 45 ℃ horn, and fabric is perpendicular suspension, cannot form in perpendicular direction very big mar reach spread, so, fabric by flaming part less, the aerosol nature that give off is fewer also. Other, because polyester fibber fabric is a kind of polyester fiber,frit drop phenomenon is, in igneous cause hot action issues relatively incidental bate, then melt contracts and form droplet. [Ester of phosphoric acid of shape of 8] this outer shroud is drop of frit of a kind of hurried fire retardant, because this can have frit drop in aflame


The flame retardation after 2.2 fabric coating is arranged

After coating is arranged different the flame retardation that checks a method sees a table 2.

By the watch 2 visible, the flame retardation of pattern of the cloth after classics coating is arranged is better than arranging cloth pattern. But perpendicular combustion follows 45. Flaming phenomenon has very big difference: When perpendicular combustion law checks, of pattern of the cloth after coating is arranged flame retardant the effect is best, expression is damaged length very short, without frit drop phenomenon, smoke spreads very little; In 45. When combustion law checks, behave however for fabric damaged length longer, damaged area is larger, smoke spreads very thick. Arranging craft exactly like, with 45. The result of flame retardation of fabric of combustion law test follows perpendicular combustion standard contrary also. The active ingredient that the reason is this coating glue expands for a kind model fire retardant, its are flame retardant mechanism advocate it is to pass solid photograph to become charcoal, form a kind of thicker bubble charcoal layer 101, prevent the combustion of polyester fibber effectively. When 45. When combustion, flame retardant polyester fibber forms incomplete charcoal very easily, layer of charcoal of this kind of incomplete formed the bracket of a kind of reticulate structure, because combustion produces frit,prevented polyester fibber fiber drop is drippy, cause frit to drip to give quantity of heat to burn in order to offer ceaselessly to whole bracket again. Inside combustion time, because get,igneous cause is met the action of bracket of meshy charcoal layer and continue upgrade change, bring about damaged area very big, mar long very long. But showed first-rate flame retardation however when checking with perpendicular combustion law, the reason is to expand model the action of fire retardant, fabric is burning, incomplete charcoal can be formed when, be helpful for heat insolation reaching prevent flammability gas to spill over, prevented blaze to diffuse up, consequently flame retardant the effect is first-rate.

3 conclusion

1. Arranging craft exactly like, when with 45 ℃ combustion law checks, be like blaze cannot seasonable burn among fabric wear, the igneous situation of cloth cover can increase and Xiang Zhouman is delayed, those who obtain is flame retardant the effect is poorer; When checking with perpendicular combustion law, if fabric can be formed when combustion,expand model incomplete charcoal, be helpful for preventing blaze to diffuse up, those who obtain is flame retardant the effect is better.2. F21 determines to wanting to pass law of 45 ℃ combustion when fabric flame retardation, the proposal chooses hurried frit drop fire retardant, be helpful for fabric be being burned to wear inside shorter time so; And determine to wanting to come through perpendicular combustion law when fabric flame retardation, the proposal chooses charcoal fire retardant, be helpful for fabric forming the asbestine charcoal layer of network shape inside shorter time so, prevent combustion to undertake thereby

Keyword:Fire retardant, acrylic, polyester

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