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Plastic electrical control

Europe piles up gush code machine to apply at wire cable industry

Published on:2014/5/6 14:35:26

Keyword:Cable, electrical wiring, electron, PVC, polypropylene
Introduction:Gush code machine is online the application of cable industry is wider and wider, but wire cable industry is right,gush code machine is having numerou...

Gush code machine is online the application of cable industry is wider and wider, but wire cable industry is right,gush code machine is having numerous special demand, according to Europe code gush piles up the experience that aircraft manufacturer comes to for years, the adherent force that machine of code of wire cable gush marks to the product is powerful it is a very big question, often mark the result that come out, brush can erase, because this not little user also is to emphasize gush piling up the adherent force of the effect to be close friends, on this one problem, many users are hurt with manufacturer of gush code aircraft showed head, the user hopes to achieve good label result, and manufacturer of gush code aircraft is wanting how to achieve this one result, trade knowledge? Be no good! . Europe piles up company engineers to solve this one difficult problem, achieve adherent force of the client to ask, grind especially the plasma before sending a kind of gush to pile up handles equipment. Alleged plasma points to the gas of part or complete ionization, and free electron is taken with ionic place, of negative electric charge always follow to offset completely, macroscopical on present neuter report. Plasma calls report the oar again, it is the losing electronic composition ionization gas that the atom after be being stripped by partial electron and atom are produced by ionization hind form substance, it is extensive in consist in universe, outside often be being regarded as to be eliminate solid, fluid, gas, material puts the 4th state that be in.

As technical maturity, europe code company uses plasma technology with the product at wire cable industry, plasma equipment has good appearance to engrave corrode, surface to clean ability, the appearance that can promote the cable outside PE effectively can, the osculatory layer of the cable outside after gush is piled up, following through testing printing ink does not fall off, this new technology does not have speed of infection, processing fast, result is favorable, do not need to produce a line to undertake transforming to having, equipment has the effect good, quality capability of reliable, interference rejection is strong, safeguard price of seasonable, sex to compare advanced characteristic. the couple that gush code machine follows plasma equipment, resolved the worry of manufacturer of cable of a lot of wires, the technical content that also makes Europe piles up a company raised progress, those who make wire cable trade not two anthology!

Gush code machine should be used extensively at many industries, already belonged to common, but to wire cable this industry, piling up machine actually to gush is to have difficulty of a few requirements, in industry of well-known wire cable, because product difference is too big, the size line means of wire cable product is too much, thick thick, fine fine, add capable person of material of wire cable construction qualitative sort is much, if PVC, PE, XLPE, polypropylene PP, fluorine is plastic F. So unlike feeds moral cause, what machine of code of gush of a food can settle a trade is different demand. And wire cable industry, often the demand that a kind of type is the diversification that cannot satisfy it, line means size, color, production line speed is the factor that wants a consideration. Use the gush at wire cable to pile up machine price commonly many more expensive than wanting commonly.

General code machine uses the gush of small character accord with of company of our Europe code to apply namely, but the color because of wire cable is too much, black and white red yellow wait, many clients also are not gotten can the gush code opportunity that a kind of color provides a color, such cost are too much, besides black, the requirement undertakes on cable of wire of other facial expression gush is piled up, we recommend machine of code of gush of white Chinese ink commonly, such one machine is multi-purpose. And gush of blacker Chinese ink piles up price of machine of code of gush of white Chinese ink machine is expensive. Because Bai Mo allows easy precipitation, gush piled up aircraft equipment to add agitate system, avoid to create block.

And below the state with the line very small path that faces some wire cable, we recommend machine of code of small character gush, just as its name implies, the character word that gush of machine of code of small character gush imprints is tall 0.8 - the gush code machine of 10 millimeter, machine of code of this kind of gush satisfied the state with wire cable very small diameter.

Machine of code of wire cable gush, machine of code of gush of white Chinese ink, machine of code of gush of small character accord with, machine of code of small character gush, manufacturer of aircraft of code of Europe code gush is not had surprise not to have! The incoming telegram seeks advice from gush to pile up machine price, have big surprise more! Http://

Keyword:Cable, electrical wiring, electron, PVC, polypropylene

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