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Plastic electrical control

: of backbone science and technology? Dainty is unused Mei? " appears on the market circle of old man of group of metals of the De Yongkang since dream "

Published on:2014/5/6 14:35:27

Keyword:Dynamoelectric tool, electric equipment, daily expense, machinist job, electron
Introduction:Jinhuayongkang is famous hardware, on October 13, 2010, acute strange share does poineering work at Shenzhen board appear on the market, wu Mingfang, ...

Jinhuayongkang is famous hardware, on October 13, 2010, acute strange share does poineering work at Shenzhen board appear on the market, wu Mingfang, Wu Sutiao, Wu Su connects the Wu sibling of hardware industry, hall of Wu Minggen, Wu Ming begins to be public place witting. The near future, late on April 22, inc. of science and technology of backbone of manufacturer of golden China hardware (next abbreviation backbone science and technology) exposure raise capital by floating shares introduces a book, let Wu sibling take the eye of soldiers again.

Show according to book of raise capital by floating shares of backbone science and technology, issue fund of market drafting collect this to even more 210 million yuan, will use entirely at gardens bid of dynamoelectric tool project invests. Production limited company of tool of backbone of predecessor of backbone science and technology was 1997 Wu Minggen follows Wu Ming hall actual pilot always limited company of old electric equipment of health city rich is collective and contributive establish. Hall of Wu Minggen, Wu Ming is full brother, brother helps each other is hardware industry normal behavior or conditions, domestic metals company also is managed with familial type more give priority to.

Sibling in a few people, the Wu Mingfang that National People's Congress holding the post of a province represents has Electromechanical of golden huge rock industrial limited company, wu Sutiao controls Zhejiang profound and industrial limited company, wu Su controls two harbor of Shanghai to decorate a wall repeatedly limited company, palm of Wu Ming hall controls Rui Ji share, wu Minggen holds the post of this second make known his position to issue a stock to appear on the market first the president of backbone science and technology of application, and hold the post of our country civilian to build meeting always first general branch of health city advocate appoint one duty.

Backbone science and technology this second if appear on the market successfully, the 2nd after Wu Minggen will make office of Wu Ming of Wu sibling relay appears on the market person of company control door.

Always layout of Home Kang Qi is dynamoelectric

Wu sibling Ji Yongkang city east the city is street person of village of Jing Shan summer. This village is located in always inside area of garden of industry of health city hardware, existing dweller 1800 more than person. Besides Wu familial, the Ying Jianren that secretary of a Party or League branch of village of village of summer of chaste tree hill holds the post of when accuses a group for numerous peaceful now (group of former iron ox-tractor) president, golden horse share is had below group division (electron of peak of 000980) , copper (600237) appears on the market twice company. The commercial inside information of village of summer of chaste tree hill sees one spot.

5 people are born in sibling on century 559 time, the oldest eldest brother Wu Mingfang was born 1953, and office of the smallest Wu Ming of 3 younger brother was born 1966, be apart 13 years, wu Sutiao (female) , Wu Su is connected (female) , Wu Minggen is born during this height.

1989, wu Ming hall of 23 years old begins to be in always factory of Kang Wei electric machinery is engaged in selling the work, move tool works to be engaged in selling the work 4 years in Changjiang Delta report again after that.

On December 5, 1995, already passed not of be puzzled year Wu Mingfang follows small oneself little brother Wu Minggen of 10 years old is collective and contributive establish Zhejiang report of Jin Huajin huge rock begins construction have limited company, advocate battalion electric machinery, dynamoelectric tool is made, sell and sortie mechanical and electrical products (do not contain car) , metallic stuff, chemical industry (taste except chemical risk) , hardware, make the report, field such as housing materials.

From this, wu sibling began poineering journey.

Second year on June 13, wu Ming office leaves Changjiang Delta report to use tool plant, with wife Ying Ailin each are contributive 1 million yuan establish limited company of Yong Kangbo old electric equipment.

On December 8, 1997, limited company of old electric equipment of Yong Kangbo of pilot of Wu Ming hall follows objective capital fund with corresponding land with Wu Minggen contributive, initiate jointly establish backbone tool to create limited company.

Two days are lain between when, wu Sutiao establishs the elder sister of Wu Ming hall always health profound tool creates limited company.

Mere after a many month, on January 22, 1998, limited company of Zhejiang rich old electric equipment holds water, remove two people of couple of Wu Ming hall each are contributive 11.76 million yuan outside, wu Minggen is contributive 2.78 million yuan, electric industry has the golden huge rock that Wu Mingfang palm accuses limited company is contributive 5.5 million yuan. This is 3 people start the first time between brother jointly create a company.

Going up century 90 time are 3 years short in the time that be less than, a few people are in sibling in succession Jin Huacheng establishs hardware report to move a tool to create 5 companies.

Enter Shanghai sibling to break up

March after 21 centuries, wu is familial begin to change the look to Shanghai.

On April 29, 2000, by Zhejiang rich group of old electric equipment follows wife of Wu Ming hall Ying Ailin is contributive 3 million yuan establish Shanghai fighting spirit strange labour has limited company, appear on the market namely the predecessor of strange share of company fighting spirit. Before long, wu Ming hall establishs Shanghai powerful wave again international trade limited company, hold the position of executive trustee, general manager, the company provides the sale of imports and exports of fittings and accessory to give priority to with electric industry.

On October 17, 2002, wu Su establishs Zhejiang to wave repeatedly the horse blows model limited company, register capital to ever amounted to 30 million yuan, already cancelled now.

Second year, the industrial investment dimensions of Wu sibling had again bigger extend. On May 29, su Lian, Wu Minggen and Hu Jingrong of golden China personage are collective and contributive establish two harbor of Shanghai to decorate material wall limited company, register fund now 100 million yuan, younger brother of Su Lian, Wu Minggen sister parts hold 40% , the equity of 30% .

Do not give half an year, sibling in a few people, wu Sutiao precedes with the company is being registered to be in outside the condition below the banner churchyard is noted endowment establish foreign capital company. Border of Thailand of constant of Hong Kong of pilot of a person of extraordinary powers of Wei of two height cotyledon, Xie Rongjie invests limited company with identity of corporative of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, establish Zhejiang profound and industrial limited company, this company registers instantly capital is 10 million dollar.

Subsequently, wu Mingfang holds an United States of 55% to register company Richpower Industrial Inc with its child limited company of investment of pilot Jin Huaxing trade initiates Wu Ning jointly, register establish Electromechanical of Zhejiang gold huge rock industrial limited company (China and foreign countries is joint-stock) , register capital to already amounted to 20.4 million dollar now.

On July 20, 2006, shanghai circle in the air exhibit mechanical industry limited company, by Wu Minggen actual pilot Hong Kong circle in the air exhibit investment to develop limited company to initiate hold water, register capital to also exceed 10 million dollar at present. The message says, these foreign capital enterprises divide those who enjoy the angle such as taxation, land a series of favourable policy, according to provides desirable still corresponding subsidy.

From 3 years of time that had 2003, wu is familial begin to straighten familial equity structure gradually. On July 14, 2003, wu Minggen follows golden huge rock dynamoelectric accumulative total the cost price of Zhejiang gain big stock of 26% makes over Wu Ming hall 8.28 million yuan, couple of hall of the Wu Ming that finish is big to Zhejiang rich 100% accuse. After a year in August, limited company of Yong Kangbo old electric equipment (disband after two years cancel) production limited company of hold backbone tool 73.2% equity cost price makes over Zhao Aiyu of Wu Minggen wife 2.783 million yuan, from this tool of backbone of hold of Wuming root couple makes 100% equity of limited company.

Although sortie hardware industry, sibling of a few people advocate battalion product distinguishs somewhat, wu Mingfang is ground with electric fretsaw, reciprocating saw, horn etc give priority to, machinery of carpentry of industrial erroneous tendency, metalworking is produced, wu Minggen with chain saw of series of gardens appliance Topsun inside famed course of study, wu Ming hall advocate battalion major class is dynamoelectric tool, and Wu Su turns to household to decorate the market repeatedly, advocate articles for use of hardware of battalion daily expense, household.

Keyword:Dynamoelectric tool, electric equipment, daily expense, machinist job, electron

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