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Hydraulic components

Lube of world famous brand produces selfish person small mill unexpectedly

Published on:2014/5/12 17:05:36

Keyword:Motor, hydraulic pressure oil, record model machine
Introduction:"Housing card " , " beautiful inspire confidence in sb " , " is fine fact much " ? The brand lube of these reverberate like thunder actually out a per...

"Housing card " , " beautiful inspire confidence in sb " , " is fine fact much " ? The brand lube of these reverberate like thunder actually out a personal workshop. Recently, feng Xian police is investigated through careful check with clew, with one action demolished make carry out the feature of illegal crime shelter of sham brand lube. Via checking, this crime gang sells lubricating oil in all more than tons 3000, sale amount is as high as more than yuan 2600, gain profit illegally more than yuan 300. The message says, this case is the proposal value that this city uncovers up to now is the greatest make carry out sham brand lube case.

Mr Zhang is this city the controller of company of a plastic production. Because produce the demand of craft, the machine noting model in his factory needs to apply fight grind hydraulic pressure oil. The current year, mr Zhang bought nearly 20 pails of lubricating oil from distributors place. But before long hind, mr Zhang begins to suspect oil tasted quality to give an issue. When till Feng Xian police finds Mr Zhang, he just knows he was met really " plum ghost " . And produce this kind " plum ghost " of lube is to be located in Feng Xian Ou Zhelin presses down Jin Haicun Weng Jia " limited company of slippery technology of Shanghai Fu Jiurun " .

At the beginning of March 2014, feng Xian police obtains an information according to clew: Rich long the phenomenon that company presence produces lubricating oil of sham and of all kinds brand. Classics careful is investigated, on March 20 morning, case group organizes an advantage alarm force spreads out concentration to capture, the 7 crime suspect that arrested the experience case such as Wu Mou successfully inside the company. On March 21, 31 days, police seizes Qin Mou successfully to wait for 5 agency that are suspected of selling lubricating oil of sham registered trade mark, instantly case is in farther investigation cognizance.

Police makes known his position, the false oil that produces at some should compare true brand lube one pail cheap 300 yuan reach 400 yuan, this also makes the agency that many hearts that seek money cut is known perfectly well is fake as before " scramble for sth " . Because gain is sizable, september 2013, wu Mou " kick " copartner, begin to work alone. The market demand of instantly brand lube is big, pinchbeck lube is accordingly flush inside course of study. "Although apply initial stage, these false oil are applied won't have remarkable different, but apply motor to the machine meeting for a long time to cause very great harm. But apply motor to the machine meeting for a long time to cause very great harm..

Keyword:Motor, hydraulic pressure oil, record model machine

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