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Fire retardant of organic phosphor department replaces the fire retardant that contain bromine gradually - flame retardant material, organic phosphor fastens fire retardant - plastic industry

Published on:2014/5/13 11:28:00

Keyword:Fire retardant, electron, balata
Introduction:Dispatch: From the ground divisional cloth looks, other area of the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia (include our country, India, Korea) for the ...

    Dispatch: From the ground divisional cloth looks, the United States, Europe, JapanAnd Asian other area (include our country, India, Korea) it is the 4 spending market with the mainest whole world. The United States serves as the birthplace of fire retardant with European area, industry development is earlier, industry of Asian area fire retardant starts later.

    Although the history of fire retardant is the earliest can restrospect to 1820, but 60 time begin 20 centuries, fire retardant just gradually by mass-produced with apply. Through the development of half century, fire retardant has made the 2nd old product that be next to, market consumption is very big. According to forecasting, demand of global fire retardant will with year all restrain the speed growth of 5% . Consumption of global fire retardant was 1.97 million tons about 2012. Predict 2018, consumption of global fire retardant can amount to 2.6 million tons.

    The developed country is right flame retardant the legislative perfect with each passing day environmental protection of material asks to promote gradually

    Leaf of 20 centuries second half begins, Plastic, synthetic rubber and synthetic fibre material of 3 big synthesis be answered extensively to use what live with people at the countryman each angle, but these synthesize material,be combustible material, the happening that causes fire thereby is increasingly frequent, from 20 centuries accordingly 60 time rise, a few developed countries begin to pass the legislation with the voluntary action of a few manufacturer and special country, improve the flame retardation of these material gradually, make its are in when be atttacked by outside fire cause, can be deferred or stop the transmission of blaze, reduce the risk sex of fire happening thereby. Instantly, the developed country such as the United States, European Union follows an area, be in flame retardant the legislation of angle is perfect with each passing day already, compulsive and flame retardant domain enclothed building, spin, , , each industries such as furniture.

    In last few years, social all circles also promotes increasingly in the requirement of angle of safe, environmental protection to fire retardant, made the same score the development toward low poison, efficient way to arise to water of fire retardant research and development very big urge action. Representative environmental protection act basically includes " RoHS " with " Stockholm convention " , the main content of these act is restricted namely with ban follow the matter with harmful human body with a few pairs of environments, the environmental protection of emission short of after a few organic bittern fasten fire retardant to perhaps react as a result of composition asks and be prohibited or restrict.

    Bromic department fire retardant still occupational and significant position but sex of its environmental protection is oppugned increasingly

    Fire retardant of organic bittern department still is one of fire retardant products with the mainest instantly, share nearly 100 breed, advocate if bromine fastens fire retardant,follow chloric department fire retardant. Bromic department fire retardant has 70 in the center many breed, product of 3 dosage of carry of instantly whole world is bigger kinds of organic fire retardant A of 2 benzene ethane, 4 bromic double phenol reachs 10 bromine 12 alkyl all belong to 6 bromic annulus bromic department fire retardant. Because bromine fastens fire retardant to have flame retardant efficiency tall, dosage is little, right material function affects domain of small, application the advantage such as moderate of extensive, price, using a field not less, bromic department fire retardant still occupational and significant position.

    But, bromic department fire retardant reachs the problem of safe angle to be shown increasingly in environmental protection. 1986, the experiment proof that Switzerland passes in succession with German scientist is much bromiccer 2 benzene aether (PBDPO) and with its flame retardant material is in the meeting when hot splitting decomposition follows combustion creates toxic carcinogenic substance much bromine is acting 2 benzene and 2 evil flower (PBDD) follows many bromine, and, the high polymer with bromic department flame retardant fire retardant can make many soot and caustic gas when hot tearing and combustion, have harm sex with biology to the environment. Stem from what environmental protection reachs safe angle to think, more people, special the manufacturing business that is electronic industry fastens fire retardant to support cautious attitude to bromine with the user. Accompanying " RoHS " , " Stockholm convention " those who wait for an instruction come on stage with carry out, the course that fire retardant changes without bromine will go faster more.

    Instantly, the company such as apple, SamSung, HP, Dai Er all acceptance general gradually bromine of out of service fastens fire retardant.

    Organic phosphor fastens fire retardant to replace the fire retardant that contain bromine gradually

    With respect to breed, function and sales volume character, organic bittern fastens fire retardant to still have decisive place. But in light of the respect from long-term development, fire retardant is reached to low poison, low smoke " without halogenate " directional development must not prevent. Although inorganic department fire retardant does not have the problem of environmental protection angle, but because its are flame retardant efficiency is low, add a capacity big, reduce material itself easilyMechanicalThe relation of function, often use at not expensive to demand of mechanical intensity performance stuff, and often need to add bromine to fasten fire retardant to cooperate with in order to promote flame retardant efficiency, its apply a domain to fasten fire retardant to fasten fire retardant to have relatively notable difference with organic phosphor with organic bittern.

    And applying organic phosphor to fasten fire retardant to replace organic bittern is fire retardant nonexistent similar problem, besides the approximate sex that using domain angle, be in flame retardant the difference with efficiency both angle is not big also, and organic phosphor fastens fire retardant to compare organic bittern is fire retardant more the advantage that has environmental protection point of view, so will organic phosphor fastens fire retardant to serve as one of first choices that replace organic bittern to fasten fire retardant inside the industry. In last few years, in industry of global fire retardant, organic phosphor fastens the consumption of fire retardant to catching up with bittern to fasten fire retardant gradually.


Keyword:Fire retardant, electron, balata

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