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Plastic electrical control

Explosion proof is electric

Published on:2014/6/3 14:35:27

Keyword:Switch, electric equipment, cable, electromotor, colophony, fibre glass, electrical wiring, ABS
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1 explosion proof controls box kind

Basically include to use use the headstock at control power system at controlling the illume distribution box of lighting system to follow. This kind of product is major the structure is combined-type, most controallable 12 loop, its case is made with material of cast aluminium alloy for the most part, also have what solder for armor plate partly, still have it is insulating material crust very less partly. Its are in-house and main by breaker, contactor, hot relay. The component such as transfer switch, signal lamp, pushbutton is formed, the manufactory is returned the root digs an user to need and can choose to deploy. Explosion proof grade is highest can amount to Ⅱ CT6 class. Point out incidentally, switch of knife of explosion proof recloser, explosion proof and fuse are in circumstance of a few control often also uses as the circuit cent of control motive force or illume distribution system closes with, just become a sheet just. So these products also put under comes in this kind of product.

Starter of 2 explosion proof kind

This kind of product includes a hand to move starter, electromagnetism starter, reversible electromagnetism starter, from Δ of ― of Ou decompression starter, Y commutation step-down starter follows the product such as feed switch. Explosion proof starter kind the product controls device as terminal, it is a starter controls an electromotor commonly, attribute a volume bedding face is wide kind of product. Its crust housing is made by cast aluminium alloy or armor plate normally. Its are in-house and general by contactor (air type or vacuum type) , electromotor protection system, signal lamp, pushbutton follows from the component composition such as Ou transformation OS, and have local control, remote control commonly follow automata function. How is master switch also made of breaker in some products, make a product more perfect.

3 explosion proof control switch kind

Demand of market of this kind of product is relative for very big also, accordingly manufacturer home also is compared much, basically include lighting switch, transfer switch (switchgroup) , the product of small-sized explosion proof such as journey switch, pullswitch. The explosion proof grade of these products can amount to Ⅱ CT6 level, housing of crust of its explosion proof is normally what adopt die-casting of cast aluminium alloy and become is compound model structure, also a few manufactory accepts other lumber simple case. The characteristic of this kind of product is bulk small, in-house component content of onefold, technology inferior, structure it is simple, easy to make.

4 explosion proof advocate your electric equipment kind

Advocate your electric equipment is to use as close or disconnect control circuit, in order to give out the switch electric equipment of command or programme controll. Electric equipment of this kind of explosion proof basically includes to control pushbutton to follow operation column. Crust of pushbutton of explosion proof control is used commonly get together carbonic acid fat, fibre glass increases not full close get together fat colophony or ABS are plastic note model to make, also have a few be figuration of die-casting of the aluminium that use casting. General composition is installed to add model crust, install inside lie between explode model component, and can fulfil anticorrosive function, explosion proof grade can amount to Ⅱ C class. Operation column is main by advocate box, wiring box is comprised with pillar. Its advocate box makes an organic whole with wiring box some, some makes ingredient system, each have a characteristic. Its material basically is to use material of cast aluminium alloy to make character. Interior follows the component composition such as signal lamp by all sorts of appearance, transfer switch, pushbutton. Can the basis is different need undertakes assorted.

Box of wiring of 5 explosion proof kind electric equipment needs classics electrical wiring in apply or cable rises with join of power supply network, form a system to realize its carry to use a function. But its join lead or cable do not grow can indefinitely, and there is not little place in join experience need series connection, paralell connection to undertake lead cent is received. This make use of condition creates the strain outside contact part surely, cause an accident easily. Box of explosion proof wiring kind the product that the product produces to solve this kind of problem namely, in an attempt to assures safe production further. This kind of product includes the product such as the box of wiring box, wiring, box that wear a line, ceiling box, box that distribute a line, its crust basically is made by cast aluminium alloy. According to needing to set many entering the string follows a line to introduce device, carry of wiring inside box child, use with what will undertake join or be dividinged receiving. This kind of product makes consummate lie between for the most part explode model or add how model, bulk has have greatly small, difference is bigger, explosion proof grade can amount to Ⅱ C class.

Keyword:Switch, electric equipment, cable, electromotor, colophony, fibre glass, electrical wiring, ABS

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