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Development of estate of our country plastic auxiliary encounters predicament

Published on:2014/7/4 11:28:19

Keyword:Plasticizer, electron, fire retardant, oil price, modifier, plastic toy
Introduction:As environmental protection problem highlight increasingly, industry of domestic plastic auxiliary also encountered the difficult problem of real prog...

As environmental protection problem highlight increasingly, industry of domestic plastic auxiliary also encountered the difficult problem of real progress. The rapid development of economic integration of together with whole world, international trade attrition happens often, special it is European parliament executes the instruction WEEE about equipment of useless old electric electron to dictate the instruction RoHS that follows to prohibit using certain and harmful material about be in electric electron equipment dictates with council, send the travel before industry of cloggy and plastic auxiliary more.

RoHS instruction makes clear a regulation, since July 1, 2006, the appliance of large, small-sized family expenses that every puts an European Union on the market, IT follows long-range news report equipment of equipment, seeing and hearing, lighting equipment, electric reach 8 kinds of mechanical and electrical products such as recreational exercise equipment, automat to cannot contain lead with electrical engineering tool, toy, beg, PBB of benzene of much chromium of boiler, 6 price, bromiccer couplet follows benzene of much bromiccer couplet 6 kinds of harmful material such as ether PBDE.

In July 2005 in May, european Union board decides to follow children child care to taste in of all kinds toy again in ban than handling adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 - 2- second base personal ester DEHP, your mouth benzene DBP of 2 fourth ester follows 2 formic acid adjacent benzene BBP of ester of fourth benzyl of 2 formic acid; At the same time adjacent benzene 2 formic acid benzene of DINP of ester of 2 different Ren, adjacent DIDP of ester of 2 different the last of the ten Heavenly Stems follows 2 formic acid adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 laborious ester DNOP also is prohibited following children child care to taste in the toy in apply. On the children toy market of European Union each country, the product that comes from our country is occupied about 70% , consequently these laws follow a decision to follow plastic auxiliary to plastic toy of China special it is plasticizer, hot stabilizing agent pound with fire retardant industry very big, the plasticizer as a result of China 80% it is adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid kind, the hot stabilizing agent of 70% contains the heavy metal salt such as lead kind, the fire retardant of 70% is contained haloid. In the United States the go canvassing of the company issues Aikesen, after American academy of sciences goes out with committee of American consumer product and be being mediated, the European Union was sure its follow an environment to all do not have risk sex to human health recently, be in Europe to apply is safe.

Of RoHS carry out active to protecting an environment to have meaning, but of this one instruction detect do not have clear, uniform standard however, this is an unsure element. These instructions oneself the plastic auxiliary industry that gives China brings very big impact, do not fall high plus oil price house and cause perch of raw material price to move, product profit space is contractible, even deficit, the situation is serious.

European Union parliament made known his position again with European Union board on December 18, 2006 arrow is registered at chemical, evaluate, the license follows limitative institution " code, namely REACH code, had go into effect on June 1, 2007. It includes the chemical material that contains in the body of chemical material wood, material in distributing product and article, and the compound that definition of chemical material Substance is what exist naturally or the chemical element of prefabricate follows it, the metal also belongs to chemical material; Matching goods Peparation is to point to the solution of two kinds of all chemical matter that follow two kinds of above or mixture and alloy; Article Article is to point to by the object that plant or makes up composition. Be involved consequently and great, it will bring greater resistance to Chinese export trade, want so active and right, still need to request a government to go out when necessary and. REACH code is one includes actually technical camp, environment camp follows social camp inside new-style trade barrier.

To answer relevant law of abroad, code, comply with the people requirement to environmental protection consciousness, chinese government sector also drafted a series of relevant laws, code, for example: China already was promulgated " electronic information product affects control government measure " , already prohibited applying plumbic salt to follow a few heavy metal salt in many goods kind stabilizing agent.

Have the promotion in view of standard of industry environmental protection, industry of domestic plastic auxiliary should enlarge strength to emphasize breed of development environmental protection auxiliary. Strengthen modifier of plasticizer, hot stabilizing agent, concussion to follow strength of research and development with the technical reformation of processing aid especially, admit need with according with an industry better. In addition, relevant government sector also should guide plastic auxiliary industry to be changed to dimensions, intensive changes direction to adjust, widen the applied domain of the industry follows product breed, stimulative industry flies newly.

Keyword:Plasticizer, electron, fire retardant, oil price, modifier, plastic toy

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