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Plastic Machinery

Conflict of interest of plastic and rigid market highlights international increasingly

Published on:2014/7/21 10:50:29

Keyword:Plastic and mechanical, AS, plastic industry, petrifaction, colophony, record model machine, oil
Introduction:A few days ago, federation of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment (VDMA) the press conference is held in Tokyo, the prospect that exp...

A few days ago, federation of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment (VDMA) the press conference is held in Tokyo, the prospect that explained the pressing expectation to Japanese market and German machinery are made. VDMA chairman ReinholdFestge (call Festge chairman below) make known his position when the trade current situation that shows two countries, “ creates a field in mechanical equipment, japan appears to heart commerce considerably favourable balance. Japan exported the forehead to be 400 billion yen about to heart machinery 2013, and Germany is ” of about 285 billion yen only to sunrise opening specified number.

    The investigation of VDMA shows, enterprise of “ foreign country makes the proportion that market place holds exceed 50 % in German machinery, and the proportion that foreign enterprise holds in Japanese market place never had more than 13 % a few years recently. The technology of Germany and Europe kind the company is right such state unlike ” . Although a few years Japan followed an European Union recently (EU) undertook agreement of bilateral free trade negotiates, but Festge chairman declares where one stands: “ will hope Japanese client can recognize the advantage of German product henceforth, more or less to correct the condition of this kind of disequilibrium. Hope day just is opening market point of view to make more vigorous effort. ”

    Festge chairman declares where one stands, the reason that VDMA hopes to correct condition of disequilibrium of day heart two countries in mechanical production domain is, “ Japan needs to give full cooperation with rigid production business of Germany, the ” of competitor —— our country with antagonism collective two countries. He says: “ our country is at present all over the world very conspicuous also machinery makes big country. And, the technology innovates policy angle, our country is made clear in the Five-Year Plan that still creates a field in the machine that shows level made known his position the guiding principle henceforth, that is by increase crop to turn to qualitative growth. ”VDMA thinks, this means our country to achieve this one goal, what the domain reduces pair of foreign country technologies will be make count level in machinery inside metaphase.

    Our country still plans competition ability of farther on export market aggrandizement. Feisitege chairman declares where one stands, “ beforehand the first goal of manufacturer of appraise our country is India is reached east alliance (ASEAN) wait for neighbour market, next strategies are increase the market to the United States, Russia, Turkey, its are final the market ” that the purpose should be European developed country this.

    “ faces our country this a series of challenges, japan must be treated seriously with mechanical production industry of Germany, find out appropriate countermeasure ” . Specific for, “ Japan makes an enterprise answer to to ensure long-term development follows economically success this and have effective make a thorough inquiry with German machinery, if both sides can begin what collaboration in the 3rd market,list. Be in especially the product domain that supplement each other, two countries should defy this hand in hand the challenge of our country, believe this is a kind of effective strategic choice ” .

    Governmental help also is the main factor that makes industry progress, face the guild interpose to the market, imprint plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) all along is helped in look for government, thereby its member can invest new technology, and also be helped new plastic garden is established in the whole nation. AIPMA president AnandOza said recently: “ plastic industry is one of the largest to contribution of Indian gross domestic product trades, year increase rate is 12-15% , have 50 thousand manufacturer, 4 million exceed from personnel of course of study in India. ”

    He says its responsibility is explain to the government the industry asks, push kinetic energy to close to the policy that grows into the industry changes, a purpose is to advance industry to follow a government in technical innovation in the center reclaim plastic infrastructure point of view undertakes cooperative.

    The AIPMA that is located in Bombay already attracted the investment of 3.9 billion dollar, and more and more plastic garden divisions are built in the whole nation. These garden areas are in DahejPanipat (Haryana) , NorthRajasthan, Gujilate state and card pull state Sanand, Kanadake the industrial district such as the Narasapura that help nation undertakes building.

    AIPMA makes known his position, predict 2020, indian average per capita is plastic wastage will grow 20 kilogram from current 8 kilogram. Plastic industry also realises India the importance of waste management, all along makes a country reclaim in the appeal policy. But, because of on one year economy falls fast, plastic industry appeals promotion imports custom duty, the low end that follows our country in the light of southeast Asia especially supplier. Actually, the PlastivisionIndia2013 that will hold at Bombay December is exhibited during the meeting, AIPMA appeals the government is right strongly from east alliance (ASEAN) the plastic product that member country imports with our country imposes the custom duty of 20% .

    Indian colophony industry makes a government successfully already will import custom duty to arrive from 5% promotion 7.5% , alone AIPMA makes known his position to be not agreed with to this, say this action can promote India to note the cost of model product manufacturer.

    Chairman AIPMA ArvindMehta makes known his position, with east because the entrance is duty-free,the free trade agreement of alliance is met and make Indian company is in adverse position. His complement says, association in principle does not oppose an import, but the environment that appeals creation competes fairly. But, the government is logy to the requirement reaction of AIPMA, and very careful, chemical tastes a ministry to say with petrifaction east alliance trade agreement follows to be being imported India is “ on exit of balanced ” , increased trading business volume.

    Although governmental official has this kind of view that defends for trade agreement, but MahendraPatel of chairman of plastic and mechanical Manufacturers Association believes firmly India, the government can persist in the custom duty that the opportunity noting model that created to our country 2009 imposes, there are a few custom duties to be as high as 223% in the center.

    Company of a few India is benefited from inside tall custom duty, for example, indian Petroleum Company reports in its year door of technical secondary school is mentioned, raw material custom duty promotes 7.5% conduce to increase its profit.

Keyword:Plastic and mechanical, AS, plastic industry, petrifaction, colophony, record model machine, oil

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