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Argentine plastic industry grows again defect confusing bureau

Published on:2014/7/21 11:17:36

Keyword:Mother bead
Introduction:As we have learned, the current year is turn of Argentine plastic industry formerly year, however as a result of the change of national situation agai...

As we have learned, the current year is turn of Argentine plastic industry formerly year, however as a result of the change of national situation again get into trouble. The raw material of Argentine plastic industry counts an import, this will bring about be the first to be affected of plastic in this crisis industry, be pounded.

Consumption of average per capita grows firm, number of feed inlet of new production machine increases considerably. It is when ground of people of course 2014 be about to make transition of Argentine plastic industry when year (previously, plastic industry is in this country for years continuously sluggish goes up, decline condition) , the battle of the slippery Tielu of a plastic industry is on Argentine plastic mart sadly start shooting.

Because foreign exchange reserve is insufficient, inflation of together with country is austere (at present Argentina compares all alone relatively devalued January 30% ) , argentine front is being faced from the crisis of the most severe external debt break a contact since 2001. In view of at present every besides economic situation, this country market personage makes known his position to be hard to expect to the trend of Argentine in the future plastic industry.

In foreign trade activity, argentine economy trend always can give us the ‘ surprise ’ that a few expect are less than. Previously, anabiosis because of plastic industry evidence is clear, we were bought to overseas market designedly amount to the raw material of 70% . However, the accident that compares all alone at present devalues make us deep-set predicament. Large lubricious Mu Lisheng produces this country say of GracielaC.Garcia of company Chairman JulioGarciaeHijosSA.

Local trafficker says, although Argentina is plastic,consumption of industry average per capita is growing steadily, and this came according to already was being added 2013 44 kilogram / person, but the 100 kilogram that this one word follows Europe and North America country / person as before difference is very big.

Suffer economic crisis effect, at present Argentine home all trades and professions is facing serious challenge. Market personage analysis points out, because raw material counts an import overly, plastic industry is in this country this slippery Tie Luzhi is be the first to be affected surely in battle.

Data shows, argentine 2013 plastic total consumption is 1.8 million metric ton, relatively glide one year before 0.4 percent. However, as plastic industry anabiosis gradually, argentina is plastic 2013 always yield to rise relatively however 0.5% .

Keyword:Mother bead

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