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Expire hidden trouble of safety of inferior car component is big

Published on:2014/7/31 14:49:43

Keyword:Balata, rubber products
Introduction:The people in daily life is met very the expiration period that notices provision, because food is mildewy and degenerative,this is while excretive mo...

The people in daily life is met very the expiration period that notices provision, because food is mildewy and degenerative,this is while excretive mould toxin has very big harm to the person's body. Edible hind appears easily the symptom such as diarrhoea, vomiting, if often edible expires food can be caused to the body great damage. Actually, not be alone food have the expiration period, the component that you love a car also has the expiration period, what kind of deadly harm can if car installed overdue component,you bring again so? This how does resolution car component expire?

1, brake piece

Through the experiment, installed sham turn off a machine piece the car wants stop a car of purer than was being installed card piece distance of apply the brake is long 30% , hear resistance is poor.

Harm: If used sham stop a machine by cutting off the power piece apply the brake is caused very likely to be out of order in travel, uncontrollable speed, create life risk, bring extremely austere consequence.

2, air filter

True and false filters function tower above 10 times the left and right sides! Apply life to differ 2 accompany the left and right sides.

Harm: Apply unqualified air filter for a long time to be able to make a large number of dust march engine, make engine austere damage.

3, sparkplug

The central electrode of quality goods sparkplug is cupreous simple stuff, can fulfil function of optimal heat conduction. Far difference of sham function of sparkplug heat conduction at quality goods 2 times above!

Harm: Apply sham low qualitative sparkplug for a long time to bring about electrode very likely to melt bring about engine to be damaged, in the summer, austere when cause short circuit, bring about car spontaneous combustion, consequence is unimaginable.

4, antifreeze

The alcohol that sham antifreeze adopts because of place kind material volatilizes rate is very rapid, inorganic salt is extremely easy separate out, and they all are had to the metal stronger caustic, the harm to car engine is very so great.

Harm: Cause car refrigeration system by rustily, the water impeller of water pump falls off, cooling system cannot have cooling effect, severe damage engine.

5, headlight

Inferior headlight often appears brightness inadequacy, focal length is not centered, cannon-shot is too close, car illume light is insufficient, car advocate distance of the line of sight in driving suffers an effect, generation is illusive, very incidental chase after the accident such as end.

Harm: Look be like not affect the whole inferior fittings, if function of luminous intensity distribution is unqualified, optical performance is poor, the security that the car sails in special condition be issued to lower levels will get very big impact. Inadequacy of mirage of the generation inside inferior headlight lamp, brightness, focal length is not centered, cannon-shot is too close, severe impact drive a vehicle is safe, cause tremendous accident extremely easily.

6, pull rod of directional machine left and right sides and right-and-left axle shaft are dustproof set

Products of rubber of this kind of oil resistant, authentic and dustproof cover oil resistant and softer, flexibility is strong, and sham and dustproof cover balata not oil resistant, harder, flexibility is poor, easy ageing burst, once burst, silt, seeper marchs turn to a section to follow axle shaft ball basket.

Harm: Bring about turn to a section to follow axle shaft ball basket wears away, fall off in exercise experience even create to lose control of one's vehicle, cause traffic accident.

7, bumper

Authentic around bumper is to choose a project plastic note model to shape, liner has delay rinse can effect, and " be modelled on " around bumper uses reclaiming useless old second birth mostly common and plastic, encounter outside force to be met disintegrate.

Harm: Bumper is not safe, encounter accident state to cannot protect bodywork safe, cause an accident austere sex aggravate.

8, before windshield

Inferior and cheap before the below or so radian on windshield is inhomogenous, face up to road surface to wear old smooth glasses like the youth, the line of sight is ambiguous, glasses is easy and fatigue.

Harm: Eyestrain gives hidden trouble of active car safety easily, special it is to be in consequence of the nightly drive a vehicle that risk rain is unimaginable.

Above car component is the component that compares core, car advocate people need to promote vigilance when install, in order to make sure drive a vehicle is safe.

Keyword:Balata, rubber products

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