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Injection molding machine

Generation of numerical control intelligence makes change China

Published on:2014/8/8 10:32:00

Keyword:Machine tool, shale is angry, machinist job, the sources of energy, record model machine
Introduction:Recently, the innovation of ” of generation of “ numerical control that holds in Wuhan applies strategic seminar to go up, help out did a ...

Recently, the innovation of ” of generation of “ numerical control that holds in Wuhan applies strategic seminar to go up, help out did a problem to be " upgrade in order to digitlize drive of innovation of masterstroke of network intelligence melt into, transition " report.
Manufacturing industry is innovation drive stand for war
He points out, manufacturing industry is the main body of hypostatic economy, it is the pillar of national economy, it is the corporeal foundation with people in good health happiness, also will be henceforth drive of innovation of Chinese economy “ , transition upgrades of ” advocate battlefield. Finish by make the big country change to production powerful nation, had become economy of new period China to develop the huge task that face.
The production powerful nation here, have two kinds of meanings, firstly strong it is an adjective, our country has a table abstruse big country becomes production powerful nation, secondly, strong it is a verb, manufacturing industry also criterion the country is strong, the development that carries manufacturing industry makes our country flourishs more prosperous and strong. ”
Although look premise and “ our country make ” , people or meeting think of technology, big without the key and not cheap, strong. But help out believes, this one state can be after 20 years, produce big change.
Follow academician of Zhu Gaofeng of former standing assistant dean to hold the position of project group leader to spread out “ to make powerful nation strategy study ” seeks advice from a project to already was begun at going up one year by help out of dean of courtyard of our country project, the project makes clear our country to become the level sex purpose of production powerful nation to follow each index, the guidelines that makes powerful nation range at making known his position to marched 2025 at the beginning of the current year follows first move.
The message says, “ our country makes the specific aim of 2025” have the following point of view: Manufacturing industry increases a value to reside the world the first; Standard of quality of main industry product is achieved or be close to international advanced level; The international that forms a batch to own intellectual property is famous brand; Industry of a batch of advantages is banner breakthrough, finish big strong; Partial strategy industry masters crucial technology, be close to international advanced level. In short, enter production power industry to 2025 namely.
Help out thinks, chinese manufacturing industry is had powerful inside need the market, and demand is the greatest development power. In addition Chinese manufacturing industry owns the most whole system on the world, have powerful industrial base; And at the same time Chinese all along holds to informatization to follow industrialized shirt-sleeve development, in manufacturing industry digitlization angle mastered crucial technology, have powerful technical base.
More important is, china built angle to had formed distinct manpower resource advantage in team of manufacturing industry talent, already scored brilliant success in own innovation angle, god, into the ground, go into business, Gao Tie, transmit electricity, generate electricity, the domain such as national defence achieved a breakthrough, showed great innovation strength.
But what must not deny is, compare with the United States, china is apart from in the innovation differential seat angle of fictitious economy great. Be like such IT of company of Microsoft, Intel, Gu Ge, apple again differential seat angle of primitive sex innovation is gotten very far. The crucial technology point of view that will change 20 years in manufacturing industry digitlization, intelligence henceforth, our country manufacturing industry must finish strategical key breakthrough, key completely to span, this is massive strategy choice, alone is like this, ability is finished with the west most the developed country is collateral surmount even.
Actually, chinese manufacturing industry also faces unprecedented challenge, from exterior look, developed country of one angle west relies on innovation of science and technology, commanding elevation of competition of international of race to control, economy grows crucial competition ability, seek counterpoises those who will develop actively. For example the compositive innovation that malic company adopts all sorts of product mode innovation, latest technology, led the development of information product successfully way. Enrage the breakthrough that develops a technology like American shale again, caused revolution of a shaly gas, to the energy situation of the world and even politics, economy progress produced very profound effect.
Another angle, india, Vietnam, Indonesian wait for home of development our country to carry on with lower labor cost labor is concentrated model industrial move, of manufacturing industry of race to control in low end. Front of Chinese manufacturing industry is faced come double challenge of ” of “ around converging attack.
With this at the same time, from the point of interior, chinese economy progress already had longer the high speed growth of period marchs toxic growth phase, the dominant power that expands to economy - innovation of manufacturing industry drive, transition upgrades made known his position to ask pressingly.
Digitlization intelligence changes crucial technology
Help out says, manufacturing industry digitlization, intelligence changes the key that is new Industrial Revolution. The connotation that advanced production technology innovates included product innovation, production technology innovation, industrial pattern innovation 3 angle. Digitlization, intelligence changes a technology is the general character that product innovation innovates with production technology makes can technology, the manufacturing mode that reforms manufacturing industry deeply follows industrial pattern, it is the crucial technology of new Industrial Revolution.
Can be to mechanical product character, numerical control technology is to finish what mechanical product innovates to overturn sexual general character makes can technology, the key is digitlization. The application of numerical control technology makes the connotation of mechanical product produced essential sex to change, make product function great and rich, function produces simple change, from go up at all promotion product level follows market competition ability, and make mechanical product is changed to intelligence undertake developing.
“ and speak of numerical control, be about naturally to allude numerical control machine tool, but this is not all apparently, can say numerical control machine tool is the example ” of product of machinery of innovation of technology of applied numerical control only, help out emphasizes, numerical control technology is a kind of general character makes can technology, can answer use upgrade at undertaking innovating to all sorts of mechanical products. If the row notes the numerical control of model machine to change change with intelligence, the figuration that note model is the most effective plastic shape method.
He makes known his position, numerical control generation follows intelligent generation is the result that informatization follows industrialized deepness confluence, the numerical control that can see mechanical product changes the rule that changes innovation to have bright feature, essence with intelligence, can use generally innovate at all sorts of mechanical products, can cause mechanical product upgrade replacement, the profundity that causes machinist trade changes. This also is to make known this position at present the reason that ” of generation of “ numerical control follows concept of ” of “ intelligence generation follows a basis.
But still have workmanship innovation besides the innovation of digital technology, digitlization technology not merely will ecbolic new treatment principle, in the meantime, great promotion the precision of all sorts of workmanship follows efficiency, raise the craft level of whole manufacturing industry substantially. If the row is in use digital technology directional to engine lamina caky experience is microcosmic when the organization undertakes emulation optimizing, can adopt numerical control to undertake be controllinged accurately to caky experience, follow n in order to promote single crystal the quality of blade.
Of course still production experiences digitlization to innovate. Digitlization intelligence changes a technology one angle makes CAD, CAM, CAPP, digitlization makes equipment wait get rapid development, the function that improves manufacturing system substantially, function follows automation rate. Another angle these technologies are compositive can form flexible workshop of production unit, digitlization and even digitlization factory, those who make produce a system is flexible automation continues to promote, wanting to have perception, decision-making, carry out can the intelligence of functional feature changes systematic development. The intelligence that instantly represents for the model with intelligent robot makes equipment had begun to get applied in certain domain.
And the compositive application that accepts digitlization intelligence to change a technology can form CIMS, compositive intelligence to make a system digitlize an enterprise to make an industry whole to the product full data undertakes lifecycle centralized management, all to the enterprise resource undertakes integrated and compositive managing, construction from supply decision-making to enterprise interior each branches arrive again the information between the user is compositive, the market that promotes a business effectively thereby reacts speed develops rate with the product.
Rise integratedly, digitlization intelligence changes a technology to be able to undertake innovating upgrading to industrial mode. It is a foundation in order to digitlize a technology, below the puissant support that waits for a technology in computation of net of couplet of Internet, content, cloud, big data, the industrial pattern of manufacturing industry will produce the change of essential sex.
So, no matter the respect considers from which, “ manufacturing industry digitlizes intelligence to change ” is new round the crucial technology of Industrial Revolution.

Keyword:Machine tool, shale is angry, machinist job, the sources of energy, record model machine

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