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The traditional industry transition below ball-pen record upgrades

Published on:2014/8/8 10:47:50

Keyword:Plastic treatment, plastic and mechanical, electric equipment, plastic products, package machine, colophony, machine tool
Introduction:Ball bearing of leakage oil, nib falls off when we face these worries, maybe is not clear, one looks be like bland signature pen (neuter pen) , con...

Ball bearing of leakage oil, nib falls off... when we face these worries, maybe is not clear, one looks be like bland signature pen (neuter pen) , containing multinomial technology, it is not easy to had done it.

China is annual and of all kinds the output of the pen is close 40 billion, 80% what take the world, but 25% what sale takes the whole world only. There is beautiful, European Union, day to wait before occupational already high-end product market, there is India, Brazil, Malaysia to wait after new rise country in race to control low end the market, squash with all possible means make China makes pen estate development step forward dimension difficult. The accurate equipment such as production treatment of raw material of foundation of first class of ink, pen and ability to write is austere count an import. Very long period of time, domestic pen kind the production of the product basically centers in product fittings note model, product to assemble the low end that waits for industrial catenary.

This kind of state is in " 925 " national science and technology supports a plan " material of core of the industry that make a pen and preparation technology research and development follow industrialization " after carrying out, begin to change somewhat.

So, besides the industry that make a pen, the current situation that Chinese traditional industry grows how, those who face an international market turn white-hot loot, traditional should this how to follow contemporary conform?

Make pen trade: The typical case of traditional industry transition

After the project was carried out 2011, learn to grind through producing used joint efforts, include neuter ink of ink, ability in swimming, medium the technology of core general character that printing ink water and ability to write follow nicety of ability to write to machine equipment inside with stainless steel material had very great progress, homebred ink has begun wire of industrialization, stainless steel to begin nicety of application, homebred ability to write to machine a machine tool to try moving in order.

Current, the pen on international kind the product is shown with price of inky raw material drop significantly development tendercy, if the price of stainless steel ability to write of 670 falls by 0.13 yuan,go to 0.07 yuan. Press year of entrance ability to write 10 billion bead plan, entire industry but managing purchase cost 600 million yuan; Ink was like cost of raw material of fluorescent writing water to also drop 25% , promoted the competition ability of the industry that make a pen effectively. Ability to write produces the research and development of used stainless steel wire, make the company that counts Japan southeast Asia, India to import material originally, also begin to pay close attention to the state of research and development of material of Chinese ability to write and its equipment technology, be in significantly to long-dated order of international drop.

Yu Xuejun of deputy secretary-general of union of our country light industry points out, project of have the aid of carries out platform, guide industry construction to be for main body market with the enterprise stage by stage oriented, produce learn to grind to innovate with the technology that combines system, support technology progresses, continue to promote the product that make a pen quality and variety, the research and development that enlarges new product follows promotion strength, urge an industry to take the route that support science and technology innovates with the brand, continue to promote the whole of the industry that make a pen the standard.

Yu Xuejun makes known his position, plan project bid project approving through national science and technology, let increasing the research latent capacity that is engaged in chemical industry, material, machinery waiting to realise this industry with the researcher that professional point of view studies related the industry that make a pen joins follow-up to come, enhance an enterprise to follow the communication communication of the college.

Traditional industry current situation: Happy care coexists

Yu Xuejun says, "925 " since, the technology of general character of a batch of core in light industry already achieved a breakthrough, but still existing structure of most industry product is incommensurate consumption upgrades demand, the product is coessential change relatively austere, in low end the product is superfluous, high-end product in short supply, the technology of core general character that restricts industry development is broken through urgently, equipment of research of applied foundation technology, technology is homebred change lack effective organization, material of partial industry core basically depends on an entrance to wait for a problem.

The circumstance of glasses industry suffers with what make pen trade very similar. Chinese instantly makes an appointment with 800 million person to adorn all sorts of glasses, production value is about 70 billion, take the world 70% . In the center the business is shared inside lens industry more than 5000, exceed 300 thousand from personnel of course of study directly, but with year sale is given priority to for 100 million yuan of the following medium and small businesses, high-end product market basically is had by foreign company. From the point of market of domestic glasses sale, indigenous industry is in home market advocate if in cheap product. Yu Xuejun explains, chinese glasses industry lacks crucial technology to prop up, heretofore, high-end colophony raw material, add the fundamental raw material such as hard fluid and lens to make the accurate equipment such as treatment still austere count an import.

In addition, the core technology of the industry such as machinery of package machine of the papermaking that make a starch, dairy produce, beverage, food, plastic treatment equips to basically be introduced from abroad. Equipment of the large papermaking that make a starch basically depends on China entrance; Technology of outfit of milkings asepsis fill follows equipment all along by European state monopoly, group of trade of almost all and large milk all orders home foreign automation degree the asepsis with big crop of tall, class produces security of tall, asepsis equipment; High-grade equipment still needs plastic treatment machinery to wait for an entrance from Germany, United States, china exports plastic machinery to follow the price index that imports plastic machine to differ 5 times above.

Science and technology improves traditional industry

Chinese light industry covers the garment, feed, live, the domain such as travel, style, recreational recreation. Accumulative total of business of industry of above of dimensions of entire 2013 industry is finished advocate business Wu income 20.3 trillion yuan, 19.7% what take entire industry, obtain employment is occupied 25% , export five hundred and fifty-eight billion three hundred and thirty-eight million dollar, 25.3% what occupy China to be exported entirely. A variety of 100 product output occupy the industry such as products of electric home appliances

Yu Xuejun points out, to light industrial and traditional manufacturing industry, wait for a problem in the light of tie of the resource that development is faced with generally, cost, environment, want to improve traditional industry with new and high technical reformation. Exert oneself breakthrough restricts technology of the crucial technology that the industry upgrades, general character core, strengthen technical reformation, advance confluence of deepness of industrialized, informatization, advance seed profit to make a standard, enlarge IT to be in light industry the application of each domains.

"Should this is broken through in put forth effort of technology of crucial technology, general character core, with period the industry that finish upgrades. In the meantime, should this education that strengthens brands of pair of domestic dominant position, the innovation that supports brand industry mainly develops, supportive " walks along " , enhance international competition ability in the round. " Yu Xuejun says.

Look in Yu Xuejun, the development means that light industry turns the development kind that has competitive from main support speed, dimensions, price to follow brand force to undertake competitive to basically rely on ability of quality, technology, service, innovation.

Use what new and high technology enlarges pair of traditional light industry to transform, promote labor productivity energetically. If the row waits for labor in brew, shoemaking, hardware concentrated model the industry advances mechanization, automation, numerical control to change, intelligence changes equipment to be in different the application of the industry, wait in equipment of treatment of papermaking equipment, food, plastic treatment raise a key to equip to change a standard independently, the application that takes a robot seriously in the industry height such as home appliance, papermaking.

Government, association, enterprise sends force jointly

Extremely urgent of traditional industry transition, the bottleneck that restricts traditional industry development is broken through urgently. Yu Xuejun proposes talk, include to make pen trade inside traditional industry transition upgrades need government, association, enterprise sends force jointly. The government sector such as ministry of science and technology should adopt the kind that the technology of general character core that the effect traditional industry develops includes national science and technology the plan to undertake supportive ceaselessly, collective ginseng follows the strength of science and technology that draws industry inside and outside, spread out produce learn to grind to tackle key problem with combination.

Regard federation of our country light industry as deputy secretary-general, yu Xuejun thinks to answer the bridge bond action that guild of this enough play contacts a government to follow an industry. Hold science and technology of world light industry to develop development tendency, effective organization gives priority to body with the enterprise, produce learn to grind used pattern spreads out tackle key problem, accelerate progress of light industry technology. Join what concern industrial policy code with the place with the country actively to make, reflective enterprise appeals to beg, drive the supportive technology that already came on stage to progress what each policy already promulgated with relevant ministries and commissions is of all kinds " 925 " the project that progresses about ability of light engineering course in the program falls to real point.

Will tell from the respect of the enterprise, want to enter the development that follows core key technology actively, adopt mature, advanced, applicable new technology, new technology, new clothes actively to have opposite produces craft to carry out technical reformation, breed technical qualified personnel, promote crucial competition ability.

Keyword:Plastic treatment, plastic and mechanical, electric equipment, plastic products, package machine, colophony, machine tool

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