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Plastic Machinery

Completely dynamoelectric the can develop concept and innovation of science and technology continuously research of the machine that note model (5)

Published on:2014/8/8 10:52:32

Keyword:Plastic and mechanical, mould, colophony, servo, electron, the sources of energy, instrument appearance, PU, note model craft, PBT
Introduction:4 completely dynamoelectric it is completely dynamoelectric that the hope of innovation of science and technology that notes plastic and mechanical ab...

4 completely dynamoelectric notePlasticThe innovation of science and technology of mechanical and abstemious skill hopes to reach point of research and development

Abstemious skill innovation is completely dynamoelectric the main content that notes innovation of plastic and mechanical science and technology.

Head (abstemious skill) body (actuator) living apart is within the country completely dynamoelectric the extensive phenomenon that notes plastic machinery to make, intellective (abstemious skill degree) low it is completely dynamoelectric note the main position with low rate of plastic and mechanical overall technical ability.

Abstemious skill is completely dynamoelectric the focal skill that fixes plastic machinery. Japanese manufacturer changes many spirit, financial capacity to develop the abstemious system that promotion trends answers hourly, make completely dynamoelectric note degree of plastic and mechanical skill to promote hourly, abstemious skill is their focal skill, held our country market. Research and development of equipment of within the country person those who record overweight machine part develop, ignore the research and development of abstemious skill, the abstemious system of high rate form a complete set do not go up, accordingly integral skill degree often falls behind Japan, cannot become weather.

Completely dynamoelectric the growing deflection of the abstemious skill that fixes plastic machinery: Automation walks along situation intelligence to change; Stand-alone changes power network; Make good luck go situation make play change; Straightforward change situation is artistic change; Equipment is abstemious change situationShapeCraft is changed; Compositive change situation is compositive modular; Generalization goes force is special change achievement; Specific power consumption changes force capabilities to operate environmental protection integratedly to change; Equipment changes situation man-machine attune to follow change.

4.1Completely dynamoelectric fix plastic machinery alarm the hope of innovation of science and technology that can change and point of research and development

Completely dynamoelectric fix plastic machinery alarm can change play the treatment question that at high end plastic project conduction triangle spends: Nobody turn treatment, efficient and energy-saving clean treatment, wisdom get used to craft conformity to machine.

Completely dynamoelectric fix plastic machinery alarm can be being changed is advanced production skill, information technical ability, Microelectronics skill, electronic skill, network skill, detect of skill compositive with deepness confluence, have perception, clarify, the ” of “ person head of fruit of inference, decision, abstemious consummate intelligence, finish what be guiding principle in order to pour amount of case of model finished product wisdom get used to processing.

Intelligence changes abstemious system to include abstemious implement, Sensor, Change send implement, output of actuator, inputInterface. Abstemious implement interface of output of output fall last stage, actuator, add be accused on the system; The controlled variable of abstemious system, sensor of fall last stage, change send implement, send through inputting interface abstemious implement.

The completely dynamoelectric intelligence that note model changed a system to include not little subsystem, each subsystem are compositive rise become an all-around intelligence to change whole. The intelligence of the branch that finish is changed, literary talent finishs all-around intelligence to change. Completely dynamoelectricNoteModel equipment intelligence changes processing include in catenary the equipment of periphery of intelligent mould, intelligence, intelligent assistant equipment equipment that concerns with processing. According to tool of the processing that note model its are immanent difference, according to “ reality demand ” follows ” of “ conceal demand to develop reach application. Note difference of tool of model equipment processing, the type that intelligence transforms and content of science and technology also difference, we are cut be no good tell intelligence to change, the equipment that note model is changed for the intelligence of same pattern. Achievement is changed, special change give or take an injection equipment, the intelligence that nature turns influences technical ability more appear important.

This section basically allows first with studied the following intelligence influences technical ability: Specific power consumption gets ready skill; Back pressure is abstemious skill; The force that lock up a model monitors skill; The force that lock up a model makes good omissions automatically skill; Shape finished productVisionDetect skill; Forecast abstemious intelligence skill; Circumfluence supervises skill to follow accurate and metric abstemious skill.

4.1.1 Intelligence changes specific power consumption to get ready skill

Energy capital is occupational produce equipment is whole use capital90%Above. Most the equipment specific power consumption that the specific power consumption of aspiration notes model namely matchs at plastic the heat energy that becomes finished product place to receive by raw material melt. The energy of company of phenanthrene Ni Kesi gets ready module (EMM) have the be contaminated that gets energy data to follow supervisory energy data, give data collect to follow through spot bus line or aether net transmit, Inline I/OBetween module adjacent finished what from energy consume orders abstemious layer system one kind to not have seam iformation flow, finish can effect intelligence is changed get ready, consume of low electric energy.

Intelligence is changed completely dynamoelectric note plastic machinery to make kinetic energy admit applied skill. This skill is in completely dynamoelectric note obtain on plastic machinery develop with application. NetstalELIONSeries is completely dynamoelectric fix plastic machinery, ServoThe energy that process of electric machinery apply the brake produces marchs directly transfer circuit, store in existence capacitance circuit, this means the energy of apply the brake that produce to need not be changed into quantity of heat, giving or take an injection especially during metempsychosis, our countryNote model forum, can become a of total specific power consumption main branch, allegorical, when model changes a process to arise to be opened in the mould, the energy of apply the brake that produce but from transfer the collect in circuit rotates the energy that screw place requires. So, this energy is not to take from network of power source supply, and happen specific power consumption falls into disuse accordingly. In shape plastic vase produces profession, march directly from process of apply the brake of servo electric machinery transfer the energy of circuit occupies place to require metempsychosis energy15%, shape total specific power consumption is0.25kWh/ kilogram. The plan that requires energy to fused and plastic place professions: The total energy that this requires than each metempsychosis place only slightly a bit less. Same, the energy nearly that inflexible place needs drive comes from the process of apply the brake of each axis entirely, did not pass quantity of heat of translate into of resistor of apply the brake. Note plastic and mechanical contrast with hydraulic pressure, ELIONSeries noted plasticity specific power consumption to fall into disuse70%, the cost of the completely dynamoelectric property that note model that compares usual practice is low10%Above.

4.1.2 Intelligence changes model to turn back pressure abstemious skill

Active model changes the open loop system that back pressure is pay set. The model that intelligence turns back pressure skill changes back pressure to detect according to pressure sensor nose store the instruction that the melt of material speech expects pressure information serves as abstemious back pressure, direct feedback holds have a contest with the pressure of set, change automatically with footprint, The operation stores the pressure that the pass mark that note model tastes is undee, shootingProtect pressure weaveform is tasted to hold by pass mark in controlling a process trail moderate gain, Promotion model changes quality precision. The back pressure of Japanese Dong Ying is mixed automatically footprint skill, inSi-100(C75) application professions, model turns metric precision promotion50%Above.

Environmental protection changes pressure sensor. The pressure sensor that contain mercury can be affected case and endanger to healthy knowledge. GermanyGneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbhThe company is usedNTXSkill developed new generation not to have mercuric pressure sensor, accuracy arrives0.1%, zero shift under the pressure sensor that contain mercury.

4.1.3 Intelligence gives or take an injection pressure is tracked abstemious

Of reworked material use, the density of the material inside canister of the machine after making model is changed is not well-balanced, always the position gives or take an injection abstemiously with speed, even if of can accurate abstemious screw give or take an injection positional precision, but also cannot finish changeless shape. Follow the implication between density according to pressure, intelligent pressure weaveform is tracked abstemious it is the pressure curve that shoots a pressure to change to track set in time, what finish product grammage precision thereby is changeless shape.

AIPressure weaveform and along with abstemious. Through noting model to clarify software is reached shape actually the pressure weaveform that taking fine tastes serves as guiding principle, exterior and machine, mobbish in waiting for factor to turn to put abstemious system link for signal, through pressure weaveform the editor follows to suit to come and follow the pressure weaveform of set oneself, arrive not to become model.

4.1.4 Intelligence turns the power that lock up a model abstemious skill

   Ancon lever adds up to modular orgnaization shape the force that lock up a model, because be reached by the spare parts of the orgnaization,assemble precision, run the mobbish factor such as the heat energy that produce, shape what the force that lock up a model follows the force locking up a model of set is both between produce bigger mistake, affect the quality of finished product, at the same time low can effect. Intelligence turns the power that lock up a model abstemious eliminate mobbish factor to finish namely shape curve of weaveform of the force that lock up a model and lock up curve of modular force weaveform along with set. changes the force that lock up a model to monitor skill

DemagThe “ of the companyActiveQ” intelligence changes the force that lock up a model to monitor a system, reclaim sensor of an electron type monitors the force that lock up a model, inside each metempsychosis cycle, abstemious implement change those who add up to parameter of the force in modular process to be in with memory abstemious implement inside the curve holds have a contest, if invent what the real data of current force parameter exceeds set,change category, react information in time in the center ofNC5Abstemious implement, add up to a model to run keep within limits.

The intelligence of force of processing lock model is changed monitor, be helpful for the precision of covering mould not simply, and the fixity that can promote finished product processing precision and low specific power consumption. is changedThe force that lock up a model makes good omissions automatically skill

Type of individual plant of family property of day fine colophony is met“NEXSeriesCompletely dynamoelectric fix plastic machinery, installed what develop independently but automatic and correctiveThe force that lock up a model makes good omissions automaticallyAchievement, still deployed in voluntary movement, can change of the force that lock up a modelLock up modular force set directlyAchievement.

4.1.5 Intelligence is changed shape finished productVisionDetect skill

Shen Micheng tastes detecting is Shen Mi of plan of complete set of the project that note model form a department, to note model craft mediation gives information. Intelligence changes visual technical ability to detect shape finished product is in more and more significant position in processing chain link.

Visual system but first collect measure result, hold in the light of the product that needs to detect thereafter be likened to clarify, affirmation is passing, detect the process can note model in child already hold when firm implementation, also can detect alone, make clarify, to shape craft mediation gives accurate, reliable data support. GermanyISRAAppearance vision companySmashModular testing system, intelligence explores can effective low scanning blemish of appearance of plastic and chip child, hold clarify automatically, in order to affirm the reason of blemish happening, conduce to the person that produce guarding against thereby the happening of blemish, give product quality to follow produce. Smart Scope Flash 500System of automatic measure measure, have many contain can spark the sensor of probe, deployed automatic and correctiveAccu Centric 12Times dynamoelectric scorch is apart from a head, use Yu Ying resembles measure, can hold tactile measure to becoming the component feature that resemble harder, still have use fight at measure blame of type appearance surfaceTTL, DRSLaser and sensor of white light of rainbow probe scanning, still give what can get a few milligram to explore pressure data to nod is exclusive without the feather bougie of 2 small bougie sensor. Navigator XTSeries is not had fight quality measures calm appearance, have two to not have fight type is infra-red sensor, do not feel key-press, 36Kind achievement combination, suit at metage of computation, per cent, weight check, show save with accumulate/Seek following application. Power fierceSCZRA W8VS2Machine hand takes out product from inside the mould, send its compositive in equipment abstemious system is photographed mediumly quality is held to detect before resembling a head, scattered give pass mark to taste follow result and take leave of is deposited. SwitzerlandKistlerSystem of measure of pressure of antrum of instrument Inc. model is monitored in time and clarify pressure of antrum of the model in the process that note model, byKistler CoMo InjectionThe system is based on shape the curve of pressure of the measure that monitor of whether favorite set comes to the curve of pressure of actual model antrum of child appraisal shapes child is pass mark or defective goods, intercurrent signal holds pass mark to taste to machine hand those who follow defective goods is scattered.

4.1.6 Forecast abstemious intelligence skill[9]

Forecast abstemious (Model Algorithm Control-MAC) it is in successive years will grow a kind of when rise new-style plan machine is abstemious and algorithmic. Because it reclaims,much pace test, roll is optimized with feedback corrective wait for abstemious stratagem, have very strong fight mobbish competence to follow rash club sex, it is pair of traditionsPIDAbstemious revolution, also be the revolution that high accuracy of plastic finished product turns the project that finish, arrive at contented mining to follow play completely dynamoelectric note model agile strength is moderate abstemious system, act learns system, temperature to follow function with kinetic achievement. Forecast abstemious the craft curve of the processing according to set (speed, pressure, temperature, displacement shape craft parameter) , forecast condition change discipline and ego mediation, the intelligence that finish is abstemious, precision of its stable state follows dynamic quality and style obviously excel is traditionalPIDAbstemious; Can eliminate effectively with because the identity of the machine follows,reduce exterior disturb counter the hapless impact with abstemious act, promote processing substantially again and again precision; Shape curvilinear reappearance, basis is in the processing that estimates loss trivially, promoted energy of system of servo motivation drive operation rate, promote finished product goods rate and quality consistency.

Forecast abstemious theory to basically study with essentials content includes: The matrix that is based on condition space matrix forecasts abstemious algorithm; Matrix forecasts abstemious and algorithmic dynamic branch to often be worth feedback to transform essentials; Matrix forecasts what abstemious stable state optimizes a branch to transform essentials; Matrix is forecasted abstemious rash club parameter rectifies calm essentials;

The transforming that matrix forecasts system of abstemious big confine is algorithmic reach algorithm leaving a line; Matrix is forecasted abstemious embedded(DCS) essentials; Matrix forecasts abstemious system function to supervise with evaluation essentials; Matrix of the type that overflow develop forecasts abstemious algorithm to follow collateral algorithm.

4.1.7 Circumfluence supervises skill to follow accurate and metric abstemious skill

FANUCThe company is advancedBackflow MonitorCircumfluence supervises skill to followPrecise Metering ControlAccurate and metric abstemious system (PMC2WithPMC3) , Not only achievable energy-saving the end that follows promotion product quality, still can improve rightMouldcovering. Send that family company to roll outBackflow MonitorRefluent supervisory skill is developed to use give or take an injection at supervising the material that presents probably in the process is refluent problem, it is the world on most develop use Yu Ai first board operate on indication screen, of the refluent environment of the material when giving or take an injection in order to show. More conduce to carry span produce efficiency, and the weight defect that carries strict and abstemious product will ensure the result that gets increasing high quality, thereby percent defective abstemious in lowermost rate. It is very important to fix plastic and mechanical thing is to firing an unit, namely plastic resin leads to a liquid, give or take an injection it to mould antrum again inside in. This process needs Shen Mi palm to accuse, give or take an injection inside in screw follows makings canister appearance collective, in this process, screw front can happen wear away, and plastic resin material can flow backwards when be shot, namely refluent, screw front wear extent is bigger, the amount that liquid in the future sheds is larger, such fixity can fall into disuse, precision can be weakened, the child that note model shapes to be able to suffer an effect. And our skill can monitor refluent circumstance to follow screw wear out condition on screen. This strengthened child to shape character and morals is abstemious, remind the person that use in season wants to change at the same time screw front, it is can accuse precision from what product promoted on another kind of respect. All checked probably so in metric hold decompression to operate to makings hind, also checked from this of atmosphere inspiratory. Other, the have the aid of before giving or take an injection atPMC 3Will ensure the sealing of refluent annulus, guard against material appears refluent, get giving or take an injection changelessly measuring thereby. PMCOf the system use conduce to reduce a component to follow a component between on weightillness. Shen Mi is metric skill, this is to follow the skill with joint appearance of refluent supervisory system. Shen Mi is metric the amount that discharges to every time namely, we can abstemious, eliminate illness, correspondingPPMaterial: Always equip the defect that shoots so100%, that uses Shen Mi metric skill but low to32%, low extent amounts to illness50%Above, make goods shapes even more changeless, weigh every word. The experiment considers to profession, usePMC 2When, contain weight mistake did not cover a part by low arrived original52%, usePMC 3Hind, such component by farther low arrived alone19%. WithPBTComparative, usePPThe result that material brings makes a person happy even more: UsePMC 2When, by former52%Fall for32%, usePMC 3Hind, such component by farther low arrived alone13%.

4.2Completely dynamoelectric the network that fixes plastic machinery (NCS) the hope of innovation of science and technology of skill and point of research and development

Network is several byte make growing deflection of the system. Network is abstemious it is the product that abstemious skill, plan machine skill follows communication skill photograph to unite. Mixing what plan machine skill follows network communication skill is incessant grow, abstemious system also produced family property giant skill li change, network is abstemious be plan machine network introduced in abstemious system, make thereby the sensor of vast, carry out implement, abstemious implement wait for main achievement component can maybe abuts through network photograph, relevant signal is held through communication network with data transmit with crossing-over, checked the dot is opposite the laid of bit of special railway line, and can finish resource to share, long-distance operate with abstemious, the maneuverability that added a system follows reliable sex.

Noting model equipment intelligence to change characteristic of interchange of high speed data is:

1) Data bulk is greater, the laden competence that copes with data made known his position higher demand;

2) The requirement of transmission speed, because activity is abstemious, muchCPUData interchange needs faster transmission data;

3) Answer in treaty pace act, note model net, for can maybe finishs the position of high accuracy to wait for implication with speed, pressure bind calm, indispensible high-speed bus line gives timely data news report for its;

4) Because follow,get ready the need of the data interchange of the layer, indispensible have can maybe supports more open communication system.

This section basically allows first with studied mastery of a skill or technique of the following network: Spot bus line is abstemious system; Network specific power consumption is moderate system; The network plays get ready system; Intelligence of group control of equipment couplet net is changed get ready system.

4.2.1 Spot bus line is abstemious system

Of numerical control skill grow reach what use scale in fixing plastic machinery to increase, a large number ofImitate quantity crossing-over, of general rule part company in abstemious system, Often present each other mobbish, move not changeless, need uses many protective screen method in the spot, with finishing the fixity that move, but change because of what use case, short of of protective screen method is very reliable. The intelligence that abstemious system has family property spot communication characteristic turns spot bus line instrument appearance, PLCAbstemious implement, the spot equipment such as actuator abuts with communication equipment network system, through the network the spot that finish equips between byImitate quantity crossing-over to turn into reliabledata interchange. Whole processCome true by machine of a plan, abstemious implement with abstemious implement, abstemious implement catch up with a machine (the member that operate stands or the engineer stands) between established plan machine abstemious network, make the member that operate is in go up a machine is medium can maybe is right of system be accusinged run condition in time to hold monitoring, the plan of the abstemious stratagem of a certain abstemious loop also can be in go up an implementation of the configuration in machine, what download correspondence through abstemious network is abstemious implement in move in time, promoted the reliable sex of abstemious system greatly, finished assemble to get ready with part company abstemious.

4.2.2Network specific power consumption is moderate system

Note model can effect hardware plan is basic, can effect software is developed further can the energy-saving function of effect hardware, network is specific power consumption abstemious change abstemious consummate to grow to the intelligence of more high-energy effect.

Germany of limited company of times blessing automationEtherCATSkill of net of aether of seasonable family property, passing is veryEconomyEffective measure aether net gets stuck(NIC)Hold get ready; EL3403Measure module has complete electrified wire netting to clarify get ready with the sources of energy achievement, the power of have rendered great service of every photograph follows all and relevant electric data in passing measure electrified wire netting and plan energy consume, inspect in powerS, without result powerQ, frequencyFWait for data, to producing process specific power consumption is held optimize, low specific power consumption, thereby low produce capital, also make whole produce process more environmental protection.

The energy of company of phenanthrene Ni Kesi gets ready module (EMM) have the be contaminated that gets energy data to follow supervisory energy data, give data collect to follow through spot bus line or aether net transmit, Inline I/OBetween module adjacent finished what from energy consume orders abstemious layer system one kind to not have seam iformation flow, finish can effect intelligence is changed get ready, consume of low electric energy.

4.2.3 The network plays get ready system

The network plays get ready the system gives for the user fast all-around network plays, be rate of promotion equipment operation is important form a department.

Plastic and rigid group is sea day repeatedly the within the country that company of peaceful wave UniCom cooperates to make a contribution records plastic and mechanical trade most first — of a bright production project fixes plastic machinery3GFixed position and long-distance play system. This system is based on3GCommunication skill, market data is sent and receive, huge memory, intelligence passes feeling, intelligence to clarify, intelligence the achievement such as communication of abstemious, multimedia at an organic whole, finish note plastic machinery to move produce the intelligence of whole process turns debar from holding office, to fix plastic machinery terminal user follows a machine advantage gives between manufacturer, quick, direct exactly like bridge, and informatization, intelligence is changed, network. Promoted an enterprise to arrive by traditional concoctive pattern the change of informatization, network, optimized an enterprise to get ready, low run capital, reduce resource for social red-letter day, energy-saving decrease a platoon, for country equipment of growing high-grade family property calls next hard practice basic.

4.2.4 Intelligence of group control of equipment couplet net is changed get ready system

Through forming a local area network to equipment couplet net, process designing, set, monitoring can be finished to the others equipment on equipment of on-the-job He Yitai, diagnose, revise etc operate, and the picture of difference equipment can show at the same time go up in the screen of each equipment, real time handles block, shortened not simply machine down time, managing still a large number of time, made an appointment with the concoctive capital of equipment with season. Company of family property of day fine colophony is electric note plastic machinery to locked up modular force to cover from30Ton arrive500Ton, abstemious system can carry wireless local area network (LAN) be linked together with central abstemious system.

KePlast.easyNetSupervisory system, plan machine control panel passes aether net interface repeatedly with the adjoin that fixes plastic machinery, reclaimTCP/IPHold exactly like, exhibit a workshop or all equipment of many workshops at the moment on page of a screen, all parameter that show every equipment, produce data of condition, quality follows shape data, run equipment picture automatically according to need more

Keyword:Plastic and mechanical, mould, colophony, servo, electron, the sources of energy, instrument appearance, PU, note model craft, PBT

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