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Refus water, waterproof the oil that reach refus is fought corrupt blame weaving craft enters the market stage by stage

Published on:2014/8/8 10:52:35

Keyword:Balata, organic silicon, colophony, polyethylene, ethylene, acrylic, polyurethane, fibre glass, polypropylene, polyester
Introduction:Many applied circumstances ask water of refus of course of blame weaving cloth, waterproof or refus is oily arrange, in order to ensure its function, ...

Many applied circumstances ask water of refus of course of blame weaving cloth, waterproof or refus is oily arrange, in order to ensure its function, build for example with waterproof, one-time medical defend article etc. Reach sanitarian byelaw according to American profession safety (OSHA) regulation: Every has the situation of blood or possibility of splash of material of other and potential infectivity, must wear block fluid to take. Processing is arranged after the block fluid that mentions in the regulation is taken even if pointing to a course, the blame weaving stuff that has water of waterproof, refus or refus oily property makes made-up fabrics, its target is will safe protective screen establish transmitting initial stage.

Come nearly two years, although new refus water medicine, waterproof agent follows refus oil,agent breed is developed very little, the progress that arranges craft is not remarkable also, but its march stealthily however muti_function product market. For example, coating is arranged in, permeate the reverse side of fabric to prevent coating oar, refus water or refus oil are arranged as base the pretreatment of cloth and in applying widely; Coating hind is arranged via refus water or refus oil again, in order to increase the functional sex of fabric; Oil arranges refus water or refus to be united in wedlock with attrition calendering, can develop fabric of refus water or refus oily glossy; Refus water is arranged with flame retardant after arranging union, can arise issue equipment refus water, flame retardant the fabric of two kinds of functions, the staff that to be in special environment leaves (be like fireman) , give the dress dress material that has safe feeling to wait.

Those who need an attention is, water of waterproof, refus follows the test method of refus oily function to still be not perfected, need is improved with promotion, the standardization that makes as soon as possible. Special it is the product standard that oil of refus water refus arranges fabric, have not cause the attention of relevant personage inside the industry. As the development that Chinese economy builds, each angle is increasing to the demand of this kind of fabric, different the demand that utility fabric follows refus oily performance to water of waterproof, refus is different, and different the demand that refus water follows refus oily performance also is by what arrange craft reasonably to finish. So, the refus water that makes all sorts of use arranges the norms requirement of fabric with refus oil, should this important research task that saying will be henceforth.

Organic silicon arranges an attestation of border of the various states first what optimal refus water arranges means

According to corporeal appearance can size, can choose the alkyl of oxygen of olefin, silicon, compound that contain fluorine to wait to arrange an agent as fabric refus water, to assure refus water effect and wear, arrange an agent to should have stronger adhesion with fabric. Arranging an agent what can form chemical bond with fabric introduce on the element base the group is the method with commonly used instantly.

1. Olefin kind refus water is arranged. Olefin kind refus water trims an operation convenient, low-cost, instantly is applied more, special comfortable use at seldom catharsis industrial cloth, wait like cover cloth, heavy curtain, in the center metallic black - olefin kind refus water arranges development the fastest. Metallic black - olefin kind refus water arranges the kind that forms according to aluminous black to be able to be divided follow 2 bath standard for one bath law. In producing experience actually, disperse in olefin polymer introduces in fluid, ameliorable its stability follows arrange tasted wear, wait for copolymer like fourth ester of polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene, polypropylene acid. Although be made easily,2 bath law arranges a latex, but experience is compared complex, so instantly is applied less.

2. Ding of give a talking-to kind refus water is arranged. Ding of give a talking-to kind the Ding of give a talking-to that the delegate that refus water arranges is creation of British ICI company kind refus water arranges an agent, commodity brand is Ve-lan PF. The active ingredient of 60% is contained in Ve-lan PF, the exterior is shown shallow brown cream shape or other people of hoar oar account, belong to cation surface activator, ability hard water follows acid, but not alkali resistance and sulfate, 100 ℃ above is incidental deteriorate or decompose. In actual production, the medicine follows in the acetic acid natrium of certain amount is being joined to make in needing to arranging fluid, with in the hydrochloric acid of the generation in be being experienced with high temperature bake, may cause biology degradation otherwise. In addition, because arrange an agent easy hydrolyze, so, need enough drying, can affect refus water result because of arranging agent hydrolyze otherwise. This kind arranges effect of agent refus water to follow as organic silicon contain fluorine organic matter, do not recommend so apply.

3. Water of organic silicon refus is arranged. This the optimal refus water that is attestation of instantly course international arranges kind of method means. After be being arranged via water of organic silicon refus, one can be enclothed to get together in the surface that is not weaving cloth the latex shape of alkyl of oxygen of silicon of Jia Qing radical is filmy, its oxygen atom points to fiber surface, and methylic be far from fiber surface to show directional rank state. Consider to discover, organic silicon polymer is in fiber surface is proper directional arranging is the requirement that its have refus the depth. Water of organic silicon refus arranges technical instantly to still be in lab phase, but stress test data is already opposite and perfect: Get together alkyl of oxygen of silicon of Jia Qing radical is 3 ∶ with the optimal mixture scale of emulsifying agent 7, stoving temperature cannot under 150 ℃ when, refus water effect is best. As we have learned, a car uses Germany manufacturing company has followed collaboration of university of mattress issueing Lai to undertake experimental sex is produced.

Development of 3 company of water chestnut heavy industry went a kind to have waterproof the hi-tech colophony that appears gas function, the liquid state material that should call this kind appearance to remember polymer only besmears at fabrics surface, fabrics won't show water, but damp still can from in go out fully outwards, suit to make the functional sex clothing such as the raincoat very. What this appearance remembers polymer is waterproof the sweat pore that appears gas function to follow the mankind is similar, special have development outlook.

4. Contain fluorine kind refus water is arranged. Instantly will tell, the method can divide the industry that contains fluorine refus water to arrange an agent to get together for tone change a law to follow electroanalysis fluorine changes a way two kinds. Subsidiary of course of study of Japanese big metalworking, brilliance of the rising sun saltpetre and American Du Bang company use tone to get together the production that change a way contains agent of fluorine refus water, american 3M company is used electroanalysis fluorine changes a law to manufacture dose of water of the refus that contain fluorine. Contain fluorine waterproof agent has refus the depth not merely, and still be had prevent oily, and do not harm fiber original style, so, got popular quickly, make the main trend of agent of water of current international refus. Instantly, the great majority that uses in be not weaving cloth to machine is acrylic acid of alkyl of long chain fluorine ester kind the latex of polymer or solution product, the whole world applies tens of thousands of tons every year about.

Measure refus water to arrange the stand or fall of the effect, besides embellish wet difficult easy degree serves as conclude outside the standard, the ability that still asks to prevent moisture to pass through to its does quantitative analysis. The ability that prevent ooze besides depend on appearance of change of fibrous interface tension, geometry follows surface roughness beyond, blame weaving cloth is capillary the ooze to water presses the size of clearance to also have very big effect.

Thermoplastic waterproof blame weaving takes on building waterproof changes core part

Through the blame of waterproof processing weaving cloth has been in new-style and waterproof a material is medium wide application, in the center dosage is bigger polyester fiber is spun with polypropylene fiber stick cloth, regenerated fiber to be not weaving cloth and regenerated fiber to follow woven fibre glass compound is not weaving cloth to wait. This kind the product improved breed of traditional bitumen asphalt felt the onefold, weakness that uses difference of function of life weak point, technology application, in building those who use waterproof to change, thermoplastic waterproof arranging a technology is the effect that had core more.

Waterproof the communal raw material that trims with refus water follows arranging the effect is different. The exterior pulling force that refus water trims the material that basically uses low surface pulling force to make be not weaving cloth far the exterior tension under water, make be not weaving cloth surface to have the effect of refus water thereby, the permeability that once be not affected in all previous,is not weaving cloth in this can. Of cloth of weaving of and rather than waterproof arranging is to point to normally through bake of dip make friends, coating, lamination compound wait for a method, make the surface of cloth combines a both neither to breathe freely the stuff of high polymer film of waterproof, achieve waterproof goal thereby, this method basically uses instantly to use the treatment of waterproof at the industry.

In waterproof arrange treatment angle to had developed a variety of treatment way, law of Tu Bu of if method of porous filmy agglutinate, polyurethane is wet besmear cloth law, dry type. The product that processes with afore-mentioned methods already waterproof appear again wet, breathe freely, can apply as dress material, it is instantly water of better blame weaving place troops on garrison duty machines a method. And waterproof the waterproof agent that arranges place to use is hydrophoby no matter still is hydrophily, it is achieve waterproof goal with the method of block fabric space, former wait like grease, candle, olefin, latter is all sorts of balata thermoplastic perhaps colophony.

1. Grease, candle, with olefin. Apply certain grease to undertake airtight the methodological instantly that arrange still occupational and particular market, for example tent cloth. Grease kind medium wash-and-wear oil joins metallic desiccative Tu Bu surface of cloth of Yu Fei weaving, via air oxidation follows enough and dry hind form a softness, the transparent film of waterproof, follow other object stick together to prevent fabric, can besmear again a rare hartshorn. But adopt the defect of this kind of method,be dry slow, and companion has bad taste. And the defect of olefin coating is his melting point is low, when ℃ of 56 ℃ ~60, olefin can melt.

2. Balata. The balata that instantly applies has balata of chloroprene rubber, fourth nitrile, butadiene styrene rubber to wait, but the basis is different ask to choose. Because get together in different butene incomparable key structure, hard vulcanization, need the butyl balata that joins a few different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem to 2 Xi undertake copolymerization and be become, this balata shows water easily least of all, breathe freely, be answered to use in great quantities of late at waterproof balata; Value of butadiene styrene rubber is inferior, but the caking property that follows blame weaving cloth is poorer; Chloric vulcanization polyethylene but random is chromatic, light resistance is wonderful, special apply the balata coat at paulin.

3. Thermoplastic colophony. Ethylene kind colophony can make solution model or latex, crop big, price low, treatment is convenient, in the market occupational one major market, the most welcome for polyvinyl chloride colophony. When applying polyvinyl chloride, but in ought to note 3 problems: Model changes temperature discretion to follow fiber function to want to suit with treatment product breed; Burnt viscosity size wants to cooperate with treatment craft, equipment; Choose appropriate plasticizer.

The polymer that contain fluorine arranges agent refus corrupt refus oil arranges the effect optimal

Refus corrupt arrange basically use the blame weaving cloth that does not need catharsis at those, decorate material of interior trim of fabric, car to wait with papermaking blanket for example. These bilge follow all sorts of liquid composition by particle normally. So, catching thing can be a fluid also can be solid particle. Paper of adornment of indoor blame weaving decorates what use with stuff place to fight infection agent with car interior trim should be refus water agent of oil following refus, can reduce what fabric follows oily infection matter to ability in swimming to absorb so, make refus corrupt the liquid infection thing that arranges fabric to go up is being aspersed backward instantly eliminate. pair of papermaking blanket and synthetic leather, felt kind the product undertakes anti-fouling the accumulation that arranges need to reduce bilge, the meeting in using experience experiences the effect of mechanical power repeatedly, so, refus corrupt the agent must have wearability. Visible, follow to apply an environment differently to need to adopt different refus to different product corrupt arrange a method.

According to the characteristic of flyblow, condition of change fibrous surface follows the size of exterior energy, can improve fibrous flyblow performance. For example, the antistatic property that increases synthetic fibre while also can improve its to prevent flyblow ability; Also can promote the ability that fights liquid contamination through undertaking to fiber low surface can be handled. There basically is refus oil to arrange on instantly market arrange two kinds of methods with easy decontamination.

1. Refus oil is arranged. The liquid is affected advocate if carry benefit wet, flyblow of preexistence fiber surface, pass a capillarity next to fabric yarn follows between in-house, fiber between flyblow. Its principle is opposite with water the embellish of fiber surface is wet with permeate likeness, just the exterior pulling force of oily liquid contamination is normally smaller than water, so, liquid contamination is wet to be not the embellish of weaving cloth capability is stronger. Instantly, can make fiber surface ability reachs afore-mentioned levels arrange agent alone to contain fluorine polymer a kind, and get together silicon oxygen alkyl other arrange an agent to reach the level with afore-mentioned smeary refus hard.

2. Easy decontamination is arranged. The target that easy decontamination arranges advocate if make the oily liquid bilge on hydrophoby fiber easily by eliminate, the carrier that often serves as grain as a result of liquid contamination again follows cementing agent, be like liquid contamination easily scour off, criterion grain is easy also purify. The basis uses experience summary, easy decontamination arranges an agent to ought to have 5 property: Low face is had below dry state can, show oily performance of good refus water refus; Have below wet condition good but wet function; Have be able to bear or endure goodly bath function; Have be able to bear or endure goodly dry-clean can go; Do not affect blame weaving cloth original function, avirulent, follow human body to the environment friendly.

Water of refus of fabric of weaving of blame of assess of multinomial test method is waterproof refus oily function

After blame weaving material follows refus oil to arrange via water of waterproof, refus, refus ability in swimming follows its water proofing property the test method with oily refus is not little, photograph comparing is used inside instantly industry frequent including is the following 5 kinds.

1. Fabric surface fights wet sex to determine. Will measure wet sample outfit to be on sample casing clip, installation becomes the fixed base of 45 degrees of horn to go up at following a standard, the 250 milliliter distilled water that uses a provision or go ionic water (temperature is 20 ± 2 ℃ or 2 ℃ of 27 ± ) , in rapid and smooth and steady infuse funnel, the sprinkler head that provides a space through following sample center is inside 30 seconds of 25 ~ , face sample center is average and maintain sequentially gush to drench. Gush drenchs end, sample casing clip gets off, flap gently twice, follow level of assess of grade level written language with grade appearance next. In the center: 1 class -- suffer drench the face is whole embellish is wet; 2 class -- suffer drench the surface has one dewetting, point to small normally not of connective embellish wetted surface always follow. 3 class -- suffer drench the appearance is only not embellish of connective small area is wet; 4 class -- suffer drench the surface does not have embellish wet, but drip is stained with in the surface. 5 class -- suffer drench the surface does not have embellish wet, in the surface also end touchs small drip.

Fabric surface fights wet sex to determine, it is all sorts of refus water arrange the most commonly used method in fabric. This kind determines methodological each country does not have difference to more or less apply, this kind of method often can see code name has: ISO4920-1981(E) , AATCC22-1977, BS3702-64.

2. Fabric impervious ability in swimming determines. The impervious water property of fabric, follow prescription to concern with sort of refus water agent not merely, more important is to decide the constituent standards at fabric (if be spent closely) the uniformity that follows yarn. This kind determines to basically be used at compact fabric (wait for) like cloth of canvas, wigwam. This kind of method often can see code name has: ISO811-1981(E) ; AATCC-127-1977; BS2823-68, GB4744-84(newspaper approves draft) etc.

3. Rain test. This experiment is to be in in the lab below condition of imitate nature rainfall, determine sample is fought get wet in the rain a kind of mensuration of function. This kind of mensuration already had in certain zone adopt, in the center relatively famous have AATCC35-1978, and Bundersmann gets wet in the rain mensuration, apply with England in confederative Germany more.

4. Condole ability in swimming experiments. Condole water way says water wraps up law experiment again. It is after losing sample set prescription to move round, in depositing the water in 60 ℃ , observation is able to bear or endure osmotic water column height, serve as its measure a level. When instantly still belongs to each factory interior to check the refus water of special type utility or waterproof tissue determine method.

5. Fabric refus is oily performance measurement. Fabric refus oily function is to use a series of different the liquid of exterior tension will determine. This kind of method is the earliest American 3M company declares where one stands, the standard tries juice is with white mineral oil, age alkyl and both are different proportional mix. DuPont company follows AATCC company is with all sorts of hydrocarbon kind try juice as the standard. In 3 kinds of afore-mentioned methods, apply with AATCC law wider. But its try proved recipe way is try the standard droplet to be in fabric apparently, time continuously (like 30 seconds, 3M company is 3 minutes of) , observe its embellish wet condition, with can be in fabric surface is become bead the progression that ritzy standard tries juice makes known his position.

Keyword:Balata, organic silicon, colophony, polyethylene, ethylene, acrylic, polyurethane, fibre glass, polypropylene, polyester

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