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Substitution of stage city machine: March toward from the tradition contemporary

Published on:2014/8/8 10:52:36

Keyword:Balata, manipulator, building materials, record model machine
Introduction:"The Zhang Gong after upgrading, the machine that note model is uniform, manipulator is harmonious and consistent, automation line is silent and breat...

"The Zhang Gong after upgrading, the machine that note model is uniform, manipulator is harmonious and consistent, automation line is silent and breathed, ground level brightness is like lens, accuse to offer makings rustle in euphonic, workshop worker is very few. Does we should like to ask omit person how many? Countless! Countless!!

This is yellow cliff Zhang Gong a doggerel that plastic limited company circulates. Arrive from traditional old workshop modern workshop, "Zhang Gong " managing use worker worker most probably.

Ever a few when, what a lot of traditional industries of our city adopt is tactics of sea of faces, those who eat is " population bonus " . Current, because use labor cost to rise considerably, "Machine substitution " became sure option.

Mechanization, one of marks of modern industry business. As " machine substitution " continuity is advanced, of all kinds industry is being quickened to contemporary pace by the tradition.

"Machine substitution " change industrial transition

The automation line of automation, the manipulator with an address stage replaces artificial implementation to develop the process such as material, plastics, long edge... this is a reporter the one act that in Wen Ling city Zhejiang overcomes sporting goods limited company to produce a workshop to see surely.

Kang Ning of company president Yuan explains, company investment just introduced this automation product line many yuan 600, come true exactly like shoemaking working procedure, can reduce 7 adults to be versed in at least.

The beginning of the year of the current year, wen Ling is big east a conflagration of shoe factory makes local government recall a painful experience, safe production big punish was begun to act in this unprecedented strength. The punish of flurry rainstorm type acts, let a lot of people be anxious for a time, annual produce evens more whether is 30 billion yuan shoemaking course of study met so be on the wane.

After 5 months, 槃 of Nie of phoenix of line of business of lukewarm mountain shoe, acquire a new life. Punish makes trade of lukewarm mountain shoe from low, small, come loose to be changed to dimensions, automation, brand changes directional development.

Industry of equipment of automation of asepsis medical apparatus and instruments has high investment, high yield to go out, knowledge is concentrated, specialization degree is advanced characteristic, it is a country energetically the industry of new and high technology that encourage development gives aid to with the key. Jade annulus county is being finished " equipment of automation of medical apparatus and instruments of our country asepsis makes an industry (jade annulus) base " while, advance base actively to build, the production value inside 3 years can amount to many yuan 20 after predicting put into production, 5 years Neikeda is controlled 3.5 billion yuan; Annual achievable profit tax 58 million yuan.

"Machine substitution " revolution of this one industry, the rubber industry in one of 3 pillar industries causes chemical reaction likewise. Zhejiang world peaceful is industrial limited company is in the center a model.

Total 2012 production value 110 million yuan, total 2013 production value 150 million yuan, predicted total production value exceeds 250 million yuan 2014... 3 years of time, the rubber industry that the company turns white-hot in competition realized decay, core depends on " machine substitution " .

"Rubber industry has distinction with other industry, competition turns white-hot extremely, we pass those who accelerate installation to change, change production to mechanical operation from artificial operation gradually, reduce manufacturing cost. " deputy total Chen Zhonggan says the company.

"Machine substitution " aid push " vacate basket change a bird "

On one year in June, whole town the first full automatic shaly brick production line occupies plant of building materials of prefectural port head in celestial being (partnership) successful go into operation. After the automation that finish is produced, the enterprise reduced bleachery to use the land greatly, vacate follow dish of work many mus 160 are built with the ground.

The labor that limited company of medical apparatus and instruments of Zhejiang Kang Kang is a tradition formerly is concentrated model industry. In last few years, appeared field, hire, the problem such as product quality, the enterprise is passed " machine substitution " , from most 1200 employee reduce a long time instantly 400 people. "The workshop passes machine substitution, smooth field is managing 2/3. " company president Su Weixiang says, machine substitution, let savor of Kang Kang company benefit.

Land, restrict one of core elements that whole town industry grows. Since going up one year, the our city borrows " machine substitution " east wind, make came on stage " the try out opinion that transforms about carrying out old plant area " , carry out " 0 gain the ground " ability changes, offer a series of favourable policy, guide an enterprise to be extended to the middle of sky, want resource to the middle of sky. Since going up one year, whole town carries out old plant area to transform a project in all 530 above, involve floor area 1100 more than square metre, the project already built in the center 400 above, implementation floor area exceeds 9 million square metre.

In road bridge, company of the cleaning machine that install dew builds intelligence to convert mechanical and stereo warehouse, storage covers an area of an area to reduce 2300 square metre from 8000 square metre, goods storage capacity rose 5 however times. "Machine substitution, changed the crucial competition ability of road bridge enterprise. " Liang Miaofu of deputy warden of road bridge area makes known his position, "Next level path bridges fan out from point to area, dimensions of business of branch line of business, branch implements measure, gangway of the bridge ' machine substitution ' the job is had already ' miniascape ' , more form ' scenery ' . More form ' scenery ' ..

"Machine substitution " change green development

An equipment can create the 10 times efficiency at artificial operation, a production line can replace a few jockey people. This is in enterprise of chemical industry of old name medicine the sea what is medical industry already new issue. "Machine substitution " changed the sea green develops.

In the sea medicine of medical industry raw material - body of pink of new project of base of preparation unifinication production packs a workshop, all process come true automatically in airtight environment. Dust houseful phenomenon already was " past type " .

In this base, the sea is investing many yuan 3000, built solid to abandon a handling center, of classics processing harmless change waste residue to be able to make brick or plant ash, flotsam burns the vapour of the generation in experience, after more than heat reclaims, divide use change waste residue at working beyond, daily and passable production makes an appointment with 50 tons with steam, again benefit is used at producing need.

Zhejiang trade of 100 entire industry limited company is the business that road bridge produces tile. Walk into bridge of road bridge courtyard to press down village of Wang Jia Ao to produce base, company president Bao Libing is pointing to the hillock that piles caboodle hill record to say: "These are earth of broken bits of building rubbish, building, pull toward this, become useless to be treasure immediately, return natural resources of can economic land. Return natural resources of can economic land..

"Tile industry belongs to labor originally concentrated model industry, since substitution of on one year of machine, business workman reduces many 60 many times 200 from before. " Bao Libing says.

And in domestic project machine business day becomes seat bibcock to accuse oneself, original electrophoresis production line needs a worker to taking dusting gun to wear dusting to cushion, dust is harmful the worker is healthy, many workers are not willing to pursue this one station. After business investment undertakes automation is transformed 4 million yuan, all working procedure are in close in the space come true automatically by the robot.

"Actually our ' machine bonus ' , or ' the barren that use worker worker ' to force come out. " speak of " machine substitution " , the day is become accusing Chen Zhiwei of manager of manpower resource department oneself is deep feeling very.

Keyword:Balata, manipulator, building materials, record model machine

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