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New-style hurried of the film that pack is automatic packer is luxuriant face about

Published on:2014/8/8 11:01:59

Keyword:Package machine
Introduction:Food of refrigerant cold storage must play store character in microtherm environment, make the packing material of refrigerant food has higher demand ...

Food of refrigerant cold storage must play store character in microtherm environment, make the packing material of refrigerant food has higher demand than normal temperature product, the film blowing model that uses generally when course of study of be issued to lower levels should be used still exist at food of refrigerant cold storage a lot of problems, be like form of easy fragile fission, waste of easy broken bag, material is more wait.

Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, development of limited company of development of big line of business having model went Henan new-style the film that pack, with this kind the film that pack makes made-up wrap bagging, can solve the difficult problem of refrigerant food not merely, still can make automatic packer efficiency promotes 20%

The film that blow model still has very big improve a space

In last few years, exceed as business, the formation of the rapid development of convenience inn and cold chain, refrigerant food goes to the lavatory with its quick character more and more get the jubilation of people. With this at the same time, the rapid development of refrigerant food follows " food safety law " carry out, the function that also packs material to refrigerant food declared where one stands with security higher demand.

Big line of business having model Zhang Jie of vise general manager thinks, the microtherm environment that the packing material of refrigerant food wants to follow frozen plant in the high temperature of packer is not next changeless form, fragile crack. From the point of treatment experience, many planting refrigerant food has adipose oxidation to follow the existence with good oxygen microbial sex, because this needs to prevent a product to follow the contact of oxygen; Storing link, divide to stop the water of refrigerant food from pack inside volatilize come out, free is adipose permeate to the side outside film, gust, immanent to the product quality produces an effect, still ask the material that pack is had cut off the gender follows oil resistant sex, want high block to break with the liquid to gas.

The uses generally film blowing model inside instantly industry satisfied these requirements basically, but easy sideslip, diaphaneity is not tall when at the same time existence is packed, material is not quite even wait for a few problems.

Most let what he has a headache or boast difficult control of model film uniformity, in the manufacturing experience of the film that blow model, have the error of 8%-10% probably, that is to say if the client wants the film of 65 micron, to assure the ply of film of the weakest position not under 65 micron, should unite make it at least of 70 micron, waste many stock, this partly cost him can be digested only.

New-style the film that pack can let automatic packer extract effect 20%

In view of afore-mentioned problems, zhang Jie makes an on-the-spot investigation from what end began countrywide each district 2012, research, pack film at rolling out new technology to make made-up recently. So, this kind new-style what advantage does the film that pack have quite with the film that blow model?

For more intuitionistic, two bag that the staff member follows new-style film make it with the film that blow model make large trade having model reveal, the gives new-style film make it bag definition that can look significantly follows diaphaneity taller. The technology that new-style film uses protects used diaphragm technology with screen of computer, mobile phone exactly like, diaphaneity, flatness is extremely tall, memory carriage experience appears not easily drip. Zhang Jie explains, new-style film still can do three-layer to squeeze processing in all, intermediate layer can plating is aluminous, hardness, brittleness is good.

The 1%-2% of manufacturing error alone of new-style film, can avoid many stock to waste. He explains, besides reduce waste from fountainhead, because of hot air temperature low, flatness is tall, the packing bag that new-style film makes is packing link not easy sideslip, can let automatic packer extract effect 20% , promote the efficiency that pack greatly, still do not waste the bag that pack.

Qingdao actor is able to bear or endure special Jiao Jun of vise general manager of package machine limited company follows new-style to this kind film to be very interested, the packing speed that says instantly packer uses the film that blow model is minutely commonly 56 packets, if can extract effect really 20% , can wrap 779 packets, this is significant progress to industry of quick frozen food, believe the user won't refuse.

In addition, because of geographical diversity, southern air is humid, same material pressworks with the velar go off with of craft make it, north has difference with southern colour. Zhang Jie says, the special technology of new-style film also solved this problem, presswork colour is more full.

Keyword:Package machine

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