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Injection color

New-style modifier promotes PP epispastic property

Published on:2014/8/8 11:35:04

Keyword:Modifier, colophony
Introduction:Chemistry of Japanese bell deep began to sell modifier of colophony of a new-style PP a few days ago. Need a few affiliation only this modifier, can p...

Chemistry of Japanese bell deep began to sell modifier of colophony of a new-style PP a few days ago. Need a few affiliation only this modifier, can promote PP resinous processability to be able to follow epispastic performance.

New-style modifier improves PP epispastic performance
This modifier itself is with PP colophony base makings, compatibility of resinous following PP is very good, do not affect the exterior of mould. And performance of this modifier heat-resisting is good, density is low, cost is relatively inferior also. Local when shape ply can produce PP board change, epispastic fold is more than 2 finish very hard, but this new-style modifier solved this one problem.
Bell deep chemistry plans to use this one new-style modifier with building domain at the car the heat of large PP plank shapes. The row if, be in continuously below the state of same stiffness, epispastic rate is 3~10 note model to shape boot compares traditional boot to be able to decrease heavy 30%~50% , can reduce cost. The epispastic application with this other and potential modifier still includes box of air conditioning crust, deposit, tray to wait with container.

Keyword:Modifier, colophony

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