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Injection color

South the reporter visits analysis of garden of yellow Sha Yi how to help tool of brushwork of child choose and buy

Published on:2014/8/8 11:35:05

Keyword:Lubricious pink
Introduction:How choosing the appropriate, painterly tool that be at ease is a lot of parents' bemused problem. Recently, the shop that the reporter visited tool o...


How choosing the appropriate, painterly tool that be at ease is a lot of parents' bemused problem. Recently, the shop that the reporter visited tool of brushwork of children of sale of Guangzhou much home, the painterly tool that the hope shows to safe and avirulent, Yi Qing is washed with the child for the parent.

These painterly dye touched the dress, usable soap bath goes

Children no matter use the painterly tool of what type, can encounter exactly like a problem, with respect to the dress that is children then very easy loiter arrives painty. The reporter visits toy of stationery of garden of yellow sanded friendship wholesale center market understands, a series of painterly dye that develop development technically in the light of children were produced to follow a tool on instantly market, this kind of product has a characteristic is ” of “ easy bath. Shellfish of a management France greens jade in the center the archives of the painterly product of Europe brand advocate specification, children series product of Bei Biou basically includes glass to draw marvellous dye, finger draws flashy and painty, transparent gel to wait, their odour wants relatively some weaker, feed by accident to prevent the child, acrid agent was added in the product. And feel of dye of point at of Bei Biou hand is thick qualitative bright slips, odour is pleasant, compare with groovy dye, its color is brighter and clear, without foreign matter, can mix mix colors each other, enclothe. Be in fast and dry when, also can draw the surface is not out of shape continuously. If dye is touched carelessly,go up in all sorts of material, skin or dress, usable suds is relaxed scour off.

The reporter manages Ma Ke card to draw the archives mouth of things still discovered the product that is called good good cheer in, its design is similar a lipstick, when applying, need to open lid only, rotate next bottom, paintbrush came out. If inadvertent by “ club good cheer ” is flyblown the dress, can be washed very easily clean with water.

Small ” of the ”“ in buying paintbrush appropriate to buy form a complete set to have “ big ”“ of 3 kinds of model

Painterly tool still needs to go out new device, strange draw on contented child — of another big nature is corrupt play. Traditional painterly industry has club of pen of chromatic pencil, watercolour, canvas to wait a moment, but they bureau be confined to makes a picture on white paper. Senior teacher Zhou Anneng shows orgnaization of education of art of courtyard school children, the use originality education that the new-style paper such as paperboard of color of the sand paper of paper of the paper that blow a picture, soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, color, paper that blow model can see on classroom of more children art education at present. Blow drawing paper for example, it is a kind of novel and distinctive painterly new material, know how things stand and feel confident of handling them follows a face two, enclothe a face to have what give priority to with black a variety of color are, the monochromatic with impression criterion different cent, confuse color to wait. Its first-rate combines a variety of painterly characteristics, let draw picture experience complexly to become simple and safe originally, children need to use toothpick only or other tool is drawn the outline of on its, can show give an arrangement bright, glowed beautiful design, and the student that suits each age layers.

“ in addition, those who use photograph comparing is more is chromatic sand paper, its texture is soft, the work after the child is drawn is easy save, a variety of lubricious departments of chromatic sand paper can foil those who give chalk of canvas club, color is lively with bright color. ” Zhou Anneng suggests, when the parent is helping a child pick painterly paper, should this chooses those photographs to compare the conspicuous color of bright, sunshine, child nature is lively and lovely, like the thing with tall lightness naturally, depressing dark tonal go against the enthusiasm that arouses a child; The choice of paintbrush angle, the parent should buy form a complete set to have small ” of the ”“ in “ big ”“ the paintbrush of 3 kinds of model, when drawing big setting, good-sized pen is usable enter the court, sketch is drawn the outline of can change trumpet pen easily.

See the level of packet of mount, european Union standard is rigidder

Many children draw kit installs the reverse side, have mixed level, often can see have A ST M -D 4236 of United States of ” of standard of A C M I of United States of ” of standard of “ Europe E N -71, “ , “&F963” and “R OH S detect the model of written characters such as ” . In the center, ” of standard of “A CM I is the appraisal of pair of artistic data security, sufficient amount is not contained in making clear product ingredient namely to human body (include children) cause damage or the raw material of poisonous action.

The parent draws first choice character answers to have assuring brushwork when the product in children of choose and buy kind product, buy the old brand product that reached European Union level as far as possible. As we have learned, standard of European Union safety is aimed at the chemical material content such as the lead in pencil to have a more strict regulation, relatively for domestic standard, its are more severe to the content requirement of risk element exacting.  

Keyword:Lubricious pink

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