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Injection molding

It is essential that medical machine industry shows diversity to develop research and development to be tasted newly

Published on:2014/8/8 14:46:41

Keyword:Plastic bottle
Introduction:In recent years, because pharmacy craft reachs requirement of GMP of medicines and chemical reagents, company of domestic pharmacy equipment is contin...

In recent years, because pharmacy craft reachs requirement of GMP of medicines and chemical reagents, company of domestic pharmacy equipment is continueing to stride towards new way, those who develop new product to already became industry technology level to promote is important board piece.

The technology that pharmacy equips develops main body to continue to promote medicines and chemical reagents manufacturing security at present, what contented medicines and chemical reagents produces is successional change with dimensions, reduce the cost that medicines and chemical reagents produces. From medicines and chemical reagents the technology that pack develops a process to look, the mainstream that vitreous bottle all along is injection medicines and chemical reagents packages data.

The promotion of new material, new technology applies, rise to urge action actively to the modern course of Chinese medicine industry. But with international advanced level is compared, level of technology of Chinese pharmacy equipment is relatively backward, the technical level of medium and small businesses still is in be modelled on, improve reach assorted level, ability of research and development, innovation is relatively inferior, in automation control, production character, equipment isogon of successional, dependability is spent with international advanced level exists quite certain difference.

Go up century since 60 time, the ministry branch of Europe, Japan begins to adopt BFS technology to undertake playing outfit of model, fill, sealing machine to plastic container, for injection production offerred a kind of new form that pack. Plastic bottle injection follows the technical characteristic photograph of vitreous bottle injection to compare as follows:

BFS technology is used pack at plastic container already had 50 years of histories up to now, although its product is in not isogon of content of dissolve sex particle, carriage cost is spent have definite advantage, but because be in chemical stability, breathe freely isogon of adaptability of consistence of rate, product, heat quick, photosensitive adaptability, volatile, agglutinant adaptability spends existence inherent weakness, and manufacturing cost is higher, the mainstream that all along fails to make drug of small size injection packs a form.

Review industry of whole pharmacy equipment, present a diversification characteristic, strengthen technical innovation it is thus clear that, new product of research and development is crucial to appearing whole industry, the security that pharmacy equipment company should continue to promote pharmacy equipment, nicety is changed with automation degree, make the industry grows to technical direction.

Keyword:Plastic bottle

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