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Plastic raw materials

Biology of initiate of Lin Ke courtyard base compound and flame retardant system - biology radical is compound and flame retardant system, flame retardant - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/11 10:40:47

Keyword:Polyurethane, polyester, petrifaction
Introduction:Dispatch: Instantly, the raw material that the innovation group that Zhou Yonggong's researcher leads develops replaces polyurethane of preparation of...

    Dispatch: Instantly, the raw material that the innovation group that Zhou Yonggong's researcher leads develops replaces polyurethane of preparation of harmful raw material application of promotion of technology of core of energy-saving insulation material already obtained materiality to make progress, in Jiangsu limited company of data of Jiang Linsheng content builds 30 thousand tons / year the throughout the country's biggest raw material is multivariate pure production line follows 20 thousand tons / year polyester of first grease radical of domestic is multivariate alcohol turns production line continuously, achievement popularizes the province such as Jiangsu, Fujian.

On August 5, the reporter understands from institute of industry of chemistry of forest products of courtyard of division of our country forest, this place Zhou Yonggong's researcher leads innovation group with deserted grease, wood crude oil replaces the blame edible such as this grease, turpentine raw material, what design development goes to comparative with petrochemical quality standard is new-style grease radical follows turpentine radical polyester, get together ether is multivariate alcohol follows ester of cyanic acid of colophony much surprise. They return initiate biology radical is compound and flame retardant system, preparation goes out flame retardant product of series of polyurethane foam insulation material.

Zhou Yonggong's researcher explains to the reporter, send grease radical polyester through leaving independently multivariate mellow change reaction to produce device continuously, they solved reactor of type of traditional boiler, canister to produce specific power consumption tall, run leakage drop phenomenon is austere wait for a problem, promoted reaction efficiency greatly, laid a foundation for industrialized production, what production goes out is new-style grease radical polyester is multivariate alcohol can replace petrifaction entirely kind multivariate mellow, wait to was not affected with dimension stability to the heat insulation of polyurethane product. In the meantime, they still develop new-style turpentine base polyester, get together ether is multivariate mellow design follows preparation technology, those who make is unripe corporeal radical polyurethane is hard bubble sex of constrictive, drawing is good, can follow wall first-rate felt.

"Special and worth while what carry is, we use colophony group first acid of binary acid, n duality of phenolic aldehyde condensation follows young member multivariate mellow reaction, development is new-style turpentine radical polyester, get together ether is multivariate mellow, overcame polyester combination makings to deposit the deadly defect with poor stability. We still considered to use the ester of cyanic acid of colophony much surprise at polyurethane hard bubble to contrive technology, amine of the D-A addition reaction that passes colophony, acyl amination reaction, acyl follows careless acyl chloric reaction, preparation gives loose sick at heart of rich horse sea 3 acyl base ester of different cyanic acid, kept away from course of traditional phosgene law, reaction condition is lukewarm with. " Zhou Yonggong says.

On this size base, group of research and development develops raw material first base polyurethane foamy is flame retardant technology, preparation gives level of B1 of OK and contented GB insulation material is flame retardant of the requirement compound and flame retardant model give birth to corporeal radical polyurethane hard bubble.

Polyurethane hard bubble is insulation material of heat insulation of first-rate of the function on instantly world, but 2 formic acid follow the anhydride of benzene of traditional raw material that produces polyurethane, benzene annulus oxygen propane all have greater harm with the mankind to the environment. Energy-saving insulation material puts raw material polyurethane in the product to follow a technology quality of onefold, product compares difference with petrochemical bigger, anti-flammability difference, reaction affects austere, production 2 times to run stability to follow can control the outstanding problem such as sexual difference.

To solve these problems at the same time, group of Zhou Yonggong innovation is in lock of purpose of research and development surely replace function of preparation of harmful raw material to comparative with petrochemical with raw material, the polyurethane that has good flame retardation again at the same time is energy-saving on insulation material, this research obtained project of national hi-tech industry to follow bid of project of "948" of national forestry bureau to support at the same time.

Keyword:Polyurethane, polyester, petrifaction

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