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Plastic raw materials

The application with plastic polypropylene is wide

Published on:2014/8/11 10:40:48

Keyword:Polypropylene, electric equipment, plastic pack
Introduction:The polypropylene that we often can see is plastic it is the transparent perhaps solid that is translucence normally, the material in this does not ha...

The polypropylene that we often can see is plastic it is the transparent perhaps solid that is translucence normally, the material in this does not have noxiousness, also won't send out stink. And melting point is returned very tall, can reach 167 degrees melting point.

This is plastic neutral only a kind when can have compared plastic, no matter be,be accordingly in the life or applying mediumly in industry is very extensive.

Plastic also have very important place in the boat that pack, in the data that uses in the industry that pack plastic it is most. Explain according to relevant data, on the world plastic packed an industry to be applied only 35% , this is enough the introduction is plastic the main position in the industry that pack.

The packing industry of our country also is in to plastic demand gradually growth, I pass pack plastic development very rapid. 2005 when was to produce 5.5 million, 2010 when of production packed plastic crop to exceed 7 million, predicted to be able to exceed 9 million 2015. Plastic the 13 above that pack the output that holds the whole nation to always be packed.

As the promotion of our standard of living, the person of had car is more, especially amount of our country car is more. There are many plastic presences in the car, that is to say the development of auto industry affirms is to cannot leave plastic. Because this is plastic,meet as the grow in quantity of the amount of the car grow in quantity.

These two industries are plastic the scale photograph that use compares high industry, and develop those who come prospect also meet very good. Polypropylene is plastic the development in other industry also is very good, can apply like electric home appliances The car that our country produces begins more, configuration is taller and taller also. Because this is opposite advanced and plastic have very big demand, resemble homebred and compact model car pop chart no matter the first car masses Lang Yi is bumper those who apply is plastic or car appearance character is very tall.

Keyword:Polypropylene, electric equipment, plastic pack

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