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Injection molding

Punch mould already entered high speed to develop gold period - punch mould, mould - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/11 10:45:44

Introduction:Dispatch: In recent years, industry product structural adjustment is accelerated, the technical content that is a representing with pattern of large, ...

    Dispatch: In recent years, industry product structural adjustment is accelerated, with large, nicety, complex, macrobian lifeMouldThe technical content that is a delegate is higher the trade of development speed prep above of the mould is total grow rate, occupy mould gross 35% the left and right sides.

Gross of China's current production of mould of stamping workpiece treatment is on the world already row front row, and begin to import big country to transform gradually from the mould export a nation for the mould. Chinese existing mould produces a business more than 30 thousand, make an appointment with 1 million person from personnel of course of study, 2012 the forehead 124 billion yuan, produce and sale two flourishing, crop, quality gets farther promotion with the level, special it is the development that manufacturing industry follows manufacturing industry, help the promotion that used mould class, excellent mould makes what equipment is mould technology level rise gave safeguard. Course of study of our country mould process " gold develops level " , a paragraph of period will maintain rapid growth continuously henceforth.

Look from industry structure, civilian battalion company grows quickly, state-owned company vitality increases, the measure of professional die manufacturer that faces the market promotes with ability faster, the stamping workpiece that gets used to mould industry to produce a characteristic machines mould assemble to produce garden area to get developing, the mould industry such as ministry of Chinese and Western is owed develop the area has greater progress.

Multitask of company of pattern of treatment of a few stamping workpiece class already achieved 2 micron into modular precision, life can be amounted to 300 million to second above, the multitask of individual business class already can be in 2500 times into the model / minute apply on high speed punching machine, precision can amount to 1 micron. Already can produce 65 inches of color television of 43 inches of big screen, backs to send complete set of washing machine of high capacity of mould of type model carapace, 10 kilogramPlasticDashboard of mould and car bumper, whole large.

Mould of treatment of accurate and plastic stamping workpiece already can produce camera to follow hand parts mould, much model gear of antrum small modulus.


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