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How does enterprise of package machine of beverage of shallow analyse our country cast off the champion influence of large company

Published on:2014/8/11 13:00:59

Keyword:Package machine, plastic bottle, colophony, oil, polypropylene
Introduction:Introduction: Henceforth in a few years, the development that Chinese beverage packs will be the most remarkable. Very apparent, because downstream be...

Introduction: Henceforth in a few years, the development that Chinese beverage packs will be the most remarkable. Very apparent, because downstream beverage industry often is dimensions,carefe is packed big, the market is had rate is extremely high, the market is primary by enterprise of a few large brands accuse. How to cast off the champion influence of large company, should be the way that at present manufacturer of beverage package machine should stress an attention this.

Carefe packs a few inertial thinking to must not be taken

Very apparent, because downstream beverage industry often is dimensions,carefe is packed big, the market is had rate is extremely high, the market is primary by enterprise of a few large brands accuse. These large companies are containing to carefe bag strict parameter requirement, in purchasing invite public bidding to experience, the dimensions that produces manufacturer to carefe, workshop, equipment also is having strict accuse. So, carefe is packed be at ease to often be being compared for consumer, often formed inertial thinking.

How does enterprise of package machine of beverage of simple analysis China cast off the champion influence of large company

But in fact we must go up to take some of idea more in the carefe safety that pack, above all, the safety that carefe packs follows deny apply a habit to having very big concern with us. The row if, after we set carefe the period of time inside the car in high temperature, the stability that plastic carefe packs can drop, release a few harmful to human body material very easily, this is the problem of the material of carefe, be worth consumer to handle an attention. Next, besides industries of these famous and large beverage, there is beverage of a few diminutives to process a business in each places in fact. These beverage industry scope are little, pack to carefe more and more it is hope low cost, qualitative to the material of carefe and manufacturer quality asks often not tall, these carefe are packed is worth our consumer vigilance.

Chinese carefe packs innovation to be improved urgently with character

On Chinese beverage market, besides coke of Coke Cola, 100 things these cross beverage industry of the country, breath out ha, the national bibcock enterprise such as Wang Laoji, still existing a few regional medium and small businesses. They are the main component of beverage market, also be not little in the client with small carefe main manufacturer group.

But, small carefe manufacturer basically is existing in these many problems, wrap mount to lack own creativity in carefe above all, give priority to with imitating the carefe of famous beverage industry to pack more, lack oneself distinguishing feature, such from went up to also lose retentive benefit at all. Next, enterprises of many district sex carefe pack cost for managing carefe, often can wait for a form through reducing the thickness of carefe bottle wall, this kind of quality can be the hard bottle that pack reduced the consumption of consumer to appeal to greatly beg.

So, to good brand image is established in consumer, make the enterprise is obtained can maintain healthy progress benignly, china packs an enterprise to must have excellent product quality, also answer on product outer packing this carefe that has design of oneself product characteristic, intention is packed.

A few direction of the multinomial development that beverage packs

(One) to great majority new-style pack for, basically adopt the raw material that is based on petro-chemical child.

(2) the further progress that asepsis packs needs those who reduce refrigerating equipment. A few consumer think, food of metal can outfit is high-grade article, asepsis is packed it is carton more and low-cost consider as cheap article. Actually this is a kind of misunderstanding, pack should get twice the result with half the effort, as long as can best saves food, cheaper just be more advantageous pack.

(3) the person that be willing to apply plastic canister to follow plastic bottle is more, will replace glasswork, still can replace metal below certain state.

(4) flexible the material that pack to excellent progress. Black-and-white of Chinese flexographic plate is introduced with development only then at 20 centuries 70 time. At present we ourselves can have made flexographic plate printing machine reach its base material, all sorts of flexible presswork printing ink. Special it is the normalization production that printing ink of ability in swimming follows medicine of glazing of ability in swimming, can be above other type printing ink add a glazing of monochromatic ability in swimming again, obscured the others is poisonous the volatilization of solvent; Can contact food directly again, made sure food safety is wholesome. Other, pressworking rich experience also was accumulated on craft, can have pressworked piece not the presswork under conventional technology, if be in international is famous brand " Coke Cola " with " 100 things coke " wait for mark to stick in pressworking, achieve international to adopt standard, draw close to international level.

Be in China, flexographic plate is packed presswork nearly 10 years to already had great progress, but development tendency is unhappy. From pack presswork to look from the respect of personnel of course of study, should this goes up with craft from machine, material bold innovation, active dug, brave climbs a peak. Alone takes out top-ranking product, ability obtains what the welcome of manufacturer follows a customer to like. And the operator to broad food company, also hope to be able to liberate a thought, let go apply new pack. For example flexographic plate presswork has a few really not as good as traditional presswork is elegant, can from improve the design picture that pack to go up suit? Presswork like flexographic plate again color is not quite gorgeous, but special and thick, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses completely, achieve better visual result.

(5) pack cost through improving function of the material that pack to reduce, is not one-sided seek material price reduce, package follows general product different (general product applies) in a specific situation only normally, need often feed a machine, cover, keep in storage, carry wait for commodity flow, there often is to follow the experience that use to must assure to pack quality with promotion accordingly surely after the client is bought.

(6) pack light-duty change will achieve progress ceaselessly. From a few more afore-mentioned a reduces the quality that pack total development trend that also can see clearly in the project. With weight lesser flexible pack the batch can that reach model, plastic bottle to replace glass to follow metallic container, can reduce transport costs in extent ground. Its develop incline to to include: Facilitating engaging the load is carried, the person that need reserve, because pack lighter, tray bear is reduced accordingly, can little lienal hold a car in the palm to follow a heavy forklift; Use an individual carton, glass follows plastic container and flexible pack those who wait for food to pack collect to be installed, need increases its strength, go to in order to facilitate safety carries shop.

(7) traditional fiber packages data character (cellophane and translucent paper) have the development tendency that is washed out stage by stage. What replace cellophane completely the most likely is polypropylene film. Translucent paper (reach prevent grease paper) the tinsel place that will follow low density for high density is replaced, bimetallic squashs and add the person that have colophony especially, function can times add.

(8) ram is packed get popularizing with beverage market in food.

Keyword:Package machine, plastic bottle, colophony, oil, polypropylene

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