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Plastic raw materials

Taiwan gas explodes investigation discovers more violates compasses chemical industry to supply catenary insecurity

Published on:2014/8/11 14:40:51

Keyword:Propylene, ethylene, polypropylene, petrifaction, in petrifaction, colophony, plastic raw material
Introduction:The gas of Taiwan Kaohsiung explodes below the spotlight that incident produced plastic raw material business to push the public to pay close attentio...

The gas of Taiwan Kaohsiung explodes below the spotlight that incident produced plastic raw material business to push the public to pay close attention to, caused chemical industry to supply the insecurity of catenary at the same time.

The explosion that 4 evening cause by propylene gas leak last week destroyed big road surface of Kaohsiung urban district to follow a building, bring about 30 people to die to get hurt with 300 much people.

Kaohsiung municipal government makes known his position in outgiving, around dweller discovers intense odour above all and call the police that evening, and industrial stock also explores the China carry storage of responsible underground cop to be shut instantly then to pressure pelter, but in its client the requirement of Li Changrong chemical industry falls, transport gas afresh, brought about explosion to fail to avoid.

Li Changrong chemical industry has apologized publicly to the public for many times, had begun to be in charge of assuring bank account of compensation, stock new station money 500 million yuan. This company declares where one stands, as appear on the market company, do not have the intent of be released from production to take on other duty absolutely, ceaseless operation.

This company instantly does not answer the detail query of media, before making known his position to come out in findings, do not grant to comment on explosion to concern detail.

Kaohsiung municipal government asks to freeze Li Changrong to local court the asset of 1.9 billion new station money, make known his position victim and relevant organization also declare where one stands to the court respectively similar request.

Li Changrong is Taiwan 3 big polypropylene produce one of business, other two are the stage turns model following a stage.

Stage model released statement to say on August 1, this company has 3 underground cop in Kaohsiung, one carries ethylene, one carries propylene, still one reserves cop. 3 do not erupt through gas strange place. This company is in Kaohsiung the production of two factories everything is normal. Stage model still declares where one stands, every half yearly check measures these 3 cop, detected recently time is the current year on May 6, detect everything is normal as a result.

Li Changrong made known his position on August 6 its operation did not suffer with investment plan how old influence. But, report of our country times says previously, the polypropylene output of the Li Changrong after explosion dropped 37.5% . Other and plastic resin of place produces the effect that business also is supplied by raw material, include propylene to wait with ethylene.

Because Kaohsiung municipal government is permanent already,shut disaster area cop, company of each chemical industry turns and carry raw material help meet an urgent need with tank car. Kaohsiung municipal government makes known his position to had begun to father check tank car in order to assure safety.

Petrifaction follows in in oily petrifaction uses tank car Cong Taoyuan to carry 200 tons of propylene to Kaohsiung everyday, in order to make sure raw material is supplied.

Kaohsiung municipal government is undertaking to local underground cop check detects, discovered increasing violate compasses. In the report August 7, the government declares where one stands a cop of oily company in discovery, apply for to ship diesel oil at the outset, but use actually however at carrying ethylene, violate relevant statute.

Upriver enterprise busies maintain production to follow answer governmental examination and public pressure, and the effect that downstream and plastic enterprise also felt raw material to supply angle.

The supplier that the tall canal of some OEM enterprise calls Taiwan this company (note model manufacturing business) had informed defer PP deliver goods.

Raw material shortage affects the export market of Taiwan possibly still, include the mainland. The polypropylene that Taiwan produces has half above to use at exit, actually very big one part marchs mainland market.

House leakage slants meet with rain of the same night, american division vacates high-powered polymer company to announce yesterday, call in the proposal that requirement partner agrees with to incorporate with Li Changrong chemical industry. This company the current year announced in January, the seek of SBC business department that will follow Li Changrong is amalgamative. Latter is the whole world the 3rd big SBC produces business. But in June, division vacate a requirement to discuss afresh and buy an item.

Division vacate make known one's position, li Changrong chemical industry informed this company on August 4, will cannot accept discuss afresh, although had had many negotiation at this point before.

Because explosive incident of Li Changrong is belonged to " tremendous and adverse effect " , division vacate make known his position to exit right now amalgamative, part company what need not pay Li Changrong 25 million dollar cost.

35% above had dropped greatly since the share price of Li Changrong chemical industry explodes oneself.

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Keyword:Propylene, ethylene, polypropylene, petrifaction, in petrifaction, colophony, plastic raw material

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