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Injection molding

News of market of aluminous on August 11, 2014 estate is brief

Published on:2014/8/11 14:45:55

Keyword:Electron, the sources of energy, cable, machine tool, polypropylene, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, natural gas, oil
Introduction:Collect of information of finance and economics: Dust rich pulls WHO urgent caution our country already had   of ability of diagnostic reagent researc...

Collect of information of finance and economics:

Dust rich pulls WHO urgent caution our country already had capacity of diagnostic reagent research and development

2014, aibola assaults the mankind again. " daily economy news " reporter from World Health Organization (WHO) obtains an information, epidemic situation has become the Aibola of West Africa " international is communal and wholesome emergencies " , need " special response " will prevent dust rich to pull virus to spread further. WHO says this second be what erupt up to now is the most large-scale play epidemic situation with the most endless dust rich...

Dust rich pulls epidemic situation to play idea of alarm of noisy whole world soare

As Aibola epidemic situation is in West Africa area indulge in wilful persecution, the virus with this kind of deadly extremely high rate causes high attention inside global limits. Recently, tekmira of druggist of modification Canada of American food and medicaments management board pulls TKM-Ebola of virus new drug in the light of dust rich examine and approve condition, stimulate odd-numbered days of this company share price to soare nearly 45% . In addition, biology medicine company also becomes US stock of the current year to make public collect first (on IPO) market the hottest board piece...

Hand in place to supervise and urge certificate business realizes harbor connect a test

Last week 5, hand in place to call together certificate business to hold port before connecting business entire network to check arouse meeting, supervise and urge certificate business should be in in September 30 before protect qualitative implementation round-the-clock test, receive a test to wait for of all kinds test with entire network test, ask certificate business makes the best of time to implement a system perfect, worker grooms teach the job with investor. But, hand in place to still did not give leave a port a schedule that knows business affirmation...

Li Xiaojia dispels misgivings Shanghai harbor is connected

Shanghai harbor connects the time that start to draw near, li Xiaojia of CEO of group of Hong Kong exchange begins to pass net mark with respect to the market most consideration also is to provide representative problem to undertake answering most doubt. Answer in series of doubt net annals piece, li Xiaojia points out, shanghai harbor connects a regular bus with two-way and open market of capital of our country of it may be said, the rate of seat of honour that train issues a day is hot, it is the most important to be not actually think element, the most important is to should ensure train is smooth and steady surely travel...

The 364 newspapers in the portion this week gives heat 460 million yuan of big Chan Qian enter 12 to be fond of beforehand

As in newspaper exposure ends the drawing near of day, appear on the market the pace that the company also quickens the newspaper in exposure in succession. Data shows, this week will have 364 to appear on the market the company is announced half an year signed up for 2014, in the center, shanghai city 125, do poineering work board 56, in platelet 84, deep city advocate board 99. In 364 companies, instantly already had 241 companies to publish in newspaper outstanding achievement is premonitory, in the center, add 55 beforehand, decrease 25 beforehand...

This week " 2 hill " hit new frozen capital to be in 150 billion to 200 billion between

This Zhou San follows Zhou Si, as the 2nd batch new a long Bai Shan that presses an axis will start with meeting check hill explain buy. Market personage predicts, two new a rate of be the lucky number beforehand appraise is in 0.6% to 0.8% the left and right sides, frozen capital reachs 200 billion yuan in 150 billion yuan between. Afore-mentioned two new in, long Bai Shan issues the price to be 4.54 yuan, hair quotations is filled with rate for 20.25 times, referenced industry city is filled with rate for 18 times; Meeting check hill issues the price to be 4.43 yuan...

IPO enterprise queueing up is added reach 628 advocate board hair careful is met will restart

New a rhythm of near future of hair examine and verify is gradually steady. Break down is examined last week there is 15 extensives reexamine to check in the enterprise, inc. of technology of innovation of the division in additionally Wuhan manage is versed in optical division Inc. follows Wuhan is new declare accept, up to instantly number of company queueing up achieves 628. In addition, advocate board hair careful also can open Yu Benzhou threefold, examine and verify two enterprises. Suffer " 6 · 30 " money newspaper period of efficacy is restricted to affect greatly...

Orgnaization concentration resource kind stock of company spirit ammunition head greet survey

Perhaps be the influence that is centered exposure by half annals, last week (came 8 days on August 4) orgnaization survey A company measure annulus is compared decrease ceaselessly, main survey purpose is the company that already published half annual report. Look from industry attribute, the resource such as coal, oil, natural gas kind reach relevant enterprise to be happened to coincide by the orgnaization ground pitch on. In the center, be in personally " the most difficult period " igneous stock greets coal company spirit to come first orgnaization survey...

The place trades the place clears consolidate market of region of assault fortified positions new politics or publish inside year

Regional equity market is brought into mutiple level the plan of capital market system, normative development will shape inside year, strive for publish before year end. The place is of all kinds at the same time trade the place clears rectify working space to receive an official to still have " the Yao of one pace " , in 36 city of countrywide that visit an area, only of Tianjin city clear rectify the job still advancing understand at the same time according to the reporter among them, card inspect already can pay close attention to a ministry to distinguish manage to rectify already violated compasses act through checking and accept an area to exist " resurgence " symptom...

A strong pattern difficult changeover

Process rebounded of the last ten-day of a month quickly in July, near future grail turns " go up " for " shake " , march once more concussion city. Stop on the way for a rest of at present grail has however quite much unexpected expression: It is overmeasure value follows low the pannikin that adds weigh of fast outstanding achievement to fall grows appearance once more act in an opera; 2 it is steel emersion of iron plate piece goes up greatly, the market not dread " steely demon cuss " ; 3 it is pine of capital bizygomatic breadth, clinch a deal the volume drops instead...

China is made clear first praedial register urban and rural and unified

A few days ago, land ministry, Ministry of finance, live build bureau of forestry of ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, country to allot jointly " advance about be being accelerated further curtilage base is built with collective apply authority to counterpoise truly with the ground the announcement that registers the job that send card " , specific requirement combines national construction to follow those who implement the praedial centralized system that register to concern a requirement, build the collective such as farming room the structure that goes up with the ground, build content to bring into working limits, complete unified investigation...

CPI went up compared to the same period in July 2.3% PPI falls close ceaselessly narrow

Follow to anticipate before consistent, the dweller consumed China July price index (CPI) rises compared to the same period 2.3% , follow to was held June firm, index of industrial producer producer price (PPI) falls close ceaselessly narrow. Analytic personage points out, although the food price such as pork may push animal price to show in the future,go up development tendercy, but inflation of whole of second half of the year still is belonged to smooth and steady. "Food dominant drives the diagnostic photograph that rise in price to compare remarkable, blame food price still is in low...

Battalion changes add: Estate follows financial industry two big " hard bone " need a breakthrough

"Battalion changes add " pilot program is obtained from 2011 since approving, pilot industry limits continues to increase. Instantly has increased best friend to connect carrying trade, postal job to follow industry of 7 contemporary services " 2+7 " mode. An expert that is close to the Ministry of finance is being received when be being interviewed according to the reporter, make known his position, as year end entire industry came true 2015 " battalion changes add " deadline asymptotic, wealth tax section has begun to begin to be opposite real estate...

Ma Jun suggests admittance of orgnaization of be in harmony of the Xiaojin in relaxing

Fine horse of chief economist horse is attending Central Bank institute " new supply 2049 strategies are round-table " make known his position when the conference, want to solve the malpractice of mode of macroscopical adjusting control below system of old normal state, should start corresponding reform, answer at least this includes: Relax the admittance of small finance orgnaization in be opposite; Construction follows reference " finance pulse " the tendency that index will arrive reduce finance to arrange periodic adjusting control; Reform place cadre examines system...

Home appliance is energy-saving get system of the person that run or 11 before carry out

Public figure of home appliance trade discloses according to the reporter, be laid aside long already home appliance is energy-saving get policy of the person that run, place of the time that start will be in the most quickly " 11 " before, but catalogue item still affirms not finally. The requirements before following is consistent, this second allowance carries out Pu Hui to make no longer, also do not face consumer. Hair change appoint the website was published on August 6 " energy-saving decrease a platoon to go well symptom problem nots allow to ignore " make known his position in one article...

Textile industry " 935 " the program begins hopeful of survey chemical fibber to become development focal point

Our country " 935 " spin development forum is held in Jilin city at 8 days. Du Jue of chairman of reputation of union of our country textile industry continent make known his position on forum, of textile industry " 935 " the program begins early days survey formally already. Du Jue continent disclosed the partial train of thought that the industry plans in the speech. He makes known his position, instantly spin industry is in slow in anabiosising, in the future the development of textile industry is to be based on revolution of burgeoning science and technology to be a foundation...

Record of WTO rare land cuts our country into parts to lose a lawsuit eventually resource duty or will replace export tax

On August 7, the United States, European Union follows the relevant product such as rare earth of Japanese lawsuit China, tungsten, molybdenum to managed measure case to be greeted eventually cut into parts eventually, the result that lose a lawsuit, the personage inside the trade that allows numerous ginseng to follow forum of industry of rare earth of the 6th Baotou feels some are depressed, and do not give expect, this one incident also talks into the focus for current forum endowment. Want to understand, from March 2012 the share rises, rare land record all along is affecting industry nerve...

Fujian saves city unintelligible number to cover inventory Xiamen room to lend interest rate still rise

Fujian housing follows urban and rural build hall to was published on August 8 " a certain number of opinions that about promoting estate market smooth and steady health develops " , to keep low a shot in the arm of confused building city infuse. Afore-mentioned " opinion " aggregate anise spends main content, so by call inside course of study " Xin Min 8 " . Shanghai resides Yang Gongxu of estate academy assistant dean easily to think, " opinion " not merely the lift a ban that be confined to is restricted to buy, core also was releasing privilege at be being borrowed to the room...

In body industry large stockholder are 8 years of acceptance difficult cash can lottery magnate go much further?

A public figure of industry of the body in be close to tells a reporter: "Superintendency branch is right in of body industry large stockholder and related side ask duty abrupt, instantly of large stockholder angle is noted without what make clear endowment plan. " come for years, the investor all along of body industry is caring the acceptance of large stockholder in, but lug 8 years, the acceptance of entirely imaginary did not fall tardy calm, wait eventually cool in the heart of small investor. The personage inside course of study thinks...

Conformity of north rare earth marchs incorporate into one's own forces of rare ground of steel of bag receiving an official 9 undertaking for profit

As one of Amphitryon, kick off in forum of industry of rare earth of the 6th Baotou several days ago, bag steel rare earth just published first " good news " : The company accuses a partner to include steel (group) the company declares where one stands " rare earth of our country north (group) high-tech Inc. establishs executive program " (the following abbreviation " executive plan " ) already government of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region agrees, obtain national industry formally to put on record with informatization ministry approval...

3 gorge new material builds a holiday to be punished in diligent 10 thousand letters endorse for company of much home fraud

Another appears on the market the finance affairs of the company built a holiday to rise to surface gradually. On August 9, 2014, 3 gorge new material (600293, closing quotation price 5.57 yuan) publish announcement, reported on the castigatory decision that card place makes a holiday to its finance affairs. 2011, 2012, 3 gorge new material is passed little plan cost empty adds profit to add up to be close to 100 million yuan. Be in early in October 2013, 3 gorge new material is met by card inspect investigation of put on record, subsequently 3 gorge new material undertook date from to financial data problem...

Idle fund small blame withdraws profession of boreal crude drug wind up of the desolate after 8 harden

The course of study of boreal crude drug that recombines to fail again and again (600556.SH) , poke cloud and mist to see sunrise recently eventually, received the best time since on one the beginning of the year restores to appear on the market. Huge capital fund is stopped to recombine at the beginning of the month on the company, lunar base instead is directional add hair, the share price after answer card walks out of 8 harden continuously. But be in last week 5, idle fund is abrupt however " suddenly turn hostile " : 5 business ministry chairs are covered cross 100 million yuan to leave now, share price also is in end dish drop to death stop...

Hearsay: Shenyang city state endowment appoint be in clearly recently business of 4 keys industry has group of heavy industry of group of Shenyang machine tool, northeast pharmacy group, north, Shen Gu reform is pilot. The company appears on the market to have Shenyang machine tool below 4 companies division (000410) , northeast pharmacy (000597) .

Hearsay: Lucky approach share: Partial product already marched domain of nuclear report periphery

Hearsay: Benefit source is purificatory: 16000T equipment predicts to the company arrives by August

Hearsay: Double star new material: Batteries encloses base material to already began to accept order

Hearsay: Bright phearl of dark blue city: Diaphragmatic ability changes produce a line already partial put into production, price of every smooth Mi Jun 6 yuan

Hearsay: New hope: Two feed mill predicts Russia put into production of next year of year end building

Hearsay: 100 million think of amount to: Holographic after the mobile phone, second half of the year will push laser TV

Hearsay: 10 thousand real estate: According to the message Feng Lun will sell 10 thousand real estate, fine China take over will come true recombine

Hearsay: Understand motivation: Instantly is in offer money for dynamoelectric bus electric machinery

Hearsay: Golden hill restaurant: Hopeful of apartment of provide for the aged of preserve one's health will have a sale in September

Hearsay: Friendly A share: Add endowment net of be in harmony is collected wisdom second half of the year in succession the line on 5 game

Hearsay: Ao Wei of 10 thousand abundant: Lithium battery is trying in the road, hopeful of second half of the year obtains a breakthrough

Hearsay: Hai Liang share: unusual to Congo area is experimental drill

Hearsay: Hubei the sources of energy: Project of cable of salty peaceful nucleus is pushing pre-construction

Hearsay: Red sun: Agent of 100 careless low water replaces head of the form of a drug to obtain production to agree

Hearsay: Enlighten dark share: Zoology oily project already realized level sex to debug

Hearsay: Sudaweige: Guide product of optical thin coating is used at millet mobile phone

Hearsay: On August 7 morning, xi'an city follows a province national endowment appoint hold national endowment state-owend enterprise to reform an informal discussion. Relevant concept: Food of Xi'an travel, Xi'an, Qu Jiangwen brigade.

Hearsay: New Zealand government rolls out to aim to be course of study of this state-owend enterprise to give faster and handy ground to march recently the stimulative plan of our country market, bright milk industry (the New Zealand below 600597) banner appears on the market the person that company new Lai breeds course of study predicts to will become first is benefited especially.

Hearsay: Nanjing tesla is super fill a power station to had realized pre-construction to work, the project entrusts Hua Bo of Jiangsu of its government partner industrial group limited company. Far east cable (600869) is Huaboshi trade group appoints private cable to make a supplier.

Hearsay: Abstruse meeting is about to hold Nanjing blueness, at the appointed time can large quantities of african march our country. Need not dare not or would not speak up, this will be test that defend Fan Ai rich to pull virus to our country. Nanjing medicine (600713) company reachs the market proportion of 93% in Nanjing city mandatory drug-store, direct forestall Nanjing is green abstruse meeting medicine furnishs, the company is in prevent accuse terminal retail domain is occupational monopoly position.

Hearsay: National hair changes appoint made known his position on August 7, will clutch next consider to publish policy of a batch of giant industries in the core domain such as electronic business affairs. With before today, vice-president of association of our country Internet is new and high civilian make known one's position, predict 2020, chinese electron business affairs trades dimensions will approach 50 trillion yuan, hopeful makes the whole world business affairs of the biggest electron trades the market. Relevant: The business treasure, international that vacate state.

Hearsay: On August 8 morning message, a Liyun discloses, hangzhou near future builds a new intelligence to jockey collect fees system, be based on cloud computation platform to handle the information of 20000 many parking space in real time. Data from hold P0S machine to be passed to high in the clouds with intelligent ground feeling, data is more, "Cerebra of high in the clouds " can become jump over intelligence. An Jubao: Parking lot system; Stereo stop a garage: Wide day stock, embellish state share, iron tower of neat heavenly body; A Liyun: Large network of short for Zhejiang Province science and technology of Ji of new, day.

Hearsay: On August 8 message, ask according to be versed in letter ministry sends urgent announcement in the morning industry of cement of determined keep within limits, plate glass builds enlarge can project, accelerate a project to clear, make known his position to violate compasses project to handle program, it is not OK to ask various labour believes a branch any reason follow nominal sanction or put on record new increase production can project. Cement: Go up peak cement, sichuan double horse, with force cement, aiguille group; Glass: Group of beautiful powerful stock, banner bank, south Bo A.

Hearsay: According to ending the sound of wide economy reports, believe a collective thrust with labour by bureau of energy resources of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Communication, nation, Ministry of finance " oil changes energy of life " standard or will roll out 2015, at the appointed time " oil changes energy of life " legalization. Attention is great light gas, wide An Aizhong, Fu Rui to be installed especially etc.

Hearsay: Consider to show, electric car vehicle applies aluminous product to conduce to the weight of quits and large batteries, increase travel mileage, save fuel, promotion function. Light quantifying is the whole world each old car manufacturer compares the domain that spells a technology. Tesla hopeful is passed apply carbon fiber, high strenth steel, aluminium alloy, and the model such as polypropylene, polycarbonate changes material to lower automobile body self-prossessed. Asia-Pacific science and technology (002540) advocate the research and development of material of extruding of aluminium of battalion nicety car, production follows a sale.

Keyword:Electron, the sources of energy, cable, machine tool, polypropylene, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, natural gas, oil

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