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Injection molding

Our country beverage packs equipment whole solution to will be released

Published on:2014/8/11 14:45:57

Keyword:Plastic bottle, note model technology, polyester
Introduction:Show beverage of level fruit juice to produce development head: High rate, high quality, high accuracy, to large change development. Produce greatly t...


Show beverage of level fruit juice to produce development head: High rate, high quality, high accuracy, to large change development. Produce greatly to get used to beverage industry, in order to get the need of optimal economic benefits, beverage equipment more and more incline to at large change. Equipment is muti_function change an organic whole multi-purpose, get used to a variety of a variety of liquids, bottle model fill outfit follows say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion. The hot fill that can undertake tea beverage, coffee drink, beans breeds beverage follows a variety of beverage such as fruit juice beverage is installed, also can undertake vitreous bottle is installed with the fill of polyester bottle, of integral solution make known his position to such premise leaves breed and be born just about.

Does LiquiForm technology predict to gained ground 2018?

The near future, blow model newly to had announced with LiquiForm of the technology that note model, the liquid that uses pressurization to be able to be used up is not to compress air to make plastic container. ?

Follow the experience that note model through combining bottle to form in a measure, this kind of technology eliminated many production step, reduce cost to follow waste greatly, liquiForm group says. ?

LiquiForm group is business development follows the joint ventures between Sidel on behalf of DISCMA——Amcor.

“Sidel devotes oneself to to give for beverage industry the most insurable the held solution that pack. We see good luck develops innovation new technology, we will be done so. We refer the newest case that following development LiquiForm is this kind of method, ” market Tiismann says the president of Sidel group holds presiding apparitor concurrently.

How. LiquiForm president says Aohala: “LiquiForm passes the efficiency that founds an angle to follow flexibility on behalf of a of consumer goods industry tremendous opportunity. Through following the equipment manufacturer of respect getting a person collaboration and international take the lead in converter follows fast consumable (FMCG) company, our setting has a technology to finish its are all latent capacity follows expect, we go after a technology to follow partner of royalty system encourage to follow to just be invested to follow the innovation that come development by the license through the license that handles extensively. ”

The company points out, it is OK to predict more and more equipment manufacturers follow fast consumable company the product development that purchases developer kit to quicken his is in before long later.

Commercialize LiquiForm technology to predict to gained ground 2018 in the round.

Signed an agreement with group of Ji Ye KogyoshoLiquiForm, japan's biggest plastic bottle manufacturer, develop a technology further, with the water area of the nest, a bottled water company that take the lead in, buy the intellectual property of this kind of new technology.

Production line industry basically uses fruit juice beverage to reach ability to solve from innovation of the following angle:

One, ability of innovation of company of production of production line of fruit juice beverage is strengthened

Production line of fruit juice beverage is badly in need of scientific research support: Although industry of production line of fruit juice beverage reachs company number from trade number more, but force of industry scientific research is weak, the corresponding major of place of courtyard of the scientific research inside course of study, universities and colleges also is compared little. The technology of some forward position inside course of study if ultralow temperature, superhigh pressure, membrane separation, exceeding critical extraction, radiate, true cool one's heels to rely on some courtyard place only is faint implementation, be badly in need of an enterprise investing capital. The yield that advocated in the past, learn, the mode of research and development that grinds to be united in wedlock fails to score a success inside course of study, limited scientific research power also fails to produce effect amply, fill installs machinery to support scientific research strongly.

2, company brand consciousness is waited for strengthen

The brand is the soul of an enterprise. At present all sorts of mechanical products are very much, but good brand is very little however, why brand of ignored of a few enterprises, study development only, as a result first-rate product affected the market because of neither one good brand to have the promotion of rate however. A business has managed his brand, must have reliable product quality, excellent after service follows the sale conduct propaganda that establishs image, 3 person be short of do not get.

Keyword:Plastic bottle, note model technology, polyester

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