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Plastic raw materials

Factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin achieves sales revenue first half of the year 2.4 billion yuan - Jilin petrifaction, synthetic resin factory, first half of the year - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:36

Keyword:Colophony, petrifaction, ABS
Introduction:Dispatch: Since the current year, factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin with qualitative effect double rise for the purpose, grip essence cana...

    Dispatch: Since the current year, factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin with qualitative effect double rise for the purpose, grip essence canaliculus manages to be developed with the market, first half of the year, this factory accrete produces a product two hundred and nine thousand nine hundred tons, the income that finish 2.41 billion yuan.

    This factory passes elaborate government, optimize production to move, ensure full load of 3 suit buy is produced, the sheet that finish covers crop the biggest change. In the meantime, spread outABSQuality tackles key problem more than days 200, check in all place an issue 62 kinds, make tackle key problem measure 108, march in ABS product large white market, below the requirement that crop raises considerably, completed product impurity issue 0 complain.

    Enhance competition ability with actual strength, new breakthrough is achieved on market development. This factory is passed " go, come in please " means, first half of the year, they visit each to sell large area, user 11 times more than 40, aggrandizement the communication that follows market forward position follows connection, finished new name product to follow spray in the application of market of white home appliance try out of special feed industrialization, obtained good market echo, enhanced the competition ability of the enterprise greatly.

Keyword:Colophony, petrifaction, ABS

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