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Plastic raw materials

Class of study of technology of production of heat preservation of the wall outside 2 polyurethane building informs thirtieth - thirtieth 2, polyurethane, heat preservation of the wall outside the building - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:37

Introduction:Dispatch: In recent years, the country popularizes new-style building in the round energy-saving technology, the near future promulgates " energy-savi...

    Dispatch: In recent years, the country popularizes new-style building in the round energy-saving technology, the near future promulgates " energy-saving in long-term and special program " it is good to wait for a series of benefits the regulation in policy, to 2020, town new structure is finished energy-saving 65% , existing building should be executed stage by stage energy-saving transform. Polyurethane horniness bubblePlasticIt is the wall outside instantly world's accepted first-rate architecture insulation material, construction is simple, sexual price is compared tall, performance of its heat preservation is superior, in instantly organic lowest of the coefficient of thermal conductivity in following inorganic insulation material, can fall with taller temperature condition in wider temperature range bear wind- driven, bump wait for all sorts of load.

    Polyurethane grooms the center is association of industry of our country polyurethane sets an orgnaization, full-time is responsible each are professional inside the industry of content groom the job. The success after Ceng Xian held raw material of polyurethane of adhesive of elastomer of foam of more than 30 polyurethane, polyurethane, polyurethane, ability in swimming, polyurethane to analyse what give priority to a problem with the test to groom with goods. Its give lessons the teacher all comes from an expert of a gleam of inside the industry to be taught with institution of higher learing. Will more than 20 years be an industry in all inside enterprise or business the unit groomed thousands of scientific research, production follows administrator, it is enterprise or business the optimal study of the unit communicates platform.

    Instantly of technology of insulation material production basically divides the wall outside polyurethane to follow adornment unifinication for compound plank, spray 3 kinds of forms. To can make enterprise or business the unit holds an opportunity better, in heat preservation of the wall outside complying with a country long-term plan, polyurethane grooms the center holds thirtieth on October 2014 heat preservation of the wall outside 2 polyurethane produces craft study class. Technology of the technology that by home famous production manufacturer reachs heat preservation of the wall outside teaching foam of polyurethane of tuitional and newest horniness, recipe, production reachs applied foreground. Student passes study, heat preservation of the wall outside can mastering polyurethane manufactures engineering technology, master the manufacturing technology of plank of B1 class polyurethane, greeting each unit and individual sign up eagerly.

    Study content basically has: Horniness polyurethane answer the manufacturing technology that the manufacturing technology of plywood follows spray of spot of polyurethane of technical recipe, horniness decorates unifinication with construction method, polyurethane the manufacturing technology of compound plank follows the wall outside application, polyurethane insulation material equipment is applied etc.

    Student learning rings down the curtain, after classics exam is eligible, will obtain letter of complete a course.

    Arrangement is as follows:

    One, learn time: October 2014 20-23 day (20 days report for duty)

    2, learn a place: City of Jiangsu province Nanjing locks up Jin Cun international of 12 Nanjing population grooms center

    3, learn charge: 2300 yuan / person (contain groom cost, data cost) the board and lodging between; study schedule unites arrangement, charge provides for oneself

    Connect a telephone call: (025)83755190837551808375519985664648(holds concurrently fax)

    Contact: E-mail:p of red Chen Shuangfei of Lin Xia Zhang

    Polyurethane of association of our country polyurethane industry grooms center

    In July 2014


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