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Plastic raw materials

Coal makes alkene, the drive person of situation of Chinese methanol trade - coal makes alkene, methanol, trade situation - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:38

Keyword:Methanol, oil, the sources of energy, in petrifaction
Introduction:Dispatch: Be based on " much coal, lean oil, little energy of life " fundamental national condition, china develops coal industry posture to follow th...

    Dispatch: Be based on " much coal, lean oil, little energy of life " fundamental national condition, industry of Chinese development coal is opposite atChemical industryGo up to all reflect a prominent dominant position with the price in resource. And in recent years, house of all along of alkene product value does not fall high, below the big setting of coal cost petty gain, mature with each passing day coal makes alkene technology make enterprise savor " benefit " . Together with, petrifaction follows in in enlarge of oil advanced position can speed wear off, of national policy face prop up energetically, domestic coal makes alkene industry be able to develop quickly then, made the new window of alkene industry, lifted the new page of situation of trade of our country methanol.

    Show according to bullion island data, below 2014 - 2016 is Chinese olefin industry marchs carry spread can fastigium, in the country " coal generation is oily " below strategic dominant, coal makes alkene project bid centralize go into operation already was hasten of general trends place. According to not complete count, instantly home has nearly 40 to make alkene item in the coal that build or develops early days work, estimation comes domestic coal made alkene produce 2017 can will reach 18 million tons of levels. End the China at the beginning of August 2014 already the coal of put into production makes alkene project list be as follows:

    Make alkene produce as coal can progressively to the limit of one's capacity, the pattern of Chinese methanol industry also got be affected significantly, concrete analysis is as follows:

    Above all, coal makes alkene put in, synchronous enlarge added Chinese methanol to produce can. In recent years Chinese methanol builds company position, raw material and industrial chain outspread structure tends stage by stage reasonable. New increase production can be medium, medium or small device enrages the integrated benefit that is raw material with Jiao Lu more with project; large methanol project is much coal of leech on to makes alkene and build, and distributing more at western resource ground, enterprise " use local materials " mode more highlight, and reduce an enterprise to carry coefficient of cost, safe hidden trouble to wait greatly.

    Next, coal makes alkene project will change the goods of section of Chinese methanol section to flow to. Make alkene produce as domestic coal can put in gradually, before Ningxia, Shaanxi and inside cover the area that waits to be poured out of as goods, all transform likely in the future goods flows into the ground. So, place of follow-up inland market measures this with the blank that produces how fill, your course of study person cannot not thoughtful.

    Apparent, coal makes start of alkene project bid, the enterprise look for that makes the part has actual strength arrives new " dot suction gold " , lifted overseas investment " upsurge " . For example: Below July, company of chemical industry of Shandong jade emperor announces, the plan invests 1.85 billion dollar at; of project of methanol of American Louisiana city other, kangnaer (our country) limited company of energy chemical industry also is studying overseas investment, build the project of methanol plant. It is beyond question that coal makes alkene make requirement of our country methanol increases considerably, our country imports methanol pattern will produce marked change in the future. In the meantime, stimulate initiative of domestic company go into operation further, bring a manufacturer into play to operate the initiative of foreign trade.

    at 4 o'clock, coal radical olefin follows appearance of oil radical olefin relatively the advantage is distinct. Be based on Chinese coal to make alkene be in the northwest area of cheap of price of coal reserves abundant, qualitative actor more, more conventional petroleum makes alkene, northwest coal makes alkene flow into the consumption such as Hua Dong, Hua Na in the future low-lying provide cost advantage; more and coal radical chemical industry also gets national policy face give aid to, directer pull moved demand of Chinese methanol trade to rise. And rise abruptly quickly what make alkene as coal, its deserve to compare amplitude in what downstream demand place takes our country methyl alcohol remarkable, and posture; still rises continuously inside two years in the future following plan institute show:

    Finally, coal makes alkene cast build, make company operation flexibility, initiative promotes. The coal that instantly builds makes alkene project deserve to have corresponding methanol unit more, in business development experience, sex of level of basis product market changes, but agile adjusting gear moves, change product operates strategy, advantageous avoid is dangerous, promote the gain of the enterprise the standard further.

    Anyhow, methanol made alkene build walk along the bridge with petro-chemical situation by coal classics methanol, the important way; that is diversity of alkene raw material and to alleviating methanol industry is produced can superfluous the part that also has to hold the balance, additional to promoting an enterprise the product cost is outspread reach avoid danger meaning nots allow to ignore. Coal makes alkene already became the active force that promotes methanol requirement development, situation of trade of our country methanol produces major change so.

Keyword:Methanol, oil, the sources of energy, in petrifaction

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