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Plastic raw materials

Satellitic petrifaction goes up 3 days even more 8% acrylic bibcock raise price in succession - satellitic petrifaction, acrylic bibcock, raise price - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:40

Keyword:Acrylic, petrifaction
Introduction:Dispatch: As " Jin Jiuyin 10 " busy season of tradition of this group course of study is faced later namely. The reporter is the closest from the info...

    Dispatch: As " Jin Jiuyin 10 " busy season of tradition of this group course of study is faced later namely. The reporter is the closest from the information is obtained inside course of study, satellitic petrifaction on August 6, increased acrylic acid and ester quoted price twice continuously on August 8, in the center acrylic general is acerbity from 9800 yuan / ton promotion of with one action reachs 10600 yuan / ton, go up 800 yuan / ton, go up make an appointment with ester of 8.2%; acrylic armour criterion from 12200 yuan / ton promotion reachs 13400 yuan / ton, go up 800 yuan / ton; other acrylic acid is spirit sick at heart, acrylic fourth ester rose respectively 300 yuan / ton.

    Besides satellitic petrifaction, acrylic bibcock enterprise raises price in succession. Qilukaitai, medium price of the acrylic acid of city of sea oily benefit and ester all also is moved on synchronism. Instantly looks from acrylic market value, the area basically is in Huadongde 9800-10100 yuan / ton, shandong carries out 9800-10100 yuan / ton, 10500-11300 of Hua Na quote yuan / ton.

    Acrylic analyst Liu Piaoliang points out, the collective inside this second course of study rises in price is foreign demand get warm again after a cold spell above all pull move acrylic market value to continue to climb litre, suffer the effect with unit insufficient go into operation at the same time, the factory supplies supply of goods to slant close. And suffer a part to jockey the profit that device suspends go into operation is good, short-term market hopeful is ceaseless lukewarm catch up with row.

    Satellitic petrifaction 1 period 160 thousand tons of acrylic acid follow 150 thousand tons of acrylic ester already in April the middle ten days of a month is amounted to produce, predict new increase production of 3 quarters acrylic acid and ester industry can only company 1, and demand carries second half of the year normally good first half of the year, foreign demand also hopeful drives company exit to occupy than rising. Acrylic acid of company of predicting the current year and ester sales volume (outside eliminating for private use) add up to to be controlled 10 thousand tons in 30-35.

    Look on whole, will come August, Chemical industryBusy season of tradition of industry phase out into. Senior analyst Zhang Ming points out chemical industry, instantly home downstream demand anabiosises quickly, international market demand also gradually the product that interest good part depends on exit, complete change is market of 3 quarters chemical industry demand dominant phase, before the fluctuant effect effect of cost is inferior to greatly, 8, hopeful of market of domestic chemical industry will advance triumphantly ceaselessly September.

Keyword:Acrylic, petrifaction

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