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Plastic raw materials

6 furnace transform ethylene of Qi Lu petrifaction structural adjustment of open raw material - Qilushi is changed, ethylene, open - plastic industry

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:41

Keyword:Ethylene, petrifaction, natural gas
Introduction:Dispatch: On August 4, furnace of 6 splitting decomposition abandons workshop of splitting decomposition of factory of olefin of Qi Lu petrifaction he...

    Dispatch: On August 4, furnace of 6 splitting decomposition abandons workshop of splitting decomposition of factory of olefin of Qi Lu petrifaction heat boiler hoisting is successful, the raw material that holds a many month is changed gently character transform march to install level finally.

    Alkene factory produces ethylene with naphtha, cost is in 1000 dollars / ton, and middle east, United States includes divine China and other places to all adopt raw material, cost is far under this. Follow the industry inside the system to compare, the refine that press down the sea is changed wait for treatment of naphtha of a few advanced companies to make ethylene scale upper limit for 50% , device of Qi Luyi Xi is machined near 70% , improve raw material structure to become fall this synergism premise.

    Another advantage is LNG project bid builds Qingdao. Put into production of portion of October of this item the current year, introduce natural gas to undertake depart from abroad, 130 thousand tons ethane by-product is produced per year in the center, be cheap and fine ethylene raw material, alkene factory will receive these " by-product " deepness splitting decomposition.

    For this, qi Lu company decides to alkene factory furnace of 6 splitting decomposition carries out raw material to be changed gently character transform, label this one of 10 big project projects of company of the current year. Once the project agrees, this factory holds a hard nut to crack of construction of regular meeting delibrate instantly, use SPYRO software imitate to machine gross profit, make transform program, hold water tackle key problem group. On July 3, workshop of alkene factory splitting decomposition carried out operation stopping furnace to 6 furnace, light hydrocarbon of 40 days transforms by a definite date pull open prelusive.

    Train of thought was made clear, it is next " how to do " . Gao Tongwei of technician of splitting decomposition workshop says: "Even if blueprint is again perfect, specific the place that also can have many won'ting do to construction details. "

    6 furnace construction is in charge of designing respectively by 3 companies, hard to avoid appears join flaw. Project technology personnel is waited for everyday in the spot, proofread check of make one's rounds, carefully constantly. The design of useless heat boiler appeared to fall the problem that juice line nots agree with with interface of line raising spirit, because of equipment member Wang Junyu discovery is seasonable, contact two designs firm to coordinate processing, made sure construction schedule follows quality.

    "Have two new old cop a few days ago ' hit a car ' . " Gao Tongwei says, "Such small issue often can appear. " consider old cop technological process is complex, transform rise drag in range is wide, technician finds a design to just just find way additionally with construction, redesign flow, increase material, pass erect bracket, computational stock is balanced, work overtime those who realize new cop change temporarily.

    Other, july soup of high temperature thunderstorm, also increased construction difficulty. This factory adopts a leader to take a custody to make by turns, hand of a gleam of is nervous, as a child mechanism transfers; to be warm, with respect to 8 people a group, alternant mount guard. "We planned ice-cream, cool tea, must prevent heatstroke, assure first healthy. " union chairman Zhu Jinbao says.

    This factory from much level proceed with, elaborate government assures construction schedule. When month of admire of palace of director of splitting decomposition workshop joins a class every time, want to emphasize safe construction asking with focal point of check of make one's rounds. Pair of spot construction with uninterrupted administrator of safety of plant safety delegate, workshop spread out superintend, correct insecure action. The workshop still is united in wedlock " I am safe today an activity " , allow every employee active ginseng follows, construction of attention of the form member that help sb to fulfill his wishes is transformed, the good atmosphere that everybody stresses good spot safety. Workshop control room has a piece of be on duty for the day to express, make clear above differentiated overwork time of project technology personnel. "From early all along arrived at 8 o'clock in the evening at 22 o'clock, whole journey cooperates spot construction, craft member successive top hillock. " Fang Bingchang of Party branch secretary speaks of these are young " soldier " , nod assist again and again.

    The message says, in August the middle ten days of a month, 6 furnace realize installation, can increase light hydrocarbon to throw 260 thousand tons 2015, reduce ethylene finished cost considerably. "Henceforth, we still will undertake transforming to 5 furnace, adjust raw material structure to be carried out as long-term mission. " Cheng Anhui of section chief of manufacturing technology division says.

Keyword:Ethylene, petrifaction, natural gas

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