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Plastic raw materials

Situation of unbalance of supply and demand of polypropylene of cost cave in aggravate

Published on:2014/8/12 10:41:43

Keyword:Polypropylene, propylene, ethylene
Introduction:Propylene supplies shortage circumstance to alleviate somewhat, together with notes model to march downstream off-season, polypropylene price follows ...

Propylene supplies shortage circumstance to alleviate somewhat, together with notes model to march downstream off-season, polypropylene price follows the double action with fatigued and weak demand to fall in cost cave in, will bear press be issued to lower levels.

Cost cave in

Hurricane weather frequency was sent in July, japanese JX two propylene device jockeys. In addition, hurricane weather also affected international shipping, bring about propylene entrance to be restrained. Suffer the effect that supplies shortage, trafficker is pulled rise in price case, up to on July 31, newspaper of propylene spot price closes at 10550 yuan / ton, relatively rise by June 200 yuan / ton, go up for 1.93% .

In light of later period, restore those who follow weather to improve as what Japanese propylene supplies, propylene entrance measures hopeful to increase. In addition, because coal makes alkene device in succession put into production (coal makes alkene basically produce ethylene to follow propylene) , sea of peaceful wave of rumor of together with market is jumped over will in August the bottom drives, domestic propylene crop also will increase, squelch then the price. This to polypropylene, was equivalent to losing cost to prop up.

Supply increase

The production of polypropylene instantly is relatively stable. Domestic polypropylene crop was 1.137 million tons in June, relatively on one year the corresponding period increases 8.2% . Polypropylene total output is 6.56 million tons first half of the year, relatively on one year the corresponding period increases 5.7% . Although the price of upriver propylene rises somewhat, but accept the impact with full supply, polypropylene spot price maintained stability in July, the newspaper closes at 11700 yuan / ton.

The polypropylene that the current year undertook overhauling in May produces an enterprise to drive centrally in the near future, and overhaul business is not much in August, polypropylene device moving circumstance is smooth and steady. In addition, in put into production of Lin Ji of coal Shaanxi Yu's round plant near future moves, domestic polypropylene whole is supplied will gradually comfortable.

Demand is fatigued and weak

According to statistic, produce a car to need on average to consume the polypropylene of 50 kilogram, so the boom degree of automobile industry can produce very big effect to polypropylene price. Domestic car output was two million and thirty-three thousand nine hundred in June, annulus comparing drops 4.21% . From the point of the yield data of car of in former years, 7, the low that August is car output, so we think as car output drop, the market decreases to the demand of polypropylene. Short-term inside, car consumption is atrophic to the action propping up of polypropylene.

The crust of air conditioning, freezer, TV basically also accepts polypropylene data. Crop of domestic air conditioning was fifteen million eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand eight hundred in June, annulus comparing drops 6.08% . And 7, air conditioning marched in August seasonal production is off-season, the market also can drop to the demand of polypropylene. Plastic braid, note model to occupy polypropylene to consume with BOPP 69.26% the left and right sides. In light of instantly, plastic braid stabilize relatively with BOPP industry, and the industry that note model marched consumption is off-season.

As hurricane weather alleviate, propylene imports hopeful to restore, coal of together with later period makes the alkene impact to propylene, propylene price may become loose. Spot market angle, new increase production can be in in August put into production, mouth of domestic output follow-up is stable, polypropylene is supplied add easily decrease hard. Demand angle, the industry that note model marchs consumption is off-season, to the demand slowdown of polypropylene. The place on put together is narrated, we think short-term cohesion propylene will greet level sex to drop prices.

Keyword:Polypropylene, propylene, ethylene

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