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Look forward to of Ci Xi civilian competes for equipment to upgrade industrial installation cost exceeds 7.2 billion first half of the year

Published on:2014/8/12 13:01:22

Introduction:At present of bearing industry whole is stagnant, industry of kind brook bearing however one branch alone beautiful, as " bibcock " one of Ci Xing gro...

At present of bearing industry whole is stagnant, industry of kind brook bearing however one branch alone beautiful, as " bibcock " one of Ci Xing group, sell a contract already sign in 2030. Company controller tells a reporter: "Recumbent sequentially updates facilities of the most advanced production, our product structure is finished ' change blood greatly ' , ability is able to avoid the effect that suffers industry big environment. The bearing that produces at present with high accuracy, small lot custom-built give priority to, it is only run quickly, the high-end client such as BMW serves. It is only run quickly, the high-end client such as BMW serves..

"Machine substitution " spring tide carry everything before it, make a reduction that quality of economy of kind brook industry increases. The current year first half of the year, the kind brook industry that finish invests amount thirteen billion three hundred and ninety-seven million yuan, grow 22% compared to the same period. In the center, forehead of industrial installation cost amounts to 7.223 billion yuan, grow 72.2% compared to the same period, add fast rank Ning Bo each county (city) first of the area.

Ci Xi develops policy lever amply " 39 batches of hoisting jack " action, come on stage on one year accelerate carry out " Cheng of 4 exchange labor " policy, precede in complete province roll out " key equipment is oriented catalog " , guide an enterprise to update the most advanced production on the market to equip circularly. Combine the characteristic of industry of kind brook convention, note model, assemble, the automation of the 6 big industries such as die-casting is surely " machine substitution " main way. The current year first half of the year, industry of above of kind brook dimensions is entire member labor productivity amounts to fifty-three thousand two hundred yuan / person, grow 22.9% compared to the same period; Dimensions above industry creates production value on average each three hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred yuan, grow 10.9% compared to the same period. Annulus gallop bearing group is transformed through the automation of entire plant, can save the cost that use worker worker every year 6 million yuan, product percent of pass arrives from original 90% promotion 99.9% .

"Machine substitution " upsurge also drives manufacturing industry of equipment of Ci Xi this locality to develop quickly. Instantly, more Ci Xi civilian look forward to is sufficient the production line that does not give city to be able to buy high end, the production that annulus annulus photograph forms to buckle between different town enterprise " automation line " . What Kuang Yan presses down is medium factory of big electric machinery, the small company that presses down from horizontal river purchases bearing, as electric machinery treatment fittings production falls fast electric machinery, resell gives horizontal river town to be located in upriver production line east limited company of brilliant automation equipment, manufacturing automation assembles equipment. The current year first half of the year, manufacturing industry of kind brook equipment realizes production value 15.92 billion yuan, grow 8.04% compared to the same period, equipment manufacturing industry increases a value to occupy the portion of course of study of compasses go to work to exceed 70% . (net of our country peaceful wave)


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