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Presses auxiliary

Last does film contain plasticizer harmful to human body? It is crucial that science is used

Published on:2014/10/28 11:17:34

Introduction:Last film is to last alimental often can see “ assistant ” , but about last film is put in harmful material, the view that affects human b...


Last film is to last alimental often can see “ assistant ” , but about last film is put in harmful material, the view that affects human body health causes the misgive of consumer. Apply how scientificly last the issue that film becomes everybody to pay close attention to.

Of Chinese home market last film shares 3 kinds:

The first kind is polyethylene, CS-1000 beauty can amount to abbreviation PE, this kind of material basically is used at food pack, the housekeeping money that sells on the market lasts film is this kind.

The 2nd kind is to get together slant 2 chloric ethylene, abbreviation PVDC, oxygen vapour lock lies between sexual photograph to had been compared, last time is long, basically use what wait for a product at cooked food, ham to pack. But photograph of qualitative price of this kind of material is compared tall, difficulty of the craft that make is great, so this is planted on the market last film is less.

The 3rd kind calls polyvinyl chloride, abbreviation Pvc, it is by PVC colophony joins a large number of plasticizer (DHEA) is machined with other auxiliary and become, the supermarket is purchased, of the food that pack last for this kind more film. PVC lasts velar transparency is good, not easy burst, have first-rate stickiness, and the value is inferior.

Last does film contain plasticizer harmful to human body?

People is right last of film anxious, main concentration is in last the plasticizer part that adds in film is like DEHA(oneself 2 acid 2 (2- second base personal radical) ester) , DEHP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 (2- second base personal radical) ester) etc, think these material can send human nature early, infecund not Yo. Institute of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of film need the dosage of plasticizer to be PVC>PVDC>PE. That is to say, PVC lasts film needs to add more plasticizer.

Plasticizer sort is diversiform, different phyletic noxiousness is different. For example, DEHA noxiousness is very low, and DEHP is in animal experiment, when relatively inferior dosage (60—195mg/ kilogram / D) shows change of coefficient of light internal organs of the body to wait with the potential effect that cause cancer. as a result of this, " the rubber packing sheet, material that pack applies wholesome standard with additive " have to both different regulation: Specific and migratory quantity cannot exceed DEHA specific and migratory quantity cannot exceed 18mg/ kilogram;DEHP 1.5mg/ kilogram, DEHP can be used only be not material of adipose sex food at the contact and cannot use use data at infantile food in. So, want to be produced according to national level only, according to the businessman clew is applied, last velar product is safety commonly.


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